Wednesday, June 21, 2017

BC agrees to series with Michigan State

It didn't take long for Martin Jarmond to finalize his first football deal. BC and Michigan State announced a two-game series that will take place in 2024 and 2025. These games are possible because of the movement in the Ohio State series earlier this spring. 

The Spartans will come to Chestnut Hill in 2024 and BC will go to East Lansing in 2025.  BC currently leads the series 4-1-1.

I've been critical of Addazio for being too conservative and short-sighted when scheduling Power 5s. We signed deals with a bunch of bottom feeders. MSU is more what our fans have in mind. They've been historically decent and are in the middle of a upswing. No one knows how good they will be in six years, but they probably won't be terrible. It is the kind of scheduling risk BC should take.

While Michigan is not a hot bed of BC recruits or alums, it is still in a region that remains important to the school. We can sell playing Michigan State to Midwest kids. And any alums in the general area can make the day trip.

This is a good first move by Jarmond. There are not a ton of open slots on the schedule now, but hopefully this is how he will go about filling them.


JBQ said...

This deal was worked out long ago. The paperwork was just sitting on the desk of the two day old new AD. Sure, he gets the credit and good for him. However, he didn't work this out overnight. Jill Hegarty has run the athletic office while BB played golf for quite some time. I would say that she handled the negotiations and then MJ signed it.

Unknown said...

GREAT idea if we are competitive.

Unknown said...

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