Thursday, April 20, 2017

Can Martin Jarmond fix Boston College Sports?

BC doesn't have a problem on its hands with Martin Jarmond. It is the opposite. The new Boston College Athletic Director has a huge problem on his hands. The problem is BC sports. At this point in time, BC Athletics has a fanbase problem, an execution problem with their most high-profile sports, a fundraising problem, a facilities problem, a local and national perception problem, and another dozen issues in some of the non-revenue sports. All of the problems are solvable. I had hoped for a more experienced operator who had been hardened in previous political battles. I will take someone who seems to have youthful energy, ambition and a vision. Jarmond is going to need all of it.

The good news is that Jarmond has a history and passion for fundraising. That was one of the known prerequisites for this search. Raising money at Ohio State and Michigan State is a completely different animal from BC, but if Jarmond's quick accent shows anything, it is that he can adapt and rise to the occasion. Development is hard and a lot like sales. There are many dinners, and coffees and rounds of golf, and at the end of each one, you have to ask the person across the table for more money than he or she ever planned on giving. Bates was never comfortable doing that. It looks like Jarmond can. That alone will be a breath of fresh air and should help BC's sports revenues grow. I am happy for the people in BC Development who have gone a long time without an AD they could leverage in their jobs.

Bringing in someone from a sports factory like Ohio State is an interesting decision for BC. We do so many things differently. BC won't change how we handle admissions or academic tutoring, but maybe we will become more like Ohio State in our sports operations. Instead of doing things on the cheap and how we've always done them, maybe Jarmond can instill some new methods and minimums to give our athletes and coaches an even playing field.

But years from now -- when we look at Jarmond's legacy -- it will be how he handles Football and Basketball. I am less concerned about Basketball. Jarmond is a former DIA basketball player. Jim Christian is a lame duck. Jarmond has nearly a year to get things in place and find a new coach next spring. He has never hired a basketball coach, but has been around the sport for a long time. I will trust him on that. Football is a different issue. The Urban Meyer clique did have influence on this process. They went to bat for Jarmond. Jarmond and Addazio already have a relationship (Addazio was keynote speaker at an Ohio State coaches clinic just a few weeks ago). Bates never stood up to Addazio. Will Jarmond tell Addazio to ignore the critics? Will Jarmond tell Addazio to watch his temper with lower level employees? And most importantly will Jarmond make a difficult decision on Addazio if we go 6-6 again next fall? We won't know until things play out.

The reaction among BC fans and in the Athletic community has been overwhelmingly positive. This is the honeymoon. I now hope that Jarmond can fix BC before the frustrating BC-ness of our sports operations break him.


bceagle91 said...

I hope that Fr. Leahy gives him the administrative (and financial) support that he needs to turn us around. Jarmond can't do it alone.

nceaglefan said...

I like the hire, loads of experience at a huge and very successful program. Agree with post above hopefully Leahy supports him and stays out of things.

Unknown said...



baldysheehan said...

Who knows. Young gun comes to town with high hopes and starts with two dopes as coach so there's little hope things will change soon. A year from now when we see how little change has come then some will give him a pass and he will last in the job for year after year with little fear because you'll see the powers at BC really don't care about sports.

Lenny Sienko said...

I'd like to see our new AD start off with a "BANG" and send DAZ down the road asap.

It would prove who's in charge and rid BC of its biggest drag on improvement and rebuilding.

mod34b said...

Lenny, I think canning JC makes more sense. He is just hopeless. I think a new BB hire can build some credibility for our new AD and build his leadership chops . Maybe fire womans coach too. Add some good steps forward in facilities and he get some more clout.

Start building the new jarmond culture of expectations, accountability and success

Chill on Daz now (even though deserving of a launch to parts unknown) build some bridges with the OSU crowd. (A massively powerful ally for BC)

1 or 2 years from now he can use that clout to pull in an excellent football coach. Right now BC is a tough sell.

Max said...

Chill on Daz? Sure doctor let's chill on my terminal brain tumor for 1 or 2 years. Evause I don't want to lose my hair just yet.

Business Rule #1: Bad news never gets better with age.

