Monday, July 24, 2017

Daz's seat not as hot as national guys think

Hot Seat talk is a consistent point of discussion in college football. With the coach being such a focal point, getting rid of a loser and hiring a star, or up-and-comer can energize an entire fanbase. It is nearly August so the Hot Seat lists are rolling out and Addazio is a frequent name, but I don't think the national college football writers have a good feel for this. I think Addazio is safer than any of us realize.

A new AD, declining ticket sales, and an overall losing record are easy justification for Addazio-Hot Seat talk. Personally, I think that if he doesn't do something really special this year, he should be gone. But I think what is more likely is that BC has another mediocre year and he continues on at the Heights

Martin Jarmond was tasked with energizing the BC Athletic Department. Unlike Bates, he wasn't hired just to fire a football coach. If anything, hiring a guy with clear ties to Urban Meyer was a signal that this was a friendly hire for Addazio. Where Bates couldn't deliver on Addazio's needs nor control Addazio's personality, Jarmond is supposed to raise money, sell tickets, help recruiting and level with coach. Addazio didn't pick Jarmond, but he wasn't sidelined during the process.

Due to their connection, I think Jarmond will give Addazio another year if he only wins six or seven games. Even four months before it might happen, most BC fans could already pick out the rationalizations: "he has a winning record nearly every year" "BC went to a bowl again" "there is a great recruiting class coming in" "With Clemson and FSU so strong right now, Addazio is doing his best" "give him one more year with _____ (QB)".

If Addazio loses, I don't think Jarmond will use up good will keeping him on for another year. But if he just gets by -- again -- he is safe.


Geezer eagle said...

One of your best posts yet. I'm in complete agreement. I don't like the prospect of Daz remaining still another year, but if he gets six wins and a bowl, his job is safe.
Boston College, ever to be mediocre.

bceagle93 said...

ATL is right. I've said it here before: Jaramond will not likely try to fix both money sports (football & hoops) in same year. Nor does he have to. Christian is pretty much a goner after this season and, unless Daz completely drops the ball and wins only 3, the Salt Bae clown show will continue into 2018.

Interesting name to add to list of potential replacements for Daz whenever he sprinkles his last paper clip at the Heights: Mike Vrabel.

knucklehead said...

What is the definition of just gets by? This schedule is much more difficult than last season. Six wins and a bowl is not happening this season. If he gets 4 wins and the team is competitive against Virginia and NC State then he gets saved by Leahy. Not by the AD. Leahy and Dazzler are attached at the hip.

Unknown said...

INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

IS some one deliberately trying to kill big time football and maybe more at BC/

The desired result being everyone happy to crawl back to the company of Holy Cross in
the little league??????

Has amnesia set in? Has everyone forgotten 25 great years of basketball and football???


John said...

6 and 6 is just getting by; 5 and 7 not so much.

4 and 8 - and below (3 and 9 [0 and 8]) and he should be gone.

modest34b said...

Football is the flagship sports program at BC. Hoops is a distant second.

Football must be fixed first.

I hope our new man Jarmond has some moxie and is not a tepid soul like ATL who fears change. I though AtL's analysis was unpersuasive. Daz is a bad coach. He needs to go.

Jarmond should not be making his decision by counting beans. 5 beans - out; 7 beans praise'. 6 beans good enough

Rather, Jarmond needs to look at the quality of the wins and losses and the direction of the football program. Daz should have been dismissed after last year's debacles against winning teams - embarrassing blow out losses. But Bates was still at the helm and he needed to be replaced. Daz got lucky.

Jarmond has some ambition and will seek to make his mark in December 2017.

And by the way, where are the 6 wins coming from?

NYCEagle said...

NIU, Wake, Syracuse, Virginia, NC State, Central Michigan, Connecticut. That's actually 7 extremely winnable games on this schedule. Since when did these programs become world beaters? Do fans need to be reminded we lost to most of our ACC competition by less than 7 points 2 years ago starting a FOURTH STRING WALK ON at QB? The ACC is heavy at top and weak at the bottom. None of these teams should scare us

modest34b said...

We have Daz.

Terrible in-game coaching.

i would not bet on Daz winning any close "winnable" games, like the 4 ACC games you list.

campy said...

Since when did these programs become world beaters?

It doesn't take a "world beater" to outsmart Daz.

Geezer eagle said...

NYC, do you actually think dazoshit can run the table on all those mediocre teams? I'm betting their sport blogs are counting BC as an automatic win.

JBQ said...

@NYCEagle: I believe 4 and 8 and with "Atlanta" that he stays. He has definite links to Jarmond who evidently believes that he can help Daz "fix it". Leahy likes him because he is politically correct. @NIU and Wake at home will tell the story. At Syracuse and at Virginia, they will lose. In some polls, NC St is in the top 25. BC will clobber C. Michigan and UConn. --- We all know that the problem is the contract extension given by BB. BC would be on the toll for 10 million. Meanwhile, the ACC money keeps rolling in.---There could be trouble down the road from that quarter. Donna Shalala at Miami is surprisingly Catholic and worked out a deal with Leahy to get BC into the ACC. She is gone and there are a number of ACC schools who want BC back out.--- This will all start to unfold in just over five weeks.

NYCEagle said...

I'm not saying Addazio is a wizard in close game situations. No one will soon forget the Georgia Tech debacle we all woke up at 7 AM to witness. However, I truly believe this should be the most balanced team Addazio has had in his 5 years. BC's calling card has always been grind until the 4th quarter and hope something breaks our way. That hasn't happened in the last several years and we are overdue. This team is built for that philosophy. We will at least have a chance to win late against all 7 of those teams. I think if talent alone is any determining factor we will win more than our fair share of them

campy said...

[...] hope something breaks our way. That hasn't happened in the last several years and we are overdue.

We're only "overdue" if you assume these "breaks" are matters of random chance.

Geezer eagle said...

Everyone on this blog is rooting for your optimistic predictions, but we are very, very, skeptical.

bceagle91 said...

6-7 and he stays (we'll have gone to a bowl game with a 6-6 regular season). 5-7 and it's probably 50/50. 4-8 and he's probably gone. 3 of his 4 seasons have been 7-6 so I think we'll be pretty close to .500 again. And that seems to be good enough for Fr. Leahy.

Unknown said...

We obviously need a Jesuit President like Father Mike Graham SJ of Xavier University or

a lay President like that of Gonzaga Univ.

It would be a shame to let Father Monan's great work athletically go down the drain.

Father Monan fully embrace "ratio studiorum"

A sound mind in a sound body. I'll never forget his greeting departing fans from a football game.

JBQ said...

@Anne Marie Gahring: Father Monan, quite a guy. Like the "white buffalo", his kind will never be seen again. Priests are being phased out as a dying breed. Let's take a look at this lay president of Gonzaga.

working rich said...

Last year
Georgia tech loss should have been a starting win
Never should have lost to Syracuse.

Blow outs against top 10 teams were embarrassing.

Tu you have to beat GT and Syracuse when they can be beaten.

Win those games and maybe there is a chance not to be embarrassed against the big buys.

Teresa Halminton said...

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Unknown said...

Chip Kelly would make an excellent replacement.

Unknown said...

Chip Kelly took a year off from coaching, would be a major boost to the program if BC landed Chip Kelly after firing Addazio.

working rich said...

From New Hampshire .
Kelly is at a different level.
Truly elite.
No doubt he would fill alumni stadium