Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Preseason Periscope

Below is my Preseason Periscope. The first of 2017. Thanks for all those who joined in. It is all a work in progress, so I appreciate any feedback and support. Also, let me know what time works for people to join. I tried a noon ET once last year and had a small audience. 10 pm ET seems a bit late. Can and would people watch mid-afternoon like 2:30 ET?

 As for what I discussed, for those who don't have the time to watch:
-- Addazio not naming a starting QB publicly is silly at best and a sign of panic at worst. No one has any significant film of Wade or Brown. Naming one doesn't offer up an advantage to NIU. I know Harbaugh is doing it too, but all these guys are out thinking themselves.
-- The shuffled OL also gives me concern for the similar reasons. When has a rotation worked well?
-- I think our Running Backs will carry the team.
-- I think we go to a low-level bowl.
-- Using more zone coverage will prevent blowouts, but also might lead to fewer sacks.
Once again, I appreciate the support and hope BC has a fun season.


EL MIZ said...

thanks ATL. you are a true asset to the BC sports community and it has been a pleasure coming to the blog for what is probably over a decade at this point. will definitely be tuning into the periscopes.

agree on the OL rotation - puzzling. i am praying it is more like the Ryan Day method where he'd bring in a 6th OL to be TE or FB and really clear the way for andre williams. if we are just shuffling guys in and out among the 5 OL, i honestly don't think i've ever seen a college or pro team do that.

also agree i think we get bigly production from the RBs - hilliman seems due, and Dillon looks like a freak. sprinkle in some Levy and Jones and Wilson to keep everyone fresh and they should be a handful.

OL and QB seem to be the big question marks.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

The QB is the team's leader - like it or not. It does seem rather high schoolish not naming your leader at this point. The kid should have had a chance to get used to being in that role psychologically and earned the confidence publicly of his head coach. Would think the advantage is marginal.

NYCEagle said...

Let's not kid ourselves, everyone in that locker room knows who the QB is, and probably has for some time. There is literally zero strategic advantage to letting your opponent know who's starting at QB, especially when one is a righty and one is a lefty. Look no further than the Patriot's weekly injury report for proof. It's gamesmanship and there's nothing wrong with it

@MrNASAgang said...

Well there is a slight adavantage. One is more athletic and can out run defenders. One is more of a passer can run but not as effectively as the other. Also, TOB x Jags would rotate limeman. Maybe one or two at a time but a rotation defiantly took place.

NYCEagle said...

I think 10 PM is a little late on the east coast. I would prefer 8 or 9

AlbanyEagle said...

If this team can get to 8 wins and at least be competitive in the other four (excluding a bowl), it would be a solid step forward from last year, particularly when taking into account the schedule upgrade. While no one should be totally satisfied with an 8-win season, expecting better than that THIS YEAR would be entirely unrealistic. 7 or 6 wins would be disappointing, but will probably save Daz for one more year. 5 or less and he should be gone.

marcos said...

Agreed with 8 or 9pm EST