Sunday, August 20, 2017

What to expect out of the OLine

The Herald's article on Chris Lindstrom got me thinking about the Offensive Line.  Even with all the talent upgrade and the new tempo offense, ultimately the success of this team is very dependent on the offensive line. It needs to be better than last year and needs to be elite if BC is going to be anything more than a seven win team.

As the Herald reported, Lindstrom has moved and is penciled in at RT. We know Baker is still at Center. Transfer Marcell Lazard, played Tackle at West Virginia, but is seems with Lindstrom at RT and presumably Montiero at LT, he would be inside. The other guard might be Schmall. On paper, that is a lot of questions marks. There is also plenty of talent and potential. That is where coaching comes into play.

One of the reasons we had great success at OLine, is we had great OL coaches. They knew what they wanted and could mold players accordingly. Things started to fall apart under Spaz when he had poor OLine coaches. Based on his first two years, I thought Addazio and his OL coach Justin Frye were perfect. They had the guys ready. Then it all fell apart. Last year was a little better, but still not elite. Now with more depth and experience on the line, this should be a great season. The coaches and the players should be on the same page.

A great OL can hide a lot of mistakes. BC needs a great OL to be great. My expectations are improvement. I will hope that they make a big lead and become the ACC's best again. That is when you will know BC has turned the corner.


JBQ said...

We shall see in ten days.

modest34b said...

No way these guys are elite this year. ACC serviceable, maybe? Last year among ACC teams, BC had the worst offense.

Lindstrom is the guy who whiffed on FSU DE who then mashed Wade. Just flat out missed a 6'6" 300 DT... missed him. WTF.

I've not seen anything that leads me to expect BC will have an elite OL.

Contrary to ATL's musings, Spaz left Daz with very good OL players (e.g., Vardaro and Gallik, Ian White - NFL caliber players) and Daz brought in an excellent OT - Patchan and than the next year Silberman.

BC's 2017 line can't compare to BC line of just a few years ago. Schmall? Baker? Not proven themselves yet

knucklehead said...

Lazard is legit. He and Baker paired up might be effective on the inside.

Unknown said...

I likely have overly optimistic expectations, however I expect BC to finish 8-4. This is the most experienced team that Addazio has coached, including continuity at the Offensive Coordinator and Defensive coordinator positions.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

The OL needs to be ACC respectable - not just the starters but the two deep. Injuries are almost a given. If so - this team could be entertaining. We'll soon find out.

EagleOutDere said...

Any word on if and when Elijah Johnson is coming back?

John said...

He has a "serious knee injury" incurred in April, but BC has not reported yet to the college injury services, apparently.

It's very worrisome for this year, as far as I can tell from afar. Sorry to hear.