Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hockey drops game to BU and other links

BC lost a defensive battle to BU Saturday. They meet again at BC on Monday night.

Now that the "quiet period" is over, Addazio and his staff are on the road again locking up the verbals.

Former verbal Jason Pinnock sounds like he really loves Pitt. Maybe Addazio can win him, back but it doesn't sound like it.

If you didn't read earlier in the week, Hoffses captured the good and the bad of Addazio's TV work during the National Championship Game.

Women's Basketball lost again.


EL MIZ said...

Addazio suggested Clemson take a knee to run the clock out and go to OT instead of playing to win, and needed another head coach to tell him the clock didn't run on the extra point. what a joke. if you needed any further evidence that we will never be anything other than mediocre, look no further.

mod34b said...

Miz. Did he really? Omg. So funny.

mod34b said...

Recall Marcus Grant's comment of This past season on Daz: "man's IQ about the same as my nut sack"

John said...

There's no question in my mind that the same players would have lost that game (probably by 2 TDs) with the Addazio/Loeffler approach and mentality.

EL MIZ said...

Mod - yes, its really a great insight into how conservative Daz coaches. really enlightening and a clear indicator he (a) needs some help on the sidelines and (b) coaches with a tail between his legs. can re-watch the coach commentary here:

at 4 hr 10 min mark or so the fun starts.

2nd and goal on the 9 with 9 seconds left, clemson has 1 timeout, Daz asks the group skeptically "you take one more shot?" to which one coach replies "absolutely!" you have a timeout left and 9 seconds, how are you not taking one more shot to win the national championship???

as they discuss what play to run, a coach suggests something over the middle to which Daz replies "you can't do that now!" the other coach replies "you have one timeout!"

at this point all of the coaches are seated except Daz, who is standing and appears visibly nervous. imagine if he was actually coaching this game as opposed to being a paid commentator!

at 4:11 mark, 1st and goal at the 2 with 6 secs left and a timeout, Daz appears to mutter to the coach next to him "i'd be kicking right now."

Clemson scores to make it 34-31. at 4:13 Daz suggests taking a knee because "i'd hate to take a chance right now" or something to that effect. the other coaches remind daz (and one other coach who thinks this is a good idea) that the clock doesn't run on the extra point try.

CT said...

Miz-wow. Confirmation, huh? Kinda like having the hold camera in poker, such an appearance can be good(visibility) and bad (visibility).

Screams old school. Like Dark Ages school.

Max said...

I hate Daz and everything he stands for. Thgreatest show on earth" is shutting down after 130 years; time for Daz the elephant to go with it. The next time we play Clemson he will remember the chips, pizza and gutless based commentary in front of peers - and he will whimper quietly to himself ... "do I take the shot? Do I take the shot? I should take a knee. Safer. Much safer."

If he ever becomes a commentator think of the exponential damage Daz will inflict on football minds.

I will be first to say it. BC will never win an elite game on the ACC ever again with this man. Unless of course he has the second coming of Jesus signed as quarter back who immediately tells him Hell on Earth is over