Wednesday, August 30, 2017

BC-Northern Illinois preview

As I stated already this week, I hate the idea that Addazio is not naming his starting QB. Why does the guy do this to himself? He's not hurting Northern Illinois. He's hurting himself. The only film on Brown is BC's own Spring Game. The only film on Wade is from two seasons ago against crappy opponents and under a different offensive scheme. What does Addazio think NIU will change in response to either QB? Instead Addazio is wasting his own time, focus and energy on being coy and secretive. I hate to break it to you, Coach, but you are focusing on the wrong thing. BC wins this game regardless of the starter. And if they don't, it will be in part because the staff did not have them ready to play.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
In a recent interview about his new job, Martin Jarmond said he didn't talk to Urban Meyer about Addazio. His explanation was that he wanted to form his own opinion. I don't think that is how I would approach things. If a friend and colleague has a close relationship with your soon-to-be most important employee, who is responsible for your highest-profile unit, wouldn't you pick the brain of that trusted colleague? Or even get a general opinion? Jarmond will have to make a big decision about Addazio some day. Why not get all the quality information you can? I obviously don't talk to Addazio, but from second hand sources, he clearly reached out to his Ohio State network to check up on Jarmond. He wanted to know what kind of leader he was getting. I wish Jarmond had done the same.

Three Simple Keys
1. Control the line of scrimmage. Even with our potential offensive line rotation, BC has a huge size and talent advantage in the battle between our OL and their DL. We need to pound them and open up holes for the running backs.
2. Get Jeff Smith at least six touches. Smith has the speed and elusiveness to be special. We've shown the willingness to give him special plays in the past. Let's make it a priority this game. He should have a few end arounds and maybe a chance to make a pass.
3. Good clock management. We will see how committed Addazio is to his new 'tempo' offense. My concern is that despite playing at a quicker pace, Addazio will still make questionable decisions in the two minute drill.

Gambling Notes
-- BC leads the series 2-0
-- Addazio is 9-11 on the road while coaching BC
-- Addazio is 3-1 in season openers
The current line is BC-3.5

The last time BC played on CBS Sports Network was in 2012 against Army. Before that, it was UCF in 2011. That was the game where Spaz allegedly got in a fight with Rogers. So lots of good memories for BC fans!

Scoreboard Watching
Alabama vs Florida State is important for conference supremacy, but also a good glimpse into FSU. If they beat Bama, you know we will have more than we can handle when they come up to Alumni.

What I hope to see...
A dominant performance signally that we are a different program and Addazio is ready to fulfill his promise of a five-year rebuild.

BC is in trouble if...
Whoever starts (Wade) throws some early, ugly INTs. That will shake the team's confidence and give NIU hope.

I expect a low scoring, somewhat sloppy season opener. I think BC plays conservatively and is strong enough on D to overcome some questionable plays and decisions on Offense.
Final Score: BC 20, NIU 10


CT said...

The team knows. Silly gamesmanship but most coaches now do it when there are multiple candidates. One is left-handed. I guess there's that. But it's been decided already and probably not recently. It pales in comparison to what Harbaugh and McElwain are doing. You know, acting like teenagers by hiding their roster because world peace depends on who starts on their respective lines. A tad self-important, yea?

Since I haven't heard any transfer news, I guess it's Wade.

Flutie said...

Jarmond must have checked up on Addazio. He probably does not want to reveal what he heard and who told him. Easier to shut down the whole discussion.

Danny Boy said...

Agreed. There is no reason for Jarmond to reveal what he has or has not heard about Addazio from Meyer (or anyone else). Either it hurts confidence in the coach he has, or it hurts the confidence he's trying to build in the fan base.

I don't care who our QB is, I just want one of them to be solid enough that Daz stays with him. We have a bunch of young QBs on the roster who show promise, I'd hate for Daz to get desperate as the season goes on and burn a redshirt to save his hide.

JBQ said...

@Flutie, @Danny Boy: Jarmond is "fudging" the truth. No. Illinois will set the tone for the entire season. We just have to wait and see at 9:30 ET and 8:30 CT.

modest34b said...

NIU take:

"This game should be close though, BC has problems just the Huskies do, the gap talent is not all that significant with the two teams. Now San Diego St and Nebraska, different story. Those two teams are better than BC. Not world beaters by any stretch, but SDSU and Nebraska are top 40 caliber teams that will put a hurting on NIU."

John said...

Bulletin Board material.

Go BC - hang 40 on these guys!

curranac said...

Uptempo offense, strong D. MAC opponent. We should win by 30.

John said...

Looks like most NIU bloggers are predicting a Huskies' victory.

That's how far we have fallen off the radar.

The climb back begins in two nights.

Go BC - beat NIU.

One game at a time! "Do your job!"

Knucklehead said...

Spread is up to -4. Like I said yesterday - it will be up to 5 at game time.

Northern Illinois.

Bravesbill said...

Can't say I'd disagree all that much with the NIU take. It will be a close game and SDSU and Nebraska should easily beat both BC and NIU.

Unknown said...

BC 20 NIU 7

Geezer eagle said...

Do this game is televised?

Geezer eagle said...


Danny Boy said...

Its on the CBS Sports network.

Unknown said...

Meta and Pete are Bow worthy!!!!!!!! Turn down TV sound and listen to them for a great

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We'll be in good shape if we can block and don't routinely give good field position to NIU.
Knoll has to be able to pin their ears back. But if the OL can't block - we can't do shit. So let's hope this OL is on a mission tomorrow night (and for the season).

bceagle93 said...

