Monday, June 19, 2017

Another reason why BC needs to focus on OLine development

This article from earlier in the week doesn't have anything specifically to do with BC, but I thought it was very relevant to BC's future. For those who don't have time to read it, there is a growing problem in the NFL with evaluating college linemen. Because so many colleges run spreads, Offensive Linemen are not developing the skills they need to compete and adjust in the NFL. Prospects from schools that run more traditional blocking schemes are much easier to evaluate and valuable. That means what Addazio is doing with the Oline should make his players more valuable. Add that to our tradition as Oline U and BC should have an easy time recruiting OLine talent.

But it is not always that simple. Colleges also have a hard time identifying OL prospects. They are trying to project teenager who is going to add a lot of weight in college and face much better competition than he faced in high school. They are also trying to teach these guys while also winning games and competing.

Addazio built his reputation on OL coaching. In his first two years, it was good. Year 3 it was poor. Last year it was improved, but not great. If he wants success this year and long term and to build a pipeline of NFL talent, he is going to need his big guys to develop in all aspects of OLine play and start to dominate again.


CT said...

1st paragraph is imho right on.

2nd paragraph= nothing new there. That's always been true.

3rd paragraph=not Daz's recruits initially. The rebuild continues!

Max said...

As a former BC o-line coach (best ever)) for used to say regarding offensive lineman. Number one quality is mental toughness. Find the basic skills and add mental toughness you will have a winning offensive line.

I do not see Daz ever being able to do this.

EL MIZ said...

Daz's crybaby act on the sideline is the exact opposite of mental toughness. would be nice if he shaped up.

ATL - i saw somewhere BC was in the top 25 for "returning starts among OL" or something to that effect. the players we are bringing back have been in the trenches so to speak. they better be tossing around opposing DL's like rag dolls.

in the event we actually look better this year, then we get another year of DAZ but presumably we win 7-9 games and bring a lot back for the following year.

in the event DAZ is the fraud most think he is, then we'll get a shot at chip kelly this offseason! it is win win!

knucklehead said...

Chip Kelly is not the answer for us. He took over UNH after his predecessor put them on the map and he did the same at Oregon. Point being, BC is going to need a "turn around expert" not a guy who can "maintain." Plus, it appears that he left Oregon to avoid issue with the NCAA.

I think you are looking at 2 more years of Dazzler and then . . . Don Brown, Al Washington or Ryan Day.

5 wins this season. No QB. The o-line sucks - seems foolish to think they will be good this season all of a sudden.

knucklehead said...

Online sites show BC as -3 against N. Ill.

John said...


CT said...

Chip Kelly maintained for Bellotti? Lol ok. He did more in four yrs than "maintain." He took them from good to great.

UNH got demonstrably better with him as OC. The numbers don't lie. He never was the HC. Seriously?

knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...

He was not the HC at UNH. My mistake. Doesn't change the point. Actually enhances it. He took over for Mike Bellotti who is corrupt and took that to a new level, thus the NCAA show-cause penalty.

Very good offensive mind with no defensive background. NCAA infractions caused him to leave Oregon and he failed in the NFL twice because he couldn't cheat at recruiting to get an advantage the way he did at Oregon.

Chip Kelly is not the right fit.

Brian Kelly is the best coach for Boston College.

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