Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"I don't believe it!" Voice of Flutie's Hail Mary retires

Brent Musberger is walking away from broadcasting. I will leave others to capture his career and legacy. Instead I will just remind you that he brought you this.


JBQ said...

Charles Dickens would have a comment. In a "Tale of Two Cities", he said that it was the best of times and the worst of times. Every time we see the Flutie Miracle or the Ryan Magic or even the left footed Jewish kid putting one in the bread basket of Touchdown Jesus, it only serves to create nostalgia for what was and what hasn't been. The Fish man and the red headed Ignatian need to check their Kahunas.

Max said...

Sorry - Brent is second tier to Dan Davis and Gino Capaletti. By any measure one of the best sports call ever. For those whose memory does not do beyond 2000; listen to it. And realize the context. During a time when no one knew what ESPN was. When 3 networks only 3 games to choose from( when football was Michigan, Norte Dame, Oklahoma, etc. BC was the lead story across the nation. ABC, NBC and CBS were on campus every week. Local news was on "Flutie Duty". And Boston was enamered with the magic of BC. Special times that in the very best circumstances will only read about.

Max said...

Daz will only read about.

3 yards, a penalty and a punt. Followed by - we are young and it is a process.

The world has gone to Hell and is picking up steam

del olio said...

Still laughing my ass off watching this just like I did in a bar that day all those years ago. Pure, unrestrained excitement at what I say expressed as over the top laughter in the moment. Thanks for giving it back.

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