Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trying to read into the Spring Game

Those of us who watched the BC Spring Game know the drill. We watch because we love BC Football and the Spring Game is the only outlet for our addiction between the Bowl Game and the first game of the new season. The Spring Game is not a good predictor of anything related to real football. Because, like Saturday's 2017 Spring Game, this always feels more like a unique practice. 

The new twist this year that keeps the game from being a true look at BC was the lack of tackling. The play was dead as soon as a player had slight control on another. I am fine with limited contact. These guys shouldn't be bashing each other up now. But that I don't know how you can really evaluate BC's Defense off of today. 

The offense was a bit more telling. BC continued their tempo change from the Bowl game. Darius Wade looked decent and made numerous good throws. Antony Brown also got plenty of reps. While his athleticism and arm strength are noticeable, his throws were not as accurate. Hilliman looked sharp and healthy. Wilson also had a nice run. There were more than a few drops, but the WRs were fine.

The only true take away from all of this is that the offense is still evolving. For all of the talk -- including from Addazio -- that Brown was "the guy," he does not look ready to lead the team. Fortunately the season does not start tomorrow and he can get better. Wade, who was forgotten last year, looks capable. Aside from the QBs, the offense also seems ready to embrace modern tempo. That could change a lot about BC's games. All of those unknowns will be answered eventually...just not in a Spring Game.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Anthony Brown has potential however he's not ready to be the starter. The one guy I was most impressed with was Travis Levy, runs low and has good acceleration, should be fun watching him develop. BC offense looks like its improved from last year, we'll see how well Scot Loeffler can run an experienced offense; he has a pretty good track record. Kicking game looked pretty consistent i.e. NO EXTRA POINTS MISSED. Defense should be good again next year as long as their secondary can stop giving up 48 yard pass completions. Overall BC looks like a 7-5 team, which would be a very good record considering their schedule. If BC has a 5-7 year I don't see how Addazio keeps his job. I'm still hoping for a CHIP KELLY hire if Addazio gets fired. The thought of Chip Kelly coming to BC would be a reason to enjoy a 2017 losing season.

Max said...

Daz will find a way to lose and provide the corresponding excuse(s). In the 5th year BC football should be a we olive machine. Not a liteny of hope and potential.

Fire Daz now!

Lenny Sienko said...

DAZ wants to run 80 plays a game. The problem is that they will still be the same RRPP, only more of it and more quickly.

80 plays or 40 plays, what does it matter if the DAZ philosophy of playing not to lose is still prevailing?

Please just fire DAZ...Pay him whatever it costs...Get a new head coach. If all of that can't be done in time for this season (because BC dithered around in getting rid of Bates)...plug Coach Pasqualoni in as "interim"...

STL_eagle said...

For better or worse, Daz will get this season to sink or swim. Not sure about Christian. He seems like an easy target for new AD, who has a basketball background, to replace to demonstrate to everyone that change is happening.

If Daz starts 2-7 we will get an interim coach, if he finishes 5-7 or worse we get a new coach, if 6-6 it is a jump ball and may depend on quality wins (e.g. a win against ND goes a long way), if 7-5 or better then Daz lives to see another day.

Geezer eagle said...

I agree with your analysis, STL.

Unknown said...

Hopefully the new AD is ambitious enough to try and hire Chip Kelly if 2017 is a wash. When Addazio was hired he said that 2016 or 2017 will be the big leap into ACC contention. I think is Daz goes 6-6 this year he's out, the new AD seems very ambitious and won't satisfy for mediocrity. This upcoming fall will have an interesting story line.

Unknown said...

Attendance has been dropping like a rock as well since BC joined the ACC, hopefully this new AD can turn that around.

eagle79er said...

Attendance has been dropping for a number of reasons; however, joining the ACC isn't one of them. Look at what's happened since we joined the ACC:
* Introduced DBS
* Increased restrictions on tailgating
* Except for the first few years, the team has had a .500 or losing record and, in many cases, a totally inept offense
* The at-home experience has become much more attractive (HDTV, tons of games on TV, etc.)
* We have a new scoreboard, but, Alumni has had few upgrades that positively impact the fan experience (Conte concourse is still a logjam, restrooms are still difficult to get to, seats are still aluminum, food options haven't really improved, etc.)

Unknown said...

Did AJ Dillon play in the spring game?? Hopefully he didn't because if he did his performance wasn't memorable.