Wednesday, August 09, 2017

I like BC hype videos, but does anyone else?

BC posted another Youtube video from camp. This one is a slickly edited, behind the scenes production that is meant to get fans hyped up. It worked for me. But based on the stats, I am not sure how many people are seeing it. As of late night Wednesday, the video had just over 100 views after half a day. That number will probably double when I post this and tweet it. 

The video is not a problem. It is well done. The distribution of it is a slight problem, but I assume Jarmond and staff will get some help improving the reach of content like this. The real problem is the lack of fans looking for content like this. In the past ten years, I think many BC fans have fallen from casual to former. That is going to be Jarmond's biggest task. Can he get those people back if Addazio doesn't win big? Addazio is associated with a lackluster era of BC Football and Athletic Department ineptitude. Another seven win season won't change that perception.

But for now, I suggest enjoying the video and let the Athletic Department figure out why no one is watching. 


Lenny Sienko said...

I agree with improved production values of video...well done; but, so long as DAZ is the Head Coach and featured, there will be a credibility problem, which will not be overcome with anything but real wins on the field.

If BC were serious about getting back to where we once were, DAZ should have been gone at the end of last season.

This marks my 53rd season as a BC football fan....I am impatient for excellence to return to campus.

EagleOutDere said...

I watched it and immediately shared it with the only other BC fan I know.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Agree - it's all rather silly until credibility is restored by having a competitive ACC program. But I suppose this is someone's job to crank out this stuff. I won't even watch for fear it shows highlights from the Howard game.

bceagle91 said...

Just win, baby.

Your host said...

Video quality is good. Any kind of hype / promotion is designed to get folks talking and this has certainly done that, so love it or loathe it, it works.

Cool blog

TGS said...

Should be titled "Daz Does Dallas"

JBQ said...

"Lackluster era of BC football and Athletic Department ineptitude": Yep, that about says it.

John said...

Offense has been getting big plays against our "elite" defense in practice.

One is heartening, the other is worrisome.


Unknown said...

UNTIL we get a good-very good QB and get rid of our Dunce for a coach "SAD TIMES


IT can be done Chet hired Tom Coughlin and Tom O'Brien (ONE MISTAKE Dan)

Did a good job with O'Bie and Al Skinner BBall and Cathy Inglese who Di Floppo fired

JBQ said...

There is an interesting aside to the story of Dan Henning. He was the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions and had very good credentials. He succeeded Tommie C and was here for '94,'95,'96. In '96, the gambling scandal broke. The Syracuse game opened the can of worms. BC was blown out 45-17 in a game that they were favored. He was soon gone to be replaced by the ex Marine, Tom O'Brien.---What is really wild is the connection of Kevin Prendergast to the scandal. Prendergast was the ND kicker who missed a key field goal in the '93 David Gordon miracle. In '96, Prendergast was the go between from the gamblers to the BC players. He handled all the money and paid off those on the field at BC.

Lenny Sienko said...


Do you have a cite for that Prendergast connection to BC? I have not seen that assertion before?

In the 1993 game Prendergast had one field goal blocked by Steven Boyd early on and made his second attempt.

Syracuse was a 13-point favorite in that '96 game, which BC lost 45-17. The 13 players suspended at BC during the Henning era were suspended for betting on various sports--not point shaving...that was the earlier basketball scandal.

knucklehead said...

The Syracuse game was rigged by the Big East conference(that was the Diamond Ferry game right?). They were pissed we were leaving the conference. The officials missed/made some egregious calls(holding everywhere by Syracuse and no calls - Diamond Ferry RB had the game of his career). And there was a young Matt Ryan thrown into the game if I recall.

I don't think that had anything to do with gambling per se.

The BC ND game in 1993 was not fixed. ND had a national championship on the line. BC hated them because of the 52-7 the year before. Stupid insinuation.

The Saturday night ND game that Chase Rettig started was the most blatantly fixed sporting event I have ever seen. The first quarter was basically a fix by the refs to set the spread early.

Sean McDonough alluded to it on the broadcast - basically asserting what everyone watching it was thinking.

John said...

Diamond Ferry game was in 2004.

Boston said...

Prendergast was involved in the Northwestern basketball point shaving scandal, not BC.

Anonymous said...

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working rich said...

video ?
What video ?

Real BC fan, gaduate, father of a graduate, intermittent season ticket holder.
contribute every year to school and to Flynn Fund.

No one ever sent me a video or a link.

This is an example of the problem

Lenny Sienko said...

working rich:

The video is in the post on which you have commented. Go back to the main page and click on it....unless its in a format which your browser does not recognize.

working rich said...

My concern was that I have to get the video.
It should have been dropped in my lap.