Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Madness rooting guide

Another March, another relatively meaningless time for BC Basketball. But the Big Dance is still a fun sporting event and it is even easier to jump on a bandwagon when BC's not even near the action. I would rather be rooting for BC, but here are some team's and storylines that are kinda, sorta related to our Eagles. Here is who I am rooting for:

The Entire ACC.  This even includes Duke, Louisville (I despise Pitino) and Notre Dame. What's good for the ACC is good for BC. If they all do well, it means more money for BC and more respect for the conference. Don't listen to anyone who says a strong ACC makes our rebuild harder. The job is always going to be tough, but our next coach will come in at a good time. Coach K, Pitino, Roy Williams and Jim Boeheim are all getting really old. Some of those programs will have a difficult transition. A new BC coach can take advantage of that. But in the mean time why not have the conference's reputation as strong as possible?

VCU. Potential AD Ed McLaughlin won't take a shot or call a play during the tourney, but why not have his team do well? Another deep run for VCU helps his reputation with future coaches he might hire at BC.

Jesuit Schools. Some BC fans question if the Jesuits care about sports. Marquette, Creighton, Gonzaga, and Xavier are proof that Jesuits schools can compete without compromising their mission.

Providence. I think the time has passed for Ed Cooley to come back to BC, but I still like to see him do well.

Northwestern. They have one of the worst basketball traditions in Power 5 conferences. If Chris Collins can get them into the Tournament in four years, then plenty of coaches can do the same at BC. 


Capital Eagle said...

There is a team of "Eagles" in the tournament led by a BC alum as athletic director. This is Florida Gulf Coast University and AD Ken Kavanagh (BC '85). FGCU ---"Dunk City"---opens against FSU. Go Eagles!

knucklehead said...

Northwestern looked horrible against Wisconsin in the Big 10 tournament. They looked worse than BC. Knowing them they probably fixed the game.

Kansas wins it all.

mod34b said...

my final Top 20 Catholic basketball schools. And Sagarin ranking.

Catholic Top 20

1. Gonzaga 1
2. Villanova 4
3. ND 22
4. St Mary 25
5. Creighton 27
6. Marquette 29
7. Xavier 32
8. Dayton 39
9. Seton Hall 48
10. Providence 57
11 G'town 59
12. St Bonnie's 87
13. SJU 92
14. Loyola CHI 106
15. SF 108
16. LaSalle 126
17 Santa Clara 132
18 St Peters 136
19. BC 146 (up from #20, despite an all "L" finish)
20. St Joes 152

So, we see BC at the bottom in teh company of St. Joe's, st Peter's, Santa Clara and LaSalle

let's compare

BC: Jesuit, Chestnut Hill; 9,100 undergrad, $2.0 Billion endowment. Thinks a lot of itself, but sport-wise ain't doing jack.
St. Peter's: Jesuit, Jersey City, NJ ; 2,600 undergrad; $31 million endowment. Scrappy and achieves
St. Joe's: Jesuit, Philly; 4,800 undergrad; $216 million endowment; Produces great hoops for years
St. Clara: Jesuit, St Clara, CA: 5,400 U/g; $840 endowment; good hoops
LaSalle: Lasallian, Philly; 3100 undergrad; $87 million endowment. Does alot with little

John said...

There is no question that BC has embarrassed itself - and put itself in this position.

With new leadership, BC can did itself out just like it dug itself in.

But it takes Time at the Top, vision and hard work. Ever to Excel. Love it and mean it!

John said...

Hate auto correct. Dig itself out........

Tone at the Top.

mod34b said...

Jack, i liked "did" -- as in "just like when DID itself in"

and did they. going on a deacde of really crapola out of the once proud Heights.

I do wonder if BC has money problems.. and this might be an underlying issue.

Just yesterday, I heard a long and peppy radio ad encouraging people to check out and enroll in Boston College's Wood's College - which is somesort of evening school with really low standards compared to the rest of BC (except CSOM which is a joke trade school that does not reach academic subjects :-) )

really? BC need to advertise to get students? And

knucklehead said...

That is literally the dumbest thing i have ever read here.

Fucking stupid.

Hahaha $$ problems.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I see Villanova was moved up to a #50 ranking as a national university in US News. Good for them. Last time I looked it was listed as a northern regional school. UConn also seems to have moved up and now is ranked equally with Worcester Poly. Athletic success and the resultant favorable national publicity has played a major role by increasing interest in these schools and raising the quality of their accepted applicants. All of that goes right to the rankings.

BC and its alumni base need to wake the hell up before all of this very public putridity starts to have an impact on applications. If Leahy doesn't get it - the BOT's needs to ask him to retire and replace him with someone totally dedicated to the overall growth, success and prestige of the university.

mod34b said...
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Georgia Eagle said...

Lol ah, the continuing feud between Mod and Knucklehead. It's this blogs version of the Hatfield and McCoy's. Thoroughly entertaining.

mod34b said...
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knucklehead said...

Last comment is lame too.

knucklehead said...

Hypocritical also since you tell people to STFU. You should take your own advice.

mod34b said...
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knucklehead said...

I know what the Catholic school ranking s are. You have shown them 5 times.

Georgia Eagle said...

Lmao. The children I never had. Two squabbling brothers in need of a parent.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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John said...

Providence playing well against Southern Cal.

Teams are supposed to get better as the year goes on. Friars yes - Trojans and Eagles no.

USC could always come back, I guess.

knucklehead said...

Ed Cooley. Where can we get coaches like that?

Remember the BC USC tournament game? The end of that game was a disaster.

USC had Brian Scalabrine. Goofball.

Bravesbill said...

Oops. That was quite the way to blow that game.

John said...

Watching Rahon and St. Mary's.

Don't think they'd do very well in the ACC, but more power to them for being a #7 seed in the Regional.

Georgia Eagle said...

Watching little St Mary's with Rahorn at the helm. I am more infuriated than ever BC is a national embarrassment in most sports.

John said...

I might have been wrong about doing (not so) well in the ACC.