Daz is nothing but a walking sack of excusespromoting himself as a leader and molder of young men(dudes). I did a mock job review of him a few months back and I only feel more pressing need to get this cancer off campus. Young AD; young assistant as interim coach until search is completed.
A tough sell is I would never play for him and as a father my son would never be allied to play for him.

bceagle93 said...

JUST IN: Daz seen sprinkling paper clips on his desk Salt Bae style after this announcement.

Unfortunately for football fans, this likely signals another 2 years of Daz. Looks like basketball will be initial focus. Hopefully we now have a shot at bringing in someone like Tom Crean.

I like the Jarmond hire for so many reasons. Not only a good, strong candidate to satisfy and energize alumni, staff and the student-athletes, but also will attract coaching talent to want to come here.

mod34b said...

Max. I think you might know that I am not a Daz supporter. My point was about timing and not about supporting Daz. He is awful. . How do we get the best possible coach and when?

TGS said...

BC fans, as usual, acting like a bunch of lemmings. Zero critical reasoning. They could have rehired Bates and many of these idiots would be excited. They hired this guy because he came much cheaper than other more viable candidates. He'll let the Daz continue to rule the roost and then will return to the Big 10 in five years after doing nothing to elevate BC sports.

mod34b said...

TGS. Grim. Not correct either There is a big upside here. And there is a big risk that 5 years from now he will gone to somewhere "better" / If he succeeds - or "worse" - if he doesn't. Nobody sees ambitious young Jarmond as a BC ifer. Indeed he said he took job because he was happy to be in ACC!

eagle1331 said...

A honeymoon is more than Bates ever got or deserved. At least this starts with a little more hope...

@MrNASAgang said...

I know A lot of ppl would like Daz gone but honestly, i don't see it happening any time soon. He'll prolly post a winning record this upcoming yr and the team will only get better. I feel if Daz was going to be a gonner it should have been a lot sooner. This is yr 5, now if he post a losing record or a .500 he will be on the hot seat if not out. But i don't see that.

NEDofSavinHill said...

What has he ever done? When BC lets BC athletes run the athletic department success is achieved. Flynn hired Kelley and Ceglarski in hockey. Cousey,Daily, Davis and Williams in basketball. Bicknell ( the Flutie years) in football. Gladchuk hires York in hockey. Skinner in b-ball. Coughlin and TOB in football. Gladchuk's coaches produce probably the best combined record in the country in those three sports. What happens when Leahy, a non sports fan, decides to change the formula and hire non BC people. He hires GDF the worst AD in BC history and likely the worst AD in college sports history. GDF ruined BC sports by chasing off TOB and Skinner. His replacements were total duds. Bates another non BC hire can't correct the mess he inherited. Now Leahy has hired a third non BC guy. His first two hires were failures. Why would this one be different? 2.The Meyer Daz connection is very troubling. Remember those are the two that recruited and developed Aaron Hernandez. JBQ was right about this issue. 3. A BC grad who was unimpressed with this selection asked what my opinion would be if Jarmond brought back Skinner, canned Daz and hired Chip Kelly? Those would be outstanding moves. Time will tell if such progress can be made.

ccw said...

Who gives a crap about hiring a BC guy? You cite a handful of examples as if that's proof of the BC way. Completely asinine. What "BC guy" could we hire that is a slam dunk?

We need fresh blood to drag this athletic department into the next decade.

notfadeaway said...

Daz AND Christian need to go ASAP. Daz will try to bully Jarmond. This man needs to stand up to that incompetent fool and get someone in the seat who can turn the program around and bring some excitement back to the heights. Daz is not the solution. Period. End of story. Anyone who says otherwise haven't watched this bumbling fool every game for the last two seasons. He's lost. He's embarassing. He's bad at his job. We won 2 conference games in 2 years. We are a laughing stock. Drain the swamp Jarmond and then thank me later.

knucklehead said...

Look at the schedule. Do you think they are getting 6+ wins? The AD hire indicates that they are keeping Dazzler unless they win 4>. Read the Globe story on Jarmond and the Dazzler quotes. Also the financial support dedicated to the assistant coaching staff with the OC and Pasqualoni even before Jarmond. The intent is obviously to support Dazzler as much as possible, to ensure his success(make a bowl). Plus, making a bowl last year and winning it probably saved his job going forward if they get 5 wins this season(5 wins is most likely). Six wins is a stretch.

