Sunday, July 23, 2017

Havoline Football Saturdays like Addazio

Raycom puts together a series of summer preview shows that you might catch on your local stations. BC is rarely featured, but the producers clearly like Addazio. They already released this clip of him firing up the team last year. 

If BC just won a little more, Addazio would be a star. TV eats this fired up, run through a wall type locker-room stuff up. But you need to back it up with wins.


bceagle91 said...

The last sentence says it all.

NYCEagle said...

For all the heat he gets from boosters and fans I'm pretty sure he has the respect of his locker room. Obviously it would be nice if he had thst and the record to go with it

Unknown said...

Rather obviously he does not. Tom Coughlin was not loved but he was a BIG TIME WINNER.

The year after Tom left players were celebrating how much easier Camp Henning was.
We are all well aware the disaster he proved to be.

Father Monan eagerly embraced the BC motto both academically and athletically.

WE have sadly departed athletically (football ,men and women's basketball) from Father's goal.

JBQ said...

@Anne Marie Gahring: You need to do research on the meaning of "clericalism". Even the conservative Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia (The Last of the Mohicans) believes that it is bad. Just what is clericalism? It is the belief that clerics dictate and denigrate the abilities of the laity in the Catholic Church.----Father Monan believed that he had a John Belushi type of "Mission from God" in the "Blues Brothers". Father Leahy believes that it is up to the laity along with our erstwhile "head Jebbie" as "mod" would call him to change the Church and to phase out clericalism as well as the clerical state. As a disciple of Tom Coughlin who could have gone pro after the '92 loss of 54-7 to Notre Dame, he has always had my respect for coming back to bring "the echoes back again" in '93. He was also viewed as a dictator.---TC has been hired as a "football consultant" by the Jacksonville Jaquars and their Islamic owner from Carbondale, Illinois who made his millions in car parts. He could also have been hired by BC in some capacity. Father Leahy instead has a different plan.----The "red headed father" could have interjected a Catholic view of the situation. Instead as head of the flag ship campus of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities, he has decided to go elsewhere. I believe that this is a mistake.--In 2012 and 2015, I visited campus and the athletic department. The Church of St. Ignatius was locked in 2012. In 2015, someone forgot to lock it and I got inside. There must be a religious component to this entire mess. If Father Leahy refuses to offer that religious component, then BC indeed will evolve into an eastern entity similar to Kennesaw State.

Big Ern said...

Too bad his run run pass punt game plans and lack of wins doesn't get the fans fired up.

In addition beating up on the little sisters of the poor and getting smoked by good teams is not inspiring.

Unknown said...

At least after he gets fired this year, he can get a job as a motivational speaker.

TGS said...

ATL (hilariously) wrote:

If BC just won a little more, Addazio would be a star.

That's like saying if Dickhead, aka Khead, adds 100 points to his IQ, he'll improve to moron status.

Neither is remotely possible.

knucklehead said...

Yeah. Khead. You have K on your mind.

Just like your "son."

Unknown said...

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