Thursday, June 15, 2017

Learning about recruits via Twitter

As players get home, they keep tweeting about BC's camps. Each tweet provides a little insight into what the staff is doing and thinking.

While we are focused on the 2018 Class, BC's staff is looking well beyond. One young player was QB Kyle McCord. He is listed as a 2021 grad, meaning he won't be available for four years. But based on his tweet, you can see that at BC's Camp he was getting one-on-one time with Scot Loeffler. 

Who knows how this kid will develop, but at least BC is thinking ahead.

Another player who popped up on Twitter was OL Tyler Vrabel. He's the son of Mike Vrabel. Given Vrabel's history with Ohio State and that he plays in Texas, I thought Tyler would have more Power 5 offers. Maybe this will be another guy who BC spots before the other guys swoop in.

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