Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More press on new Plex

Not that many of you were on the edge of your seat waiting, but BC selected Skanska USA to build the new student fitness center a.k.a. also known as the Plex replacement.

Normally I don't pay attention to the companies BC uses for construction and renovation. Maybe due to the size and the profile of the project, Skanska sent out a press release. BC is still keeping their mouth shut.


modest34b said...

this is Fishy and also not Fishy.

Skanska is a big company that is not run by John Fish

and it is not Suffolk Construction Co that is run by outgoing BC Chair John Fish.

glad BC did not opt for local cronyism

Napolean Bonaparte said...

It's a huge Swedish construction company.

JBQ said...

I happen to agree with "Eagle". However, Suffolk Construction is one of the top 200 businesses in the Forbes Index. As chair of the board, John Fish did not interfere in an abysmal business venture in how the Athletic Department has been run. That is the question that begs to be answered.

Boston said...

BC just scheduled a home-and-home with Michigan State. Nice first move by Jarmond.

Big Jack Krack said...

Great first move, Mr. Jarmond.

Let's get back to where we belong, and bring the excitement back to Alumni Stadium.

You stamp out apathy by being positive, and taking on the challenge, etc.

You can improve the game day experience with some new ideas and approaches - we can do this together - AD, coaches, fans, BC Staff, hired game-day security!!!

Welcome to BC - thanks for coming. Paid tailgaters to the left - welcome. Fans who will socialize with picnics (wine, beer, no grills, TV's, loud music, etc.) to the right - welcome.

We will provide picnic-style opportunities all over the campus - anywhere there is grass - and after your picnic, clean up and check your knapsack at the gate as you go into the stadium. I don't know, but let's figure it out.

Be positive and socialize with your family, friends and classmates and business associates before and after the game. Everything in moderation - be responsible.

And outside the BC Community (BC Nation) reach out to college football fans living in Boston due to their jobs, who love the atmosphere. Offer season tickets/game day tickets to "College Football Fans" who can root for BC or not - but who will bring energy to the experience and the stadium. Come to BC and catch the top teams in the nation, etc. Create a marketing incentive to general fans as well as to the BC Community.

Create an atmosphere where season tickets are desired and buyers want to renew early, etc.

We can do this!!!!

dixieagle said...

Today the Spartans, tomorrow the Tide. Go for it, Martin.

knucklehead said...

Home and Home. None of the 2:1 stuff.

I like it.

Get them on the hoops schedule too.

eagle1331 said...

An interesting signing yesterday too...


John said...

6'3 1/2" - 320. This guy has the size we need, and hopefully he'll work hard for his coaches and teammates. Welcome aboard Jaleel - hope you're our next BJ Raji. ☺️