Monday, August 14, 2017

Hawkins to BC...again

According to Jon Rothstein and a few others, Illinois State grad transfer is committed to BC again. This after spending all summer talking to and about everyone but BC, where he initially committed. As a reminder, Hawkins is eligible immediately and will be an impact player.

I don't know what to make of this game of Musical Chairs. His initial verbal was a coup for JC. Then the basketball world reacted with a basic question of "what are you doing getting on that sinking ship, kid?" He flipped flopped and looked elsewhere. Despite talking to solid programs, it seemed like BC remained his best option. Christian and staff deserve some credit for pulling Hawkins back in, but also some blame for letting it fall apart.

Hawkins might lift the ACC win total. We can only hope he makes more news on the court than he did off the court this summer.


JBQ said...

Hawkins is 6 ft 8 and was the leading scorer for Illinois State which was one of the better teams in the Missouri Valley. If BC can get one more good player, they may be able to make some noise in the ACC.

curranac said...

I didn't realize the ACC is now competing with the Missouri Valley for recruits. Maybe this is exciting if we're in the A-10, but I don't think Coach K is starting to game plan for the arrival of Hawkins.

TheFive said...

This is a meaningful pickup. Last year's frontcourt was just so weak that even a very dynamic backcourt could only keep us in so many conference games. But there were glimmers of hope.

I was not impressed with the hire of Jim Christian and what he represented to the broader college basketball community (i.e., BC refusing to invest in its basketball program) was far more damaging to BC basketball than his actual coaching -- which is fine, he just lacks the players. And, unlike Addazio, he is not a first class jerk to everybody in the BC community. He's a nice guy. I hope against hope that he succeeds. This is a small step in that direction.

canttakeit said...

Who in the community has Addazzio been an ass to? He may be less than a mediocre coach but most importantly the kids like him. You've never seen a mass exit no matter how poorly the team plays. If the guy is that much of an ass does Landry come back this year. How about Wade who could have transferred and played right away. Maybe he can't coach and he has a poor sideline demeanor and he is full of excuses but at least he is out there. Maybe speaking bullshit but at least he's out there trying to sell BC or himself or something. Christians been hiding from the public since he got here and his team is a revolving door. At least Addazzio beats the cupcakes on the schedule.

Matt said...

Addazio also at least recruits an ACC roster and makes me optimistic about football. BC beating USC was the best game since Matt Ryan beats Vtech. I don't think Addazio is a great coach but he'll at least leave the program better than he found it after Spaz burned it to the ground. This year's team is easily Addazio's most talented since he arrived.

modest34b said...

canttkeit, so you are saying Daz is a cupcake eater. I like it. He does enjoy his cupcakes, but chokes on more fibrous and protein laden ACC fare.

Matt.... Daz is as bad, if not worse, that Spaz. If this year - year 5 - is Daz's most talented, we are in trouble.

NYCEagle said...

Spaz marched out Dave Shinskie as our starting quarterback in 2010. If you really think Addazio is worse you might have short term memory loss

Unknown said...


Make "The Echos Ring Again"

Peter Carmichael Choose One
Ryan Day
Al Golden
Bob Bicknell

modest34b said...

NYCEagle, I'd rather have Shinksie than Troy Flutie, John Fandule or Darius Wade.

and BC 2010 was a much better team then BC 2017. by the way Rettig started in most of 2010 games.

Shinksie started in 2009 and first 3 games in 2010. Team went 8-4 in 2009 season and Shinkie had a a decent QBr. 2009 BC much better then 2017 BC too. in 2009, Shinskie "set BC freshman passing records with 2,049 yards and 15 touchdowns.."

Daz is a bad coach and worse than Spaz. But what difference does it make. We need a new coach regardless if Daz is better or worse than Spaz.

John said...

Don't look now, but here comes freshman QB Matt McDonald from CA.

Might surpass Perry during competition.

JBQ said...

@BJK (John): I too have noted the arrival of Matt McDonald. You have previously noted that you went to a game at USC and grilled with the Rettig family. His leftie daddy was a USC legend. Nevertheless, he has to get the coaching. Daz has made it plain that the qb is either a "batting machine" to hand the ball off or an extra running back with no intention to pass.---Before the barbs come out, we have to wait and see what happens at Northern Illinois near Navy Pier and Wake at home with the French School as you put it in the wings. Actually, I expect all three to be losses. Nevertheless, we have to "give the devil his due" and wait and see.---To answer "canttakeit", you are right about his being a magnificent image maker for the university and he really motivates his players. Nevertheless, it is becoming more and more apparent that he is a "music man" who operates on "the think method" and the players all play the game singing "Minuet in D". At the end of his 8 year contract, he will have received 20 million dollars. Part of the game is the business aspect. He has to produce and so far he has not.