Saturday, July 22, 2017

Good luck to the Boston Sports Journal

With business models constantly influx, it is hard to predict where sports coverage is going. BC is sort of in a weird position. We are not a national brand that gets covered regardless (i.e. Notre Dame, Michigan). We don't have an intense fanbase that drives hyper-local coverage (think Nebraska or most of the SEC). Instead we are a mid-level program lost in a major sports market. Coverage from the Globe and Herald shrinks every year and we rarely get attention from the local sports radio or cable stations. Maybe things will change with the Boston Sports Journal. Former Globe and SI writer Greg Bedard is starting a subscription service with a focus on the pro teams. I know BC has already reached out to ask for BC to be included. 

There is a niche. Eagle Action has a subscription model but can't be overly critical because they need recruiting access. The blogs show there is demand for information, but the free model doesn't drive enough revenue to support a full-time, on-site reporter. Maybe the Boston Sports Journal can fill the gap. 

Good luck to all those involved. BC could use the support. 


JBQ said...

Notre Dame football is a "duck that doesn't even need to swim". The rest of their athletic program is ACC. It has its own slick advertising and its own magazine.---BCs entire sports program needs the money of the ACC. Football is not self sufficient. In fact, Title IX is now an apparent anchor which is tearing at the very soul of BC athletics. It is 100% obvious that there are forces at BC who wish to equate football with women's lacrosse.---Football should be the bell ringer for the entire athletic program. It is a character builder and a pseudonym for fatherhood and responsibility. In today's liberal context, it is seen as racist and sexist. The current state of BC football has done little to disparage that image.---Maybe if BC had beaten Holy Cross way back when, Coconut Grove would have solved all of their problems. The program would have been destroyed in one defining moment. This current model of "death by 'paper cuts'" is leading to the same result but in small increments.

John said...


Lenny Sienko said...

JBQ: once again it is time to adjust your medications.

JBQ said...

@Lenny Sienko: With Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men" as BC marches toward the Patriot League with Holy Cross.

bceagle91 said...

JBQ, you've already stated quite clearly why BC is not marching toward the Patriot League - the ACC money. We can't afford not to be in a Power 5 conference thanks to the TV money. I think the only way we end up in the Patriot League is if the TV revenues collapse due to poor ratings. I think that's quite a ways off, if it ever happens.

JBQ said...

@bceagle91: Hope you are right.

modest34b said...

JBQ you do know, i trust, that the Coconut Grove fire claimed 492 lives. It was and is a major national tragedy that still resonates sadness for many to this day. Yet, you make sport of it and gracelessly suggest it would have useful for your inane arguments if 100 BC young men perished in agony there as well.

even if you are a gag poster, show some respect for national tragedies

What will be your next act of complete disrespect? 9/11? 12/7?

Geezer eagle said...

JBQ, I'm 100-percent behind your post because it is 100-percent correct. You just offended the liberal snow flakes. For that, I applaud you.

JBQ said...

@Section D: Lighten up. This is satire. I know just how serious the fire was in 1942. BC has lost her way just as the Jesuit pope has lost his. BC football is only a symptom of a far greater cancer in society and the Catholic Church.--My father was a German POW who was shot down on his 21st mission. The experience destroyed his entire life. I am a Navy shipboard veteran. I wonder just how you served your country? I am predicting that you fought the same fight as our Argentinian bouncer.

CT said...

My Lord this blog sucks.

Did I CAPITALIZE correctly?

Holy shit. As much as I read BCI, this has gone over the cliff. It started with mod, it's worse now. Hard to believe.

Unknown said...

The reason GLOBE and Herald Coverage has shrunk is Lousy football and basketball coaches.
Put the right people in charge start winning again as in those glorious 25 years and
Alumni and Conte will be packed.
Our talent level demands very good-great coaching.
There is no need to descend to Holy Cross level.


Geezer eagle said...

JBQ, these preppies would join ISIS before serving in the U.S. military. Thank you and your father for serving.
And I miss Mod34.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Anne Marie is correct. When TC and TOB were coaching Alumni was filled. A winning program will enhance interest. Press coverage is almost meaningless. The Herald and Globe are irrelevant. They have a small following which is shrinking monthly. On local tv in Boston a reporter stated that everything he read in the Globe paper edition on a Wednesday he saw on the internet the day before. Not only is it stale news it is fake news. 2. It was pretty clear that the ACC was the top football conference last year. 9-3 in bowl games. 16-6 vs. the SEC and BIG10 combined. Clemson as National Champ and the Heisman. Can they duplicate that? Unlikely but lets see. Less than six weeks to kickoff.

STL_eagle said...

As they like to say....winning changes everything. In 5 weeks we will have our first indication of how this season will go. Go BC!

working rich said...

NEDof Savin hill.
Thanks for the positive attitude.

No one knew that terry Driscoll, Billy Evans, and jimmy Obrien were going to be as good as they were.
I know there are metrics everywhere to predict results but sometimes one just has to do the best.

Al skinner coached boring games, but won a lot .
The Daz wants to win

Let's pray for better results.
Sometime prayer works.

Knucklehead said...

Spread is BC -3 for the Northern Illinois game.

Cannot wait to see Wade throw 2 left handed INT's and fumble the ball away; on a nationally cable televised Friday night game. Their stadium is an s-box. It will either be packed and raucous or empty and sad either way Wade will do everything he can to goof the game up.

The defense needs to score a TD for us to beat the spread.

13-9 Eagles

knucklehead said...


I have a suggestion FOR YOU: if you hate the blog, as you say frequently, leave and do it now.

The blog will not miss you Mr. Pissy Complainer, not one bit.

Maybe you should blog with the autoerotic crowd at EO. You should fit in as you are naturally really nasty and I assume you type with only your left hand (given how much is obviously missing from your posts, or maybe your posts are just random gibberish with half a point ??)

Geezer eagle said...

You go, New York City!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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