Thursday, August 03, 2017

What the coaches have to say

Addazio and his coordinators met with the media Thursday to discuss the start of practice and the season ahead. While most of it was standard stuff, you can glean a bit of information on the season ahead. 

I think it is clear that Addazio has confidence in the team and views them as talented. As he rattles off thoughts on each position group, he continues to mention the upgrade in speed and depth. The only area where he doesn't seem 100% confident is Quarterback. He certainly thinks there is talent among the QBs. He also wisely mentions his philosophy of recruiting lots of QBs and hoping one breaks out. But when it comes to one QB to lead this team now, I don't see the same level of confidence. Maybe he will have it by Game 1...or maybe I am reading too much into this all. 

Here is a good article on the relationship between Landry and Pasqualoni. I do think Coach P was one of Addazio's best hires. He serves as a confidant and can turn raw prospects into elite Power 5 Dlinemen.


Unknown said...

If the Rolls has no engine it is really not a Rolls Royce . Lousy QBs and we will
we will not excel.
Would like to have Father Leahy's nephew address Connelly's evaluation of our chances.
Self-satisfaction with mediocrity was not Father Monan's goal.

JBQ said...

The flipped coin keeps coming up "defense". The offense is a mess. Why? It takes a large amount of messing up to be ranked in the bottom five of 130. The defense is ranked in the top 10 for good reason. Loeffler has a very good reputation. Just what is the problem? At Notre Dame, Brian Kelly is turning the whole scheme over to Chip Long who was brought in from Memphis. It would appear that Addazio interferes and "spoils the broth".

Knucklehead said...

The rolls. Awesome.

John said...

The offense might surprise people this year.

I'm optimistic at this point, because it's more enjoyable to be positive than negative at this point.

Go BC.

Heights said...
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Heights said...

7-6 or 6-7 this year, which will put us in "purgatory" and the uncertainty will mean that Addazio will get to stay until his contract runs out in 2020 (unfortunately).

This is my prediction. Take it to Vegas.

Heights said...
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Anonymous said...

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