Thursday, August 24, 2017

Can Addazio handle the distractions and pressure of Hot Seat talk?

None of us know what Martin Jarmond's expectations are for this season nor his vision for who should be leading the Boston College Football program. But that isn't stopping the coaching agents and media from floating names and predicting which jobs will open.

I don't know McGuire, so I don't know if he has talked to Moorehead or is just spit balling. As far as Addazio is concerned, it doesn't matter. This kind of talk will go on until he has a breakthrough season. My fear as a BC fan is that the coach will let this sort of talk distract from the mission at hand, which is winning games.

Coaches tend to be a sensitive lot. I find Addazio especially so. If you watch his Coach's Show or press conferences, or even his locker room speeches, it is clear he reads and hears the criticism. That's not good. If you are expect your players and staff to focus and block out the noise, you should hold yourself to the same standard. There is so much going on during the course of a season, that losing focus or worrying about job security is not worth his time. Losing focus leads to losing games and it all becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Last year, Addazio rallied the team late in the season. It helped secure his job and breathed new life into his recruiting. While I always welcome a strong finish, another rocky start and more blowouts will be a bad standard to establish. But if he wants to persevere, I suggest he doesn't spend any time reading or listening to what we all are saying. Just focus on the team and the games.


JBQ said...

"The Tiber will be crossed" after the first two games which are at No. Illinois and Wake Forest at home. The Dazzler has a breather until then. The opener is now one week away and counting.

John said...

It won't bother him because he has not been bothered about having such a pitiful offense for the past 2 seasons.

He's not that far away from playing nationally ranked teams tough - and that thrilling win against USC at home 3 years ago on Red Bandana night.

All he has to do is open he playbook, empower his coaches, give the team a good plan - and shock of shock - let them play college football! RRPP is BS!

The fans will return when you turn your own team loose, Steve. This isn't rocket science. Cut the $h!t and let them play!!!!

Go BC.

CT said...

Moorhead's career arc is straight up. Great FCS turnaround, two years at PSU as OC. Would think we'd have to miss a bowl and I can't get behind that.

CT said...

But I could get behind Tony Elliott, OC at Clemson. Great life story. Really inspirational in the face of pretty crappy circumstances. Young, but even-keeled, well-liked by his players, etc. and two years of calling plays at CU. Would love this.

ccw said...

Moorhead declined to interview some Big 10 jobs b/c he's well paid and quite happy right now. I have a buddy who is friends with him and he's not looking around. The BC job is not attractive. Period.

TheFive said...

Addazio's reaction to criticism leveled at him by absolutely anyone (fans, press, the administration) is rabid defensiveness. And if he has a lever of power to pull to silence the criticism, he'll pull it -- see him getting Eric Hoffses fired from Eagle Action, when Hoffses's greatest sin was actually using facts to document the awfulness (and predictability) of our offense.

God forbid he respond to well-founded criticism about his utter inability to manage the end of halves by actually fixing that easily corrected problem! Instead, we shall plow on with the 1950s mantra of always hoping to be in a one-possession game, no matter the opponent, with a "chance to win" at the end of the game.

CT said...

...with the defense on the field.

CT said...

Looks like Clemson extended Swinney.

When will Saban retire? Swinney has to have a buyout for his alma mater, just in case Saban quits before 75.

Good news re Elliott, though. From a selfish perspective.

JBQ said...

@TheFive: I agree completely with your comment. However, past sins do not count evidently. It is always a mantra for those dying of thirst for lack of water being over the next hill. Well, this is the "fifth hill" and he is already jockeying for a sixth one based on his recruiting efforts which appear quite good.---BCI has a power grid for all 130 teams. BC is ranked 70. If numbers hold true, BC will finish 4-8. However if the Sagarin is used which is also profiled, BC is 85 and only better than two others on their schedule. If 2-12 is the final result as projected, then the program will all but be destroyed.---The season now starts one week away. Let's hope and pray that all works out for the best.

knucklehead said...

If someone offers him 2.5 million he is leaving regardless of what the third hand sources say.

I recall the cameras being fixated on the interactions between Moorhead and HC during the Penn State/USC game last season. The HC was right in his face and Moorhead dealt with him calmly. He would be good for BC from the temperament perspective and his background running a legit offense.

The Penn State QB is a little rat(TGS-ish) but he is probably the most underrated player in the country. A good QB makes the OC look real good. Need to take that into account as well.