Thursday, March 02, 2017

Bob Bicknell headed to Baylor

Former Eagle Bob Bicknell is headed back to the college game to be WR's coach at Baylor. Bicknell and new Baylor Coach Matt Rhule worked together at Temple over a decade ago. Since that time, Bicknell has bounced around a bit at the NFL level. It is good to see him back in the college ranks at Baylor.

Beyond the Rhule connection, Bicknell at Baylor makes sense. It is a chance to return to college with a Power 5 team that has real upside. It also exposes him to Texas recruiting and Texas high school coaches.

Bicknell's brother was always viewed as a potential BC coach. He nearly was hired when BC fired Jags. Bob was never really mentioned. He wasn't in the college game at the time and never did much to put himself on that path. A stint at Baylor isn't all it takes, but it does put him on the college radar (obviously timing and success at Baylor are also part of the scenario). Best of luck to Bicknell at Baylor. It will be nice to have more BC guys at this level.


mod34b said...

Seems like Bob Bicknell has been to every crappy football job possible. A real journeyman. Rough profession if you are in it in a top spot.

I see Rhule/Baylor also hired former BC player/coach/recruiter mike sirvano.

mod34b said...

*if you are not in a top spot

Rich Conboy said...

Worse of luck to anyone willing to associate themselves with that dumpster fire of an athletic department.

Max said...

Serpisly - who wants to coach numb nuts at Baylor? What are the classes Rape Freshmen 101; Advanced Gang Rape; play the Justice System 201

Get a life.

Baylor should be put in the Drath Sentence and forgotten about for 10 or 20 years.

Just proves that the only good whore is a live white that can cash a check (or take cash from donors)

The work is f'd

Max said...

F'n spell check. You get the idea. Any job that pats. Damn the rape, assault and corruption.

Max said...

Sort of like Trump now- he owns it. Just what Is the upside for BC ATL?

Dear lord how the f do you get through the day. Where can I buy those moroon colored glasses you own?

Max said...

Four ( or more) years of college shot to hell for you.

Georgia Eagle said...

I have no idea what either of you are saying and I reread your posts three times.

Max said...

The bottom line is why would you associate with a program that condones rape, sexual assault and does everything in it power to cover it up and say nothing to see here.

Bob Bicknell is taking a paycheck and selling his soul. No matter how you look at it.

My comment stands a good whore us a live white that takes the cash.

The world is insane and picking up speed.

I would hope that BC could rise above all this and be a beacon but given current circumstances I will follow NASCAR.

What has happened to men over the last 30 years? Pussies all.