Wednesday, March 01, 2017

BC never close in loss to Notre Dame

Same old, same old as BC lost to Notre Dame Wednesday. Because the game wasn't close, the announce team had plenty of time to get into relevant topics for BC. One thing I found interesting was the discussion of the ACC being a "one and done" conference. Because of that talent turnover at traditional powers, the announcers believe that a school like Notre Dame has an advantage. Most Irish recruits will stay for four years and that familiarity and experience helps them beat the "one and done" schools. I agree with the premise. There is no reason BC shouldn't be developing each recruiting class and exploiting that experience. Our challenge with doing it has been the recent turnover and scholarship imbalance. With the right coach, this can be fixed.

The other small thing that I liked is that our reserves played hard to keep the Notre Dame walk-ons from scoring. While it didn't work, I am glad that they are still fighting.

BC only has a few games to make us feel a little better. I want a win, but at this point I am not expecting one.


mod34b said...

To put "bad" in perspective, There are 74 teams in the best 6 leagues (P5 leagues + big east)

BC ranks 68 of 74 per schools.

Yet in the absurd world of BC sport Christian has the safest coaching seat in college hoops

How did we arrive at this alternative universe?

NCSU coach of 6 years was just fired. His first 4 season he took his team to the NCAA tourney and did well. His last 2 seasons were around .500 ball. Fired.

Our guy goes 0-18 in ACC play last year and gets a raise and produces garbage this year and is said to be "untouchable".

Napolean Bonaparte said...

This is not rebuilding - this is fucking pathetic. Another year with Christian is another wasted year. I'd hire the NC State coach. Didn't Wake fire a coach with a very good record a number of years back? Would you recommend hiring Spinnelli or do you think this club reflects on him as well?

GP11 said...

Very frustrating year. I think it would be justified to see him let go, but I also see the reasoning for keeping him on...

The administration couldn't give the job away last time around. Recall that we offered the job to 3-4 candidates who all turned it down. Perhaps that was a failure of Bates to A) attract high-level talent or B) find a quality young coach deserving of a chance.

Unless we have a quality coach lined up, not sure if it's worth the risk to go into the coaching market only to come up empty and scramble for another mediocre hire. You can say, well it's not like it could get any worse, which is fair; but if you make another mediocre hire, then you're giving that person 3-4 years and the circle of mediocrity continues to spiral.

That said, if Robinson, Bowman, or Turner transfer, it'll be a significant blow. We seem to be losing 1-2 players a year, so nothing would shock me at this point. If the full team stays around, the goal next year should be 500 in the ACC. Another year of maturity for the core, Popovich should add 30lbs+, another transfer or two to fill out the roster and add some more size/maturity all would go a long way. I'd buy the continuity argument if we had enough continuity to make a difference. If the guys on the team are committed than I'm optimistic that next year will show real progress.

Georgia Eagle said...

Who cares anymore?

notfadeaway said...

Mod34b said it best. This is some type of absurd universe. The whole administration should be ashamed. Alumni should be furious. This is a waste of money like I have never seen.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

How is Christian safe when he is getting fired in 6-18 months? Having a limit placed on you automatically makes you "unsafe."

It is a waste of money but money isn't the problem. The school is getting paid based on its league affiliation and not its success. If the team is successful there is incremental increase in revenue from selling more seats to attendees and from NCAA tournament bids. That is nothing compared to the money that automatically gets shared with us from the ACC.

The problem is hiring good Football and Mens BB coaches. That doesn't have much to do with money, based on who is realistically going to be attracted to coaching at BC, it has to do talent evaluation.

Can BC's administration evaluate who can manage the Athletic Department and who cannot? Can BC's Football and Mens BB coaches evaluate who can play or not? There is an inability to judge talent from the upper management in hiring AD's and from the AD's in hiring good coaches.

Also, There are "cannot miss" coaches out there(Temple football coach that went to Baylor for example. Who I had #1 on my list here 6 months ago) that everybody knows are going to be good if given the opportunity. Go get one of them if you cannot make a good judgment on your own from the group of middlers who have experience.

mod34b said...

Christian is said to be safe from firing this year. do you get it now?