Max said...

Anyone who thinks Daz is the answer in anyway, shape or form for the football program is a fool and should stick to buying QVC products late at night. He has DEMONSTRATED he can not win consistently in the ACC. The only star that matters is wins vs. loses. His wins are few and far between, he hypes 3rd tier wins as progress, he can not recruit. Why does anyone want to give this man another minute in charge of the football program?

Fire him now! Today. Do not wait for perfect timing. There is no such thing in the real world. Make your own timing and clear the cancer.

This would be clear and bold message that BC is serious.

Wake me when this all implodes because God forbid we should fire a loser coach

Max said...

Rinse and repeat for the basketball program

mod34b said...

Max. In your view if one dies not support the immediate firing of Daz, then such a person supports Daz and thinks Daz is the answer.

Silly boy.

Shabby1011 said...
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Shabby1011 said...

Jarmond is a bold, progressive hire for BC. It is a 180 from how BC has operated at anytime since Monan & Flynn were in charge. It is being favorably received nationally, locally and alumni.

Ultimately time will tell if it is a good hire or not. How he hires, builds facilities (basketball practice facility better be on the very short list) and improves fan experience is how he will be judged.

People love to crush Leahy at every turn but in my opinion this is a first step to a new BC. BC admin are not stupid, they have heard the negativity at all levels and angles. They realize there is a problem with athletics and they took a huge first step to infuse a out dated department with a fresh face and energy level.

I find it almost impossible to believe that Daz and/or any coach not named York at BC is not on the hot seat. BC currently stinks at basically every sport except in Hockey programs. Every coach will be evaluated and judged. The Meyer OSU Daz narrative is being way over blown. Jarmond owes Meyer nothing and why would he risk his job & future by appeasing Meyer? If he fails at BC he isn't getting OSU or any other better AD job. He has to succeed thus he will do what is best for him not Meyer. I think the first football game he attends vs. Wake Forest and he sees the crowd/fan apathy and watches Daz play not to lose will seal Daz's fate.

He was not hired to keep things status quo, he is the ultimate non status quo hire for BC ever so to think he is just going to accept mediocrity and make Urban Meyer happy is so stupid its hard to even debate.

Let's all enjoy this moment and start to think positively for a change. Give Jarmond a fresh start. If he fails we will have plenty of time to complain about how BC stinks but from now until he makes his first big decision (or doesn't) let's start to believe in a New Era of BC.

Unknown said...

Five years from now the BC athletics program will still be a national joke.

Shabby1011 said...

It all depends on who his next Football & Basketball hires are.

BC was a National Player when TOB & Al were coaches. Nothing has changed, BC was as limited in facilities and budget then as they are now. TOB & Al could recruit and coach their ass off. Thus BC were top 25 programs.

If he hires good coaches BC will be in the mix like they were for the bulk of the 90's and 2000's.

TGS said...

Shabby, how the hell is this hire a 180 degree turn from anything done previously at BC under the current idiot President? You probably were saying the same BS when Bates was hired.
I'm all for giving the guy a chance (what choice do we have), but really? This is a bold, progressive hire? Why, because he's an African Ametican? What is this Selma 1955?
He's a public institution guy with ties to the worst coach in BC history. Cynicism should rule the day until he proves he has the guts to cut ties with the Daz.

knucklehead said...

Why is it bold and progressive?

mod34b said...

Tony, yesterday you posted

"Five years from now the BC athletics program will still be as much of a joke as it is right now"

today you post

"Five years from now the BC athletics program will still be a national joke."

what's on tap for tomorrow?

TGS said...

BTW, why are we just hearing now that the Daz controlled Bates and that he is nasty to the "little people"?
It's irresponsible of ATL if he's been sitting on this type of information.
Two more reasons why the Daz should be gone yesterday.

knucklehead said...

