Friday, December 23, 2016

BC upsets PC!

Writers use the analogy of Jekyll and Hyde when you don't know what version of a team will show up for each game. But I think the tag is fair for this year's BC Basketball team. How else can you explain a team losing to these low rung programs and then beating an Auburn or upsetting Providence?

BC did a lot right in this game, including exploding in the second half. Jeffers had his best game of the season. He looked good on the pick and rolls, played really good defense and made big plays all over the court. Bowman ran the point (for good reason) and converted his shots at a high rate. Chatman's 3s fell and that certainly helped.

It wasn't all perfect though. BC still turned the ball over too much and had issues with pressure as Providence made a late comeback. The other news of the day was that freshman Ty Graves is leaving. This had been rumored, but losing a young player with good upside is always disappointing. Fortunately Bowman seems capable. I don't take Graves' departure as a sign of program problems. When you sell playing time and a guy sees someone in his own class ahead of him (Bowman), you can see why he would bail.

The guys will have a few days off for Christmas and then start up back on New Year's Day against Syracuse. Who knows what team will show. Hopefully it is this one.


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