Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Half full vs Half empty: game day alcohol sales

For years NCAA rules forbid alcohol sales in on campus stadiums. Plenty of schools -- like BC -- still sold some sort of booze at private events (tents, tailgates, suites, etc.), but not in the public stadium. A few years ago the rules changed and schools started expanding their alcohol sales. Now it looks like BC will try new alcohol outlets this fall. This is good news for everyone but still not an attendance cure all.

It is not surprising that this is one of Jarmond's first initiatives. Ohio State started selling beer last year and it was a huge money maker. I think the same would hold true for BC. Our fans would certainly buy more if it is conveniently sold on game days. I also don't fear this would be an execution problem nor a drinking and driving problem. BC handles unique sales all the time and getting ID is not that big an issue. Potential drivers already have access to booze and Alumni has fortunately avoided any significant alcohol and driving problems.

While access and convenience might help a few people get into the Stadium on time and bring a few more fans out, booze won't get Alumni full. When people complain as to why they don't buy tickets or don't go to games, in stadium alcohol is minor issue. The product on the field, the opponent and the overall game day experience are much bigger issues. While people get frustrated with tailgating, it is not primarily an alcohol complaint. It is more about the limited time, pricing, BC's treatment of those who pay extra to tailgate.

I applaud Jarmond for trying something new. If it worked at Ohio State, there is no reason it won't work here. But he will still need to make everything about attending a game better, if he wants to see 44,500 people every week.


Goberry said...

Keep in mind that this is a state that has outlawed Happy Hour due to an accident in a Braintree Ground Round in 1983.
I give it two weeks after BC starts selling alcohol at football games before Newton bans BC from selling alcohol at football games.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Yikes - https://bostoncollege.rivals.com/news/sharrieff-grice-retires-due-to-injury
We have a lot of players at that position - wonder who will be the leading candidate.

bceagle93 said...

Yes I can foresee the concern about "hydroplaning on vomit" amongst neighbors being revisited.

JBQ said...

With the product on the field, there will be a whole lot of alcohol sales. Just what is Jarmond's plan to make BC athletics into Ohio State East? The only way that can happen is to bring in Urban Meyer and that sure "ain't" gonna happen. The true answer to make all sides happy would be to bring in Tom Coughlin as a consultant on his off days from the Jacksonville Jaguars and that sure "ain't" gonna happen either.----It all depends on what the meaning of "is" is. Right now, it is all about Northern Illinois and Wake Forest with Notre Dame to follow.

JBQ said...

Ara Parseghian died today at the age of 94. "A good coach will make players see what they can be and not what they are", This would be similar to Bobby Kennedy's "some people say why, others say why not".

BCEagles2014 said...

Making a shameless plug to read my roommate's Addazio parody article he posted on BCI: https://www.bcinterruption.com/2017/8/2/16082776/theres-just-something-about-cave-paintings-man-an-interview-with

I think many of you will enjoy it.

Shabby1011 said...

I think this is a great progressive sign and shows times are a changing. Imagine this has been in works for sometime but MJ is clearly pushing for changes.

Ultimately expanding tailgating is a must first step. People pay two much money for a parking spot to essentially get 2 hours to spend time with friends. Thus you have people shot gunning beers before they walk in and walking in mid way through the 1st quarter.

8am for every day game should be time when fans can enter. This will lead to people not rushed, no one needs to guzzle beer cause they have the time they need and most importantly people will start to enter the stadium on time to see the team run out of the tunnel. If they can have a beer or two inside the stadium even better. Expanding tailgating time is a must first step and everything else falls in line after.

Regardless I hope just the idea of this is a much needed first step to changes to the Flynn Fund and for fans on game day. Team is going to have a good year and improved fan experience will help to start and bring life back to Alumni

knucklehead said...

This shows that Jarmond has been given full reign over the athletic department. No strings attached from Leahy except that Leahy gets to decide when Dazzler gets canned(under advisement from Jarmond and not solely under Jarmond).

Sad that the first move business decision is to sell booze. When is the basketball coach going to be replaced?

Paragraph three is incorrect. Prediction is that attendance goes up 5-10% especially for games later in the day. Word of mouth will lead to an impact next season. I don't foresee BC broadcasting the hell out of having beer sales(I could be completely wrong). The tickets that don't typically get sold are on the inexpensive side of the spectrum . . . younger and more consumption focused groups will like combination.

CvegasEagle said...

What if they bring Trillium instead of Harpoon and Macrobeer crap! I'd be there through the worst games...

Unknown said...

Winning games will fill seats . No need for gimmicks. Something our genius has
proven unable to do. Check woeful ACC record minus Tyler.

The Tall One said...

The liquor license is with the City of Boston, not Newton.

And this is a step in the right direction and hopefully will bring in some more revenue for the program as well.

Your comments about the other issues that need to be addressed (on-field product, tailgating) are spot on.

The Tall One said...

I should add - I asked the Flynn Fund reps about this two years ago and their response was that they want to do it, but first want to get the permits for the new buildings and construction. That was more important to them.

I don't know if that statement has any merit - it's entirely possible that the new AD came in, saw the opportunity, and pushed harder for it than his predecessor.

Either way, this request for alcohol had been rumored for the last 2-3 weeks and everyone I've spoken to who is not a die-hard alum/fan of the program said it would certainly make them more likely to go to a game.