Friday, August 18, 2017

BC makes Alumni beer/wine sales official

The rumors are true. BC announced Friday that they will expand beer and wine sales at Alunmi Stadium on game days. The alcohol will be available at select concession stands around the stadium. 

Jarmond was quick to thank the City of Boston. That's a smart move. Keep the regulators happy. The press release also noted that a third of colleges are now selling beer and wine at their stadiums.

As I said when the news started leaking out, this is a good move for BC. It should bring in a few extra bucks and get a few more people to their seat. But this is not a cure all. Let's hope there are more positive moves made in the near future. 


knucklehead said...

Light or Dark?

Unknown said...

Easy answer to fill the seats WIN 1983-2007

Tom Coughlin ,Tom O'Brien JAGS

Jim O'Brien , Al Skinner

Kathy Inglese

DISASTERS : DI FLOPPO , SPAZDAZIO and so far Christian

Unknown said...

"The alcohol will be available at select concession stands around the stadium."

Fans will be able to locate which concession stands are selling booze by the lengths of the lines at each.

JBQ said...

The way the seasons are shaping up for football and basketball, there will be a whole lot of beer and wine sold.

CvegasEagle said...

Wine will sell out for the Notre Dame game. Syracuse home next year, there will be record sales of Keystone light

Shabby1011 said...

Shocked that BC actually did this but good step forward. Ultimately the department has taken such a hard hit with poor teams and terrible attendance that they need to generate revenue in another capacity.

Personally would rather have more tailgating hours and hope that if they cannot expand the hours they shift them around and give 4 hrs prior to a game and only 1 hr after. That being said it will hopefully get people in the stadium earlier and stay longer.

I imagine there will be strong restrictions, one beer per person, halftime shut off, long lines etc but beggars can't be choosers and again shocked BC actually did it.

Very optimistic based on reports from camp. Great home schedule. Cold beer in Alumni. Team has more talent and depth then past 3 years. Go BC!!

Unknown said...

Brooklyneagle OT: Younger son ('11) and I ('65) will be arriving in San Francisco on September 1 (for his cousin's wedding the following day). We'd be most interested in knowing if there will be a BC fan game watch that evening.

Unknown said...

If they want fans in the stands then just win!

Eagle2001 said...

Usually at Shanghai Kelly's. Corner of Polk and Broadway.

Teresa Halminton said...

Glad to hear that. Nice decision.