It isn't about making Urban Meyer happy. That is ridiculous. It is about making BC happy. They love Dazzler and they "happened" to hire an AD from a school that employees Dazzlers best friend(and former long time boss - who made him acting HC) who is also the most powerful guy in the university there?

TGS said...

If KHead is right and BC really loves the Daz, we are doomed.

Shabby1011 said...

Listen he isn't perfect, he is a bit light on experience but BC couldn't get one Power 5 sitting AD to even apply for the position. Who do you guys want BC to hire??

Give me one realistic name? Ed McGlaughlin, Boo Corrigan?? Would those names excite you? You guys are the same turds who say BC turned down Jay Wright. Have no idea what you are talking about.

Jarmond is coming from the best athletic department in the country. The best. If BC hires the OC from Clemson, Bama or OSU as the next football coach would you be excited?? Or is it Belichick or bust for you guys on the next football coach. BC just hired the OC from Bama as its next AD, to me that is exciting.

Gene Smith is considered the best AD in the country. Jarmond has been credited with OSU football scheduling (they have upcoming non conf games against Oklahoma, Oregon, ND & Texas to name few), Fundraising to Athletics (over $120M) and having Creative Marketing/Operational Ideas to improve fan experience (Beer). He has only worked at the highest level of college athletics. He is going to walk around the halls at Conte and laugh. He is going to hold a staff meeting with a bunch of old farts and laugh. Now if he has the power and autonomy to clean house and start anew only time will tell. But I can't see him sitting on his hands.

He is the youngest AD in the country. He is a former Division 1 athlete. He has only worked in great athletic departments. Who cares that they are in the Big10 or State schools? So you wanted Jim Paquette because he worked at a Jesuit school and would understand BC better? What a joke.

Bates was a horrific hire and typical BC underwhelming status quo AD. He was a low administrator at a shitty athletic school Vanderbilt and spent a few uninspiring years at Miami of Ohio which is a small irrelevant school. He sucked from day 1 other then he would respond to emails and had no leadership, vision or balls.

If Jarmond hires the head coach from Ball State or some other god forsaken place who has been 500 his entire career then yes he will suck too. But I have a strong feeling he isn't going to go in that direction. His only interactions have been with Meyer, D'Antonio, Narduzzi, Schiano, Izzo and Matta. The Dazzler isn't pulling the wool over his eyes.

Again only time will tell if he is successful or not and he will be judged by who he hires, what facilities he builds (new Bball practice facility, reno to Alumni, reno to Conte) and how he moves BC to the 21st century in all areas, fan experience, marketing, Flynn Fund, student-athletes services etc.

Give me realistic name you guys wanted. Search is over, so give me one name that is legit? I bet you can't.

knucklehead said...

I think Leahy told Jarmond: 1)Fundraise for me, 2) Fix basketball and 3) Don't embarrass me in the media(NCAA infractions/your personal conduct etc).

Dazzlers situation is going to be handled by Leahy personally. I think Leahy thinks that he understands enough about football and how it is being perceived/performing to feel that he can deal with it.

knucklehead said...

They had Dazzler on the HC target list when they hired Spaz. They have liked him for a long time. Watch his pregame speeches. They are legit and have serious spiritual undertones. Leahy loves him and made "Batesy" hire him.

"Batesy" extended Christian(who is below the threshold for being a horrible coach) but did not extend Dazzler(who went to two bowl games?). Hmmm. Sounds like someone else is controlling the situation . . . Leahy.

He isn't giving up that control to Jarmond.

I don't think this type of situation is exclusive to BC. It is just that we suck at the major sports right now.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

As someone else said - Leahy might have hired the assistant administrator for girl's volleyball and field hockey at the College of Saint Rose. Well - maybe not that bad - but it could have been a lot worse than this guy. I think this is a glass half full moment for BC.

Max said...

The stink if shit does not diminish with time. It just permeates any good you will try to do.

I don't not understand the rationale for keeping him as HC.

Jettison the loser. Announce an interim HC and get on with success. Don't align with failure. Unless of course you want to look back with wins against Wagner and UMass as victories. Forget the blowouts against conference opponents in the ACC.

Why is everyone so blind and married to mediocrity?

Max said...

You are fool if you listen to Daz pregame speeches.

