Sunday, August 13, 2017

Some Tabbs video and other links

Here is a small highlight clip of new Basketball commit Wynston Tabbs.

The Panthers signed Connor Wujciak.

Spaz's son -- who had been a walk-on at UVA -- is now a scholarship player as a senior. UVA announced it as part of their preseason. Joe Spaziani is a QB and long-snapper. The other thing of note is the kid's facial hair. I guess when your dad is known for his mustache, you've got to take your facial hair game up a level.


CT said...

When you're a QB and a long-snapper, you're really just a long-snapper. Congrats to Blackbeard.

UU last row said...

CT - Thanks for the laugh.

JBQ said...

Let's please remember that Spaz was well liked and respected as a defensive coordinator. As a head coach, obviously not so much so. Best wishes to the young man and God speed.

Knucklehead said...

UVA. Cracker college.