Monday, January 16, 2017

BU beats BC again

The Hockey team dropped a second game to BU in three days, losing 3-0 on Monday. It was another defensive game, as BU added a few goals late.

The team gets a chance to snap its current losing streak when they take the ice again on Friday vs UMass.


Georgia Eagle said...

Great. Just great. Now even our hockey team is declining into mediocrity. Amazing how Alabama in football and Villanova in b-ball always maintain their elite status. Why can't the BC hockey team do the same? I'm disqusted.

John said...

Watching from afar, isn't BU loaded? And didn't we lose some top recruits who decided to turn pro rather than attend college?

I see our problem now as an inability to hold on to our top players for 4 years anymore.

Tough to beat BU this year with a lot of first year guys. They have youth as well, but more depth.

It was a pretty close game with the 2nd goal coming late and then the empty better.

BU might have a chance on the Nationals this year, while our goal is to continue to grow and get hot coming down the stretch.

And beat BU in the Beanpot on Feb. 6th.

Georgia Eagle said...

I never thought I would see the day where BC became a one and done ( or sophomores in hockey and football) mercenary stepping-stone to the pros. On the contrary, I loved to boast that we were one of the few remaining Div 1 schools graduating real student athletes. Apparently, that proud tradition is now history.

mod34b said...

dark very dark, georgiaeagle. No sunshine in GA today?

TeddyE said...

The game was even. No need for such despair. My thoughts were: 1) The puck did not sit well on BC's sticks tonight. That happens. What they needed was to play a game of some more hitting, shooting on net, screens and rebounds. Coach Brown even alluded to that after period 2. 2) One horrible turnover was the difference. Don't pay attention to goals 2 and 3. 3) Refs did a good job and let the kids play. Yes the calls were not the greatest at the end, but they were acceptable. 4) We need the one guy to count on to generate offense when you need it. Who will step up and be that guy? 5) BU is excellent and despite what a few other people say, well coached. Certainly looks like they will follow the Kentucky model of one and dones. I'm not sure that works in hockey. I guess we will find out in March and April! With BC's defections of recent years, I don't see how BU doesn't lose at least 3 underclassmen, if not more.

Lets regroup. We get BU again at the Beanpot. I also need to give long over due kudos to the person who controls the music at Conte. The organ in between whistles is a great touch instead of terrible blasting music. The atmosphere looked very good on TV. When you get 7,500 for any regular season College Hockey game, that is a tremendous turnout.

Georgia Eagle said...

Mod, I'm just fed-up. Tired of losing.

Joe said...

Jerry York needs to hit the road and start fundraising himself for a major upgrade to BCs hockey facilities. When he retires, BC is going to be left in the dust.

Perfect example is Penn State who went from nothing to #1 in the country, who can sell brand new facilities to recruits. BU is loaded this year latterly because they have far superior facilities. When York retires, be prepared to see a major dip if investment doesn't happen

mod34b said...

Joe - huh?

"Perfect example is Penn State who went from nothing to #1 in the country"

when was PSU nothing? 1940?

Even if PSU had so-so facilities, BC can never compete for recruits with them. They have so much more going on than BC could ever have - like massive support from the entire state of PA, and probably NJ too.

Knucklehead said...

Someone gave them $40 million to build a hockey program 4-5 years ago.

Their sports other than football are weak. Hockey is building and their mens lacrosse is good every few years.

They have good facilities built by the on-field success and patronage of the fruitcakes in Happy Valley but their other programs are weak traditionally.

mod34b said...

Thanks Knuckle... i thought he was talking about football..... I think their Hoops every now and then does well.

it is an awesome football school.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Anybody hearing anything about the Bates situation? I have seen some recent opinions that he will be renewed but hope its pure speculation based on "typical BC" expectations and the lack of anything from the school.

Joe Gravellese said...

we were just in the Frozen Four last year 😂

Georgia Eagle said...

Bates renewed???? Oh, Nap, please tell me you are joking. How can the administration be content with this loser?

Guido said...

BU will suffer the same fate that BC is experiencing this year. When you recruit young men who you know possess incredible skills and may go pro before they finish their 4 year college experience - voila - it happens and you have a dip in your ability to compete at the elite level. BC has no juniors on their team since so many "Talents" left early last year. We have 13 Freshman and 7 Sophomores. BU should be competing for the NCAA title this year. They have too much talent for BC. It is not the end of the world. BC will be back next year. Hopefully , Colin White does not leave early from BC after this year. My question for the Board - what is wrong with Conte forum for hockey ???? We can not get a new practice facility for BC football - well maybe now after about 15 years of planning. So you think that the hockey arena will get any love ????

mod34b said...

GE. -

1. bates delivers on athletic academic achievement
2. Bates avoided all scandals
3. He is low key and not a loudmouth
4 . They like him and are comfortable with him.
5. Daz and JC have shown the barest minimum of improvement this year.

That for BC BOT is enough.

But not enough for me and virtually all fans

I would hate seeing BB renewed but would not be surprised

Georgia Eagle said...

That's depressing. BC, ever to be mediocre.

mod34b said...

i agree GE

Guido said...

With nothing being said about BB by Boston College, maybe the speculation that I read on this Board has some truth. If true , I will be so very disappointed. In my career , you either produced at a proficient level or you were "Shown the door". He has had a fair amount of time to have initiated progress in the athletic arena and I have seen no significant positive progress. I guess that BC has low expectations !

Georgia Eagle said...

Well said, Guido.