Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Basketball looks bad in loss to Fairfield

I thought Auburn might have been a turning point. After losing to Fairfield, it looks like an aberration. Bad defense and poor foul shooting were the main reasons for BC's loss. But the recurring trend is that the team didn't look prepared.

How did Fairfield get so many good looks from 3? It is like the guys don't know what is coming. Fairfield did what they like to do. We just weren't ready defensively. As he gets his lineup in order, I hope Christian starts putting more emphasis on D. We can't be this bad if we are going to be competitive at all in AC game.

The poor free throw shooting is another recurring problem. It is good news they are drawing this many fouls, but someone's got to make them.

The good news of the night was the career high from Bowman. He is showing he can dribble and get to the hoop. On a team as limited as BC that skill will be critical.

BC renews its rivalry with Providence next. I hope the team that knocked off Auburn shows up and not the team that got outplayed by Fairfield.


mod34b said...

BC's Theme: we cannot compete.

True in football

True in hoops.

Bob Ryan said...

BC basketball has been set back 40 years or more. This is ridiculous when is the administration going to realize the seriousness of the basketball and football situation.

Georgia Eagle said...

Exactly! The administration IS THE PROBLEM!

Unknown said...

PR Disaster for the school and they have no clue.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Nothing will change unless the Board of Trustees wants it to change. They are in complete control and are totally responsible for electing themselves and appointing new members. If the Board is happy with BC athletics - the alums have no recourse other than to get organized, bring donations to a grinding halt - and then use that financial pressure to obtain changes in the BOT's make up sufficient to remove the President.

So, the first step is to understand just how much dissatisfaction there is beyond these blogs with the overall alumni population (particularly major donors). Doing that and then mounting an organized effort to withhold donations and force change will require a lot of work and considerable support. Unfortunately, BC is not a democracy where you have a vote. Your only vote is your dollar and bringing about change requires an alumni revolution.

Georgia Eagle said...

Who will organize the alumni? We need leadership.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

A good first step - with a little coordination between the blogs - would be one letter signed by as many alums and students as humanly possible sent to each and every member of the BOT's expressing collective disgust and desire for change. It would be best if the letter was signed first by some notable donors with attachments of signatures. The letter, of course, has to be thoughtful and constructive.

Georgia Eagle said...

ATL, are you listening?

mod34b said...

It is true that 40 years ago BC also lost to Fairfield, but Bob Ryan. 40 years ago Rick Kuhn was on the roster. The following season he got in bed with the mob and the point shaving scandal. So 40 years ago was so worse.

Also BC basketball had many good season in 70s and 80s

Napolean Bonaparte said...

The BC Alumni Association is funded by the school's development group and is primarily a vehicle to raise money. So the BCAA is not going to fight anything. Although it is interesting to note that the BCAA has various councils and affinity groups on various matters of interest to alums - but no group on athletics. That needs to change. See

Knucklehead said...
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statler said...

Amazing. Athletics pays so little attention to things that the recap on uses a picture from the loss to Hartford. Go BC :(

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Statler - I know and the headline is always positive like "Robinson scores 30 in loss to Hartford". Then you read we lost by a hundred points but are supposed to feel better because one of our guys did well. In any event - have pity on the poor schmuck who has to write that stuff when in all probability he'd like to say "Another dreadful loss by BC - vomit inducing performances all around except for Robinson".

curranac said...
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curranac said...

The game was at Mohegan Sun in CT and BC had 50 fans there. My family and I were 6 of the 50 and we traveled from Cincinnati (my wife went to Fairfield). What other ACC or Power 5 School would only bring 50 fans to a holiday tournament 100 miles from campus at a resort? That's pathetic by our Sports Marketing department.

On the hardwood, BC was completely outclassed by Fairfield. You would think an ACC team that lost to Hartford and barely beat Sacred Heart, would be focused and dialed in. Not at all. Completely over matched. With 8 minutes left BC had only cut a 10 point half time lead to 7 points. Christian is totally overmatched against MAAC teams. God help us during the ACC season.

Let this sink in. We are 1-2 against Connecticut schools in hoops this year and we haven't played UCONN. I hope they had practice at 6am this morning and are still running sprints. I'm talking about the coaches as much as the players.

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Georgia Eagle said...

What is this gibberish?

mod34b said...

Curran ac. Good post. 50 BC fans. That should tell any ration AD that not that something is wrong, but everything is wrong.

How can a major university be so clueless and inept?

John said...

Not only is the coach "low energy" as someone said, so is the entire BC Administration responsible for oversight of sports. Pitiful and embarrassing.

Go BC - keep those donation request cards coming. You're doing a great job at our alma mater - NOT.

working rich said...

Beat providence.
Looked good at times.
Maybe this is a work in progress

Take any victory !

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