Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lax falls in Championship game to Maryland

A great run came up short as the Women's Lacrosse team lost to Maryland in the National Championship game. The first half was a great performance. BC fell behind early, then rallied to tie the game and stifled Maryland's offense. The second half was more of a struggle as the Terps would get a lead, BC would cut into it and then Maryland would build a lead again. In the end there wasn't enough time for another comeback.

While it is disappointing to come this far and not win, this game and run was a program builder. BC can now sell this success to more elite recruits. I think there are many Lax titles in the school's futures.


JBQ said...

If you make it to the championship game, I would say that is labelled as success. Gonzaga lost to UNC in the championship game for basketball. No apologies necessary.

curranac said...

Learning about the two sport talent and dominance of Kenzie Kent was worth tuning into the game by itself. Between her hockey and lacrosse teams, she's starting to stockpile an impressive number of career wins and final four appearances. Congrats to the entire team.

Anne Marie Gahring said...



OB68 said...

I had an opportunity to watch this game in person at Gillette The rallying cry of BC must have been WE WILL NOT SETTLE and they certainly did not. It would have been easy for them to be happy with their appearance in the final and succumb to the #1 team in the nation, but they did not ever stop fighting and working and working even more. After falling behind to Maryland by several goals in the first half they battled back to hold Maryland and tie the score at the half. A spirited Maryland team then scored 3 goals in the first 5 minutes on what appeared to be the beginning of a rout. Not so, BC fought back to within one goal twice during the half but could just not tie it up. As the clock wound down BC took some offensive chances resulting in 2 Maryland goals and a 3 goal win. Every member of this team gave it their all and none more than Kenzie Kent. She was a Tanzmanian Devil, making play after play both on offense and on defense. Statistics aside she clearly deserved the MVP award. It is not beyond the ream of possibility that she could be a two sport All American next year..Can't wait to see her compete next year and to see how BC lax makes another run to the NCAAS.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Kenzie is a remarkable athlete. Must have been very special for her mom - an assistant coach on the team. She is terrific in both sports but as the LAX season wore on and she got more settled in after hockey - I think LAX is her best game. Regardless, we are lucky to have her - she'd excel at anything she enjoyed.

somdara said...

I think LAX is her best game. Regardless, we are lucky to have her - she'd excel at anything she enjoyed..:)



cventner said...

Any chance BC will ever get men's lacrosse, or has that ship sailed?

Tony Abardo said...

Sad that this is what it has come to for the crappy BC sports program. Trying to pretend like you care about women's lacrosse. Very insincere.

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