Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bahamas basketball trip starts off well

Every few years, NCAA basketball programs are allowed to take a summer trip. This year, Christian took the guys to the Bahamas. The caliber of basketball might not be as high as some of the European or Asian trips, BC and other schools have taken, but it is probably less expensive. A cheap confidence boost is just what this team needs.

On Saturday, they won their first game in the Bahamas. It was against the CTG Knights (whom I had never heard of prior to this game). The Knights made it interesting mid-way through the second half, but BC pulled away. The scoring went as expected with Robinson, Bowman, and Chapman leading the way. Newbie Stefon Mitchell chipped in too.

BC plays their next game Monday night. I hope they keep it rolling.


JBQ said...

Beach time for the players, no pressure, and a visit to another culture where they speak a different language. Yes, the Brits do speak differently. They did the same in Boston until the Irish took over. Good publicity for BC. Against strange competition, they have a couple of good players.

Lenny Sienko said...

This type of trip can't hurt, especially with positive results. More playing time together. Hopeful signs from frosh.


Only hope those black unis are not carrying over to the regular season.