Thursday, April 20, 2017

BC names Martin Jarmond new AD

Congratulations to BC's new Athletic Director Martin Jarmond. He has a big job ahead of him, but seems up for the challenge.

I will have a more in-depth post later.


knucklehead said...

He is taking a very good job. $$ is in place, facilities are being upgraded, located in the biggest sports media market in America and he is a happy person which should lead to his success.

Spring game Saturday will be interesting.

Dazzler is breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon.

Talk about ebs and flows. Yesterday one of his prized recruits at Florida was found dead in his maximum security prison cell and the next day he finds out his new boss has a work history with his old boss Urban Meyer the most powerful hc in college football. Look for Dazzler to get an extension if we win 6 games this year(will be tough to accomplish with our schedule though).

mod34b said...

** impressively jarmond was a walk-on turn captain of his NCAA basketball team. He will know talent and how to get that talented coach to BC. His hoops experience should really pay off quickly. He has good reason to fire JC now. Nothing is going to improve in the next year with JC.

**Jarmond is a winner. He will want W's. He will want excellence.

** being the first AD at BC who is African American is a major plus too for sports and BC. BC is forever unfairly tarnished along those line and this will help erase false perceptions.

Knuckless -

** boston is not the biggest sports media market in the US. not even close. NYC obviously is way bigger.

** money in place? I do not think so. It will need to be raised. BC is not tapping into the endowment for sports buildings.

** dazzler's tenuous hold on his job has not changed. Jarmond is here to succeed. He has ZERO loyalty to Daz and is not allowing that boob to diminish his rep.

ccw said...

$ in place? Right. I'll believe the commitment to athletics when I see it. The money we're spending is a late attempt to get back to middle of the pack for facilities.

I hope Jarmond got the commitment he needed from Leahy. He's a rising star and shouldn't be in a hurry to jump for just any AD job.

mod34b said...

however, i suspect Daz had a significant role in recruiting Jarmond. A few calls to Urban and he got the process going.

will that help Daz? maybe, but i hope not and expect the will be judged by his own recruiting and W/Ls.

Hario said...

I dont think Boston is the biggest sports media markets (NYC, Chicago, probably LA, maybe even Dallas)

Jarmond is going to have to succeed here if he ever wants a bigger AD job like ohio state one day. He has a long career ahead of him and I can't imagine he risk it by hitching on to Daz who he doesn't have much of a relationship with (never directly crossed paths)

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Somebody said "Impressively jarmond was a walk-on turn captain of his NCAA basketball team. He will know talent and how to get that talented coach to BC. His hoops experience should really pay off quickly. He has good reason to fire JC now. Nothing is going to improve in the next year with JC."

Hope that's true - but Bates was a football walk on at Michigan under Bo Shem. and he gave us Addazio.

mod34b said...

nap. i said it.

here is the difference.

Jarmond became the captain. Bates did not become captain.
Jarmond was successful at great schools with great sports as associate AD. Bates was not. He was asst AD at then very unsuccessful Vandy
Jarmond has a nicer smile. Bates has great hair.
Bates is a stiff. Hope Jarmond is not
Jarmond is a winner. Bates is not.

knucklehead said...

Knuckless? What does that mean? Do you even know?

It is the biggest. Ticket sales, tv ratings, radio ratings, talk show ratings, newspaper sales/hits. Interest in sports per capita in Boston is much higher. There is more success and braintrust(ownership, management and coaching) in this town related to sports than anywhere else. It should be used by Boston College.

They aren't building anything else. No space. If they want to build something they can get the money easily. There are no financial constraints. They have doubled the coaching staff budgets. What do you want to do buy players?

The relationship between the three makes it more likely that Dazzler is retained than if someone else were hired. Leahy and the Board loves Dazzler because he espouses faith and decency(off the field). They will do everything they can to keep him.

knucklehead said...

"Batesy" is gone. Why even mention him? I cannot wait until this guy gets pushed out the door and you call him "Jarmondsy."

mod34b said...

got some proof for your homer crap that Boston is "the biggest sports media market in America"

BC 86 said...

Good hire

knucklehead said...

Ask anyone who has been around or lived in other places. Look at rankings of best sports cities, look at media ratings, look at the success of the teams in New England, look at the sales of merchandise, look at the awards the newspaper sports sections have won over the years(individual writers and overall departments)

Do some simple math if you are capable. New York City proper has 9 million people living in it(that we know about). Boston has 700k proper and 2-3 million inside of 495(if I recall accurately).

Do all that and then tell me I am incorrect.


CT said...

It certainly wasn't the biggest when I was at BC. I was told that by all the empty seats around me in the mid 90s.

Guess not all rumors are leaks, eh? Like we've been told over and over again by certain peeps. "It's a leak! He's been scratched off the list!"

Congrats and good luck to Jarmond.

I wish I knew what drew Leahy to choose him only in terms of transparency with the process.

And also how/why ATL didn't think it was going to happen wrt his remarks on Twitter.

A lot of people got this one wrong. Sign of the times.

TGS said...

Hmm, another AD hire with Big 10 (giant state school with near unlimited resources) experience only, absolutely no connection to BC and no experience whatsoever working for a mid size Catholic college in a pro market city.
What could go wrong?

GP11 said...

First call should be to Tom Crean to see A) if he wants the job this year or wants to wait till next year and B) how much it will cost

downtown_resident said...

Urban to Jarmond: "You could do worse than Steve Addazio as your football coach, Martin. He was my right hand man at Florida and is a trusted friend."

Jarmond to Urban, after glancing at last year's standings and noting BC was outscored in ACC play 275-96, in Addazio's fourth season, no less: "Thanks for the input, Urbs." (Meanwhile, thinking to himself, "I may test out your theory.")

Geezer eagle said...

Let's reiterate the obvious: Boston is a pro sports town. Bostonians and massaholes don't give a rats ass about college sports and never turn-out for BC sporting events. This it doesn't matter if Boston is or is not the biggest sports town.

John said...

Looks like a.nice hire from here.

Go BC - bring it back!

cventner said...

We should all be hopeful and optimistic about Jarmond. We have no's a risky hire, but there are some positives...youth, diversity, fundraising potential, energy.

nceaglefan said...

True that Boston is a pro sports town, but I became a huge BC fan because of a guy named Doug Flutie. If you put competitive teams on the field and floor the town will support it. Loads of other examples of good support, Coughlin years, there was huge buzz, BC hoops early to mid 90's Knocking of UNC in tourney, Matt Ryan the year they cracked the Top 5. Boston sports fans are just smart, unlike the shit kickers here in the South!

JBQ said...

With "mod" on Meyer, Dazzler connection to Jarmond. Two point six million per for eight years and now maybe more is a lot of monopoly money to be playing with. The search firm "search" now appears to be a sham. This was all set up quite some time ago. Now, you know just why Towles could only hand off the ball. BC needs some excitement in the game. They should be looking for another Matt Ryan instead of another Andre Williams. Matt Ryan and for that matter Russell Wilson put "fannies" in the seats. Grind it out football will not bring excitement to Chestnut Hill. ACC TV money is all that this is about. Prayerfully, the Dazzler will be gone by Thanksgiving. However with his new found political connection, this may not be so. "Be a dude" may ingratiate him with all of the right people.