Bucknell would say there are 2 billion Chinese that don't give a shit about this game. Go out and play what you are tonight and have FUN.

Jesius F Christ you would think we are talking world peace here. It is just a game - and not that hard to play well competitively if you have a sac in your pants

Shabby1011 said...

Knuckle you have me completely confused...are you saying Leahy wants to keep Daz or not keep him? I have no idea which side you are taking on this.

I am interested in watching the team tomorrow, see how legit this up tempo system is, see how Wade/Brown look and if there is anything else that sticks out.

As for the Daz he has a hard road in front of him next year. ACC Atlantic is a buzz saw and they have tougher Non Conference games then in the past. I hope they win 7/8 games but won't be easy.

If the team has a down year I would be surprised if Daz gets another year. Maybe he will, only time will tell.

Not only have we started a narrative that Urban Meyer is now running our athletic department but we have gone one step further and are now stating a narrative that BC had been grooming Daz for years before he was hired? Mind blown, It seems like 'Fake News' is spreading to ATL's message board.

Max said...

All hail fuc... Ohio State!

Anyone who believes this shoot shoot themselves in the head. Do the world a favor.

BCmade a decision for AD. They punted on firing their 2 worst coaches for football and basketball. F'm Catholic Church. They are better off saving South American souls. God forbid they should get their own house in order

knucklehead said...

Not a fool. The school sends them out sporadically to season ticket holders. You can see through the spiritual themes he uses why Leahy likes him.

It is a soap opera. Hire someone who can coach. It isn't difficult. Everyone in the industry knows who can coach, who cannot, who is on the rise, who cheats and who bends the rules etc.

Leahy needs to like the people, on a personal level, that he hires. Understandable but not sustainable in business. It should be obvious at this point.

knucklehead said...

It is common knowledge that Dazzler was on the list when Spaz was hired(you probably weren't working for the school then).

I said it three times now . . . it is about making Leahy happy not Urban the Douche Meyer.

I am telling you what I perceive is happening . . . Leahy will make the call on Dazzler not Jarmond.

I soured on Dazzler based on the goal line failure and his meltdown two years ago against Wake Forest. I have defended a couple of his controversial game decisions since because they were rational decisions. He lost my unfettered support based on that Wake F game. I am not going to destroy him for the sake of it though.

mod34b said...

You are a Daz appologist. For example, You rushed to defend Daz after shitty loss to GTech. There was no soured knuckles. In fact, You blamed the players.

Let's not recreate reality.

knucklehead said...

Go back and do the research of the Wake game from two years ago. Do it.

canttakeit said...

Max you are full of hate. I am not a daz fan but man what has he done except lose. I wish the players hated him or quit on him, but they didnt quit on him they are not leaving the program and I understand the players genuinly like him. He just cant coach well enough to compete with the top or middle acc team. He does beat the cupcakes, which cannot be said about Christian. I dont think his demeanor on the sideline would be a big deal if he was 9 and 3 every year. BC is not going to eat both contracts. Christian is the one that is hopeless and cant go soon enough. Transfers, losses to cupcakes no hope. I have not heard of the team caring one way or another about him (the players genuinly liked Donahue). But I have seen quit in them. Yet O still see these posters that keep talking with optimism about basket. Oh if we get 2 bigs and a quality point guard we can compete. Who is going to come here? And I have mentioned it before, Robinson will not finish here. After taking his summer courses he will be on track to graduate next year. I have heard from a very knowledgeable source that it could be as early as December.

knucklehead said...

Like I said I defended some of his game decisions. You are picking at me for doing what I said I did.

Use your health insurance and get some psychiatric support.

Gordon said...

Time will tell. We're bringing in another man with no BC affiliation. I agree with the sentiments of NED. It's hard to figure out where BaldyS is coming from!
But, hope for the best!

ccw said...

BC affiliation is a detriment - not a plus. Need fresh perspective and energy. This athletic department and administration are 10 years behind the times.

CT said...

Over the "we need someone who understands us" theme. We're not that unique. It's not football factory or one and done or nothing else. Get over yourself. This thread needs a fresh perspective as much as the athletic administration.