Monday, August 21, 2017

Walk-on soccer player to handle kickoffs

One thing that has been brewing this summer is the success of former BC soccer player Max Schulze-Geisthovel. The German has finished his collegiate soccer career and decided to try football. And at this point, it looks like he's been so good that he will handle kickoffs.

Schulze-Geisthovel is not accurate enough to handle field goals, but Addazio won't rule it out. Addazio claims the kid has the biggest leg of any kicker since Addazio has been at BC.

I don't really care who kicks. I just want success. Addazio has struggled finding someone he can trust and considering how few points we score, every attempt counts. Field position counts too, so that is where Schulze-Geisthovel can make an immediate impact.


John said...

Welcome Max and may your kicks be as strong as those of Fred Steinfort's 40 years ago. I believe Fred was born in Germany, so that's interesting.

Fred was our first soccer kicker, at least in my memory. I remember once he attempted a 55 yard field goal and it hit high up on the post (no good) but distance-wise it would have been good from at least 60!

Go BC - go BC kickers, such an important part of leading us back to success.


JBQ said...

After watching clips from the Spring game, Mike Knoll needs some work on his punting. I know that he is the fg kicker. Who will be the punter? Knoll looked bad.

JBQ said...

Harold Landry received one more honor today. He was named to the first team AP preseason All America squad headlined by Sam Darnold of USC and Saquon Barkely of Penn St. In 1956, Paul Hornung won the Heisman for an ND team which was 2-8 beating out Johnny Majors and Tommy McDonald with the great Jim Brown finishing fifth.---Best wishes for a successful season to Harold. It looks like the BC won-loss record will parallel that of ND in 1956.

modest34b said...

Hope The German can kick it far

In honor of Sid Vicious (aka Steve Aponavicius) maybe Sid Hovel or Sid The German

this does not appear to be a big area need of BC