Thursday, December 22, 2016

BC-Maryland preview

The general college football world is either ignoring or deriding this game. Yet it remains important, especially for Addazio. He is claiming that BC's recent momentum will be unaffected by the outcome of the game. I disagree. I don't think the recruiting class will fall apart if we lose, but a winning season versus a losing season will have impact in BC fan perception. It will also influence his new boss (when he/she is hired). Addazio is safe for another season, but this game is a must win if he really wants to build a winner in Boston.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
I roll my eyes and argue vehemently whenever I read or hear someone say "BC doesn't belong in the ACC." Yet in my ever-growing list of hypocrisies, I keep thinking to myself that "Maryland doesn't belong in the Big Ten." I can talk myself into the differences and why BC does belong and the Terps don't, but what's the point? It is all nonsense. I can't remember who said it recently, but these are not conferences anymore. Just TV packages among a confluence of schools. It is a sham, but I will keep putting my head in the sand because I want to watch some BC Football.

Three Simple Keys
1. Stop the run. Sometimes it is that simple. Maryland is one dimensional and it plays to our strength. We need Gutapfel to dominate.
2. Get the TEs involved early. I think finding Sweeney early -- especially off of play action -- will create some big plays for BC.
3. Great OLine play. I don't expect a new team after just a few weeks of bowl practice, but I do expect them to play better than they did during the regular season.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 1-2 in bowls
-- BC is 13-11 in bowls
-- BC is 8-3 all time against Maryland
The current line is BC+2.5

BC had a fairly regular series in Detroit against fellow Jesuit school, University of Detroit. (Now known as Detroit Mercy.) It ended when Detroit dropped Football in 1964. To the Father Neenan post earlier in the week, do you think Detroit would be more of a national university if it still had football?

Scoreboard Watching
None of these games mean much for BC, but it would be nice to see Clemson win the playoff. It would be the conference's second title in four years. That would be good for the ACC and for BC.

What I hope to see...
A great game from Patrick Towles. After an uneven season as a senior, Brian St. Pierre played the best game of his career in a Detroit bowl game. It would be nice to see Towles do something similar in his final college game.

BC is in trouble if...
They waste good field position. It happened in the Wake game. So avoid turnovers in the redzone and don't let drives stall.

Coaches talk all the time about imposing their will on the other team. I think these two guys take it a little too literally. I think both teams will run the ball into a wall of defenders out of stubbornness and determination. I think BC's D will prove stronger and I think our few passes will help break the game open. BC wins and everyone feels better going into Spring Ball.
Final: BC 24, Maryland 13


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mod34b said...

Yep, We got another year with Daz

That just sucks.

This bowl means nothing - win, lose or draw.

Georgia Eagle said...

Who is this Herbal dude and what is he blathering all the time?

NEDofSavinHill said...

Daz's hairdresser. Merry Christmas to all and thanks again to ATL for all he does.

Knucklehead said...

This is a must win. Another 50-50 game. We need to win it to have a winning record against similar opponents.

John said...

Daz - let's keep it in a phone booth, keep it close and low scoring with a chance eek out a win at the end.

Go BC players - win the game for and by yourselves.

TGS said...

Maryland is cess pool.

JBQ said...

Heni Herbal is a spammer and somehow he is able to by pass the security system which is not great but adequate. Detroit Mercy has run on some real hard times. Of course, all of these Jesuit schools who dropped football have become provincial. Many have skidded into a cocoon. St. Mary's and Gonzaga are trying to get their great traditions back by recruiting foreign players. Detroit Mercy is very controversial through its merging of the large Muslim community near Detroit with the Catholic tradition. Their basketball program is woeful. They are politically correct like DePaul which is not Jesuit and football does not fit that agenda. If BC does not right the ship, then Detroit Mercy is their role model.

John said...

Just beat Providence by 12. Go figure.

Congratulations Team - great job.

Play to your capabilities.

mod34b said...


nice win!

Bravesbill said...

So they can't beat Fairfield or Hartford but beat Providence and Auburn. Really weird.

John said...

Louisiana Tech and Todd Fitch just put up 31 points on Navy in the first half.

Do you think Daziani held him back last year? ☺

John said...

Skip Holtz and Todd Fitch vs Steve Addazio and Scot Loeffler.

Oh boy, some fun and contrast, eh? ☺

Knucklehead said...

Haven't been able to break a press consistently in 20 years.

bceagle91 said...

Eagles 79, Friars 67. I kid you not.

CT said...

Good win.

Graves asked for his release. Kinda answers some recent questions.

bceagle91 said...

Way off topic, but swim coach Tom Groden resigned mid-season in the midst of his 45th season at the Heights. He was the only swim coach we ever had. Very odd timing.

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Napolean Bonaparte said...

This team gets up for good teams but not the bad ones. Go figure. Looking forward to Syracuse.

dixieagle said...

I'm not surprised about Groden. Apparently many in the BC swim and dive community were livid at their concerns about new facilities being ignored. Don't know any more than that, though. Same old tune.

Chris said...

BC 27
Maryland 17