Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Grice retires

Tuesday Sullivan reported that Sharrieff Grice retired from Football due to injury. BC did not confirm, but Grice is no longer on the official roster. Sullivan attributed it to linger effects of a concussion suffered during the Spring Game.

Although he was expected to contribute, Grice is far from a season changing loss. The Junior might have started this year, but the linebacking group has decent depth. I feel for the kid. Hopefully he has a healthy perspective and will graduate on time. There have been plenty of BC players retire under similar circumstances and the vast majority are success stories.

I don't know how the growing concern over head injuries will play out. I just hope all athletes -- BC and others -- make the best decision for their long-term health.


Knucklehead said...

What was the name of player from Gloucester who was supposed to be the next Mamula who never played on account of concussions in the preseason?


theartfuldodger said...

He didn't practice at all prior to the spring game, let alone play in the game.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Jim Unis??

knucklehead said...

Yeah, that is right. Thank you.

He was the first college player I remember who stopped playing at a young age on account of head injuries.

He was called the freak. He was a poor man's Jevon Kearse.

Unknown said...

Bill Connelly's preview of BC football on Eagle in Atlanta about 2 weeks ago
BC Chance of winning NI 53
wake 44%
ND 20%
Clem 6%
CM 70%
VA Tech 26%
Lou 9%
Virg 40%
FS 7%
NCS 29% U. Conn 75% Syr 32%

Unknown said...

WHAT THE HELL ARE WE WAITING FOR CONNELLY sees us going 0 for in acc

SAPDAZIO must go and fire the LOSER NOW WHY WAIT?

bceagle91 said...

Anne Marie, try decaf. There's no way Daz will be fired this close to the start of the season. Not many coaches out there available and Hugh Freeze would not be well-received. And BC would have to eat 4 years of his salary. We've eaten 3 years before, but never at about $2.5 million per. We're stuck with him this year. His supporters will note 3 bowl appearances and 3 7-6 records. Yup, we know there's a lot of smoke and mirrors there. 5-7 and he's gone. And I think that's about where we'll finish. Why on earth Brad gave him an extension is utterly beyond me.

JBQ said...

@bceagle91: "Why on earth Brad gave him an extension is utterly beyond me".

bceagle91 said...

He got an extension after 2 years, JBQ. 2 years with Spaz's players and going 7-6 with a weak out of conference schedule. I didn't get it then and I still don't.

JBQ said...

@bceagle91: You are preaching to the choir. I think that it was because Andre Williams had a good year and was a Heisman candidate. That was good PR for BC. I guess that it was worth 7.5 million for the extension.---On the ND website: Brandon Wimbush is the guy. He is majoring in accounting and has already had internships on Wall Street. The ND job network is out of this world. That is why Zaire left for Florida. He has four receivers who are 6 ft 5. BC needs to recruit height. The BC secondary is very good. However, they will have a devil of a problem with the ND receivers.

bceagle91 said...

JBQ, you can't coach height. The secondary is good, but if there's little pass rush, there's only so long they can cover guys.

Andre Williams certainly could cover a multitude of sins, no?

JBQ said...

@bceagles91: No one is complaining about the defense. There is now some doubt about the depth for linebacker. The secondary is good. It is the offense. Andre Williams certainly skewed the entire BC Athletic Department with his one phenomenal year. That three year extension has certainly complicated the entire situation. You fire Daz and he is due 7.5 million. That is one where Father Leahy missed the signs of stupidity on the part of BB.

John said...

Good stuff coming out of Day 4 report.

Guido said...

Is it a certainty that there is no wording in Addazio's contract that would reduce his payout for poor performance etc.??? Many contracts have reduced contractual obligations if certain performance criteria are not met !!!!! I can not believe that Boston College , with it's fine academic reputation and capable leaders ??? , had individuals handing out ridiculous contracts !!! It is such a stain on the entire Administration ( at least in my humble opinion ).

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this good informations !