Anyone who has been ever hired as a change agent knows this: you gather input on everything during your honeymoon period (in this case, it's 12-18 months), and listen to opinions from everyone on the culture and people that you have working for you and around you. You'd be crazy not to do this, because this is the time when you learn the most. You don't pass judgement until you have time to reach your own conclusions and you don't let any one person or piece of input sway your thought process, because people usually have some sort of bias in their assessments (good, bad, indifferent). My guess is that Jaramond has a vision he painted for the program, so he has an idea of what he needs to see in order to fulfill that.

That all said, Jaramond absolutely did his homework on Daz, and likely got some input from Urban and other coaches that know him (if he really didn't, then we have a bigger problem on our hands). There is little benefit for him to say he did so to the press because it doesn't matter. Urban's opinion is just a data point. He doesn't work at BC, he doesn't recruit the kids we recruit, and he doesn't have the fan base and expectations that BC has. Jaramond has to take the data points he observes and combine them with what he hears (while filtering out bias) to make his own judgement on Daz.

Because Jaramond can probably make a quicker decision on the basketball coach (given his own hoops background) and the financial considerations, Christian is dead man walking barring some sort of breakout season. Daz is here until 2019 -- unless there is major reason to conclude otherwise before then.

Hario said...

I am not sure why such complaints on the QB situation - it seems like whoever is starting knows they are starting and the team and coaches also know of the decision. Who cares if we dont know yet?

Anonymous said...

Urban Meyer hired Dazzler and named him his interim HC at Florida. Jarmond is not going to get a fair story out of Meyer about Dazzler. Jarmond needs to figure Dazzler out on his own but Leahy controls how and when Dazzler gets canned. Dazzler represents the Jesuit/Catholic aspect of BC as a HC more than anyone in the last 30 years. That is literally worth 1 win a season to Leahy. Which I respect.

My concern is that Jarmond is too corporate. Too much bceagle 93. The school has "some" character/balance left . . . more than 95% of the other Power 5 schools. I don't want to lose it because some corporate douche using the school as a stepping stone wants to have bullet points on his resume about increasing revenue, restructuring departments and changing cultures. Fuck that.

Guido said...

The fact that fans are not aware of the starting QB is no big deal !!! Does anyone care ??? BC is totally irrelevant in this area. And by the way , they should beat NIU with no problems , but what does that prove ??? You beat an average (AT BEST ) MAC team. I just hope that next year , I am not reading about ADDAZIO still at the Heights talking about the rebuilding progress being made !!!!! If they open up the offense , they should blow them away !!!!!!

knucklehead said...

Wade is starting. Line is decreasing.

John said...

Missed this - Ryan Day is tOSU Co-Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach.

Will watch tonight to compare with Loeffler's play calling.

downtown_resident said...

Jarmond did the right thing not speaking to Urban. Urban is Addazio's friend. What sort of objective information would Jarmond gain from that conversation? Not to mention that the members of the coaching fraternity are notoriously protective of each other.

knucklehead said...

Wheel route by Ohio State on 3rd down for 20 yards. That is Ryan day. Legit OC.

John said...

Indiana's receivers are making a difference.

JBQ said...

@downtown_resident: You do know that the Brooklyn bridge is for sale once again? I would say that if you play your cards right, the "albatross" is yours. Jarmond and Meyer were "bosom buddies". GDF and BB were notorious "truth stretchers". Jarmond is cut from the same cloth.

John said...

Indiana is showing how to play against a superior DL. Get the pass off quickly and accurately to good receivers. They are not slowly handing off for a belly series run into the middle. RBs can catch too.

John said...

I'm hoping our receivers really step it up this year.

By receivers I mean all - WRs, TEs and RBs out if the backfield!

Go BC - learn from this OSU / Indiana game. Indiana is playing exactly how they have to against OSU in order to win. Currently 21 to 20 with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd.

Oh boy - there goes a 74 yard OSU TD run

bceagle93 said...

knucklehead: douchebags come in many flavors.......they aren't all corporate....

BTW, who do you think the big alumni donors are these days? Character guys from Southie? Read the article ATL shared -- Jaramond didn't get the job because he did keg stands with townies from Columbus and chanted "O-H-I-O" in the parking lot at the Horseshoe. Sure, it bothered me to read he would tell people what they wanted to hear about his daughter's name. For all we know he's planning to name is next kid Margo. Unfortunately this is the game of big time athletics today. And in case you've missed it, the politics at BC are just about as bad as DC. We just fired someone who didn't get that, remember?

I can understand that you want to maintain the "character" of the old days. I liked that too. But then we should leave the ACC, drop back down to the Patriot League and re-new the REAL holy war -- the rivalry with Holy Cross. Maybe play a home and home with Colgate. Get ready for some exciting nail biters against UMASS. Let's bring back the Golden Girl while we are at it (they all seemed to come from Columbus anyway, maybe Jaramond has an inside scoop on recruiting them). When Jaramond leaves, name Doug Flutie AD, restart Blue Chips and play "Glory Days" on the loudspeaker before every game.

Sure, it will be fun again. But let's see if we can get talented up and comers like the Ryan Day's of the world to come coach here then.....better yet, let's see how many corporate douchebags will write large tuition checks to send their kids here....

Unknown said...

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