Thursday, October 26, 2017

BC-Florida State preview

What's interesting about BC Football the past few years is that nearly all of the excitement has been on the road. The last two wins -- on the road. Last year's ACC win streak that got us bowling -- at NC State and Wake. There are diehard BC fans who have trudged to Alumni for three seasons with very little to show for it. That changes Friday night. A limping Florida State team comes in while BC is hot. It's on national TV and it is a Red Bandanna game. This feels different and if we win, will be memorable.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Jimbo Fisher is taking a lot of heat from his own fans. They want staff changes. They are rightly pointing out his outdated game management approaches. They are even challenging him to fights. This is all aimed at a coach who won a National Championship just five years ago. He also helped reinvigorate the program after those last few Bowden years. Considering I called for firing Addazio right before his best two weeks as a BC coach, none of this should surprise me. But it does serve as a reminder. Fisher does and has done many things well at FSU. But he is far from perfect and very dependent on his staff around him and the players he recruits. When those kids play well, he wins National Championships. When they get hurt or fail to live up to the hype, it can unravel quickly. To win big, you have to have so many things going for you: the right coach, the right program, the right recruits, a great staff, etc. I don't know if Fisher will adjust or bounce back. I know from being a BC fan it is hard to recreate the special times.

Three Simple Keys
1. Don't suddenly treat Brown like he is Dan Marino. Last week Brown looked good passing the ball and made good decisions. 24ish attempts seems like the right amount. Even if FSU goes all out to stop the run, I don't want the offense to suddenly ask Brown to pass 35+ times. Don't put this all on his shoulders. I think he will start to make mistakes and bad throws.
2. Shut down FSU's run game. FSU has a bad offense and is dealing with a bunch of injuries. They've seen teams get explosive plays against us in the run game. We can't let that happen. We need good tackling and need to clog up the line of scrimmage.
3. Making Field goals. I expect this to be a close game. BC will need all the points they can get. No clangs off the post or wide rights.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 0-4 vs Florida State
-- BC has lot seven straight in the series
-- Addazio is 15-15 at Alumni
The current line is BC+4.5


This is the first time we are wearing the Red Bandanna gear this late in the season. I guess I am okay with that since it has now become more of a tribute to one person instead of a specific September 11 remembrance. There is also a fine line between tribute and marketing exploitation. I trust BC is very communicative with the Crowther family on these sorts of situations, so this doesn't become about selling more Under Armour gear.

Scoreboard Watching
NC State gets a chance to prove if they are legit by going into South Bend against the Irish. I am a little skeptical of the Wolfpack and expect Notre Dame to win with ease. If NC State pulls off the upset, then I will start to worry about our game with them.

I hope to see...
A Dillon highlight really go viral. Throwing the kid in the Louisville game got lost during a crowded College Football Saturday. Friday night is a showcase. Let's see him run over someone right before SportsCenter.

BC is in trouble if...
Florida State's front seven dominate our OLine. The OL has been very good lately. This will be their toughest test and is the one area where FSU is not hurting.

This is like the old days in that I like our chances despite what the stats and experts say. I think BC gets a few more big plays within the conservative approach. I think FSU will try to mount a comeback late but, BC holds them off for the win.
Final: BC 24, Florida State 21


Shabby1011 said...

Pumped and jacked (pete Carroll!) for tomorrow night. Anytime you can beat FSU at home it's a huge program win. Weather supposed to be great, hope it's a great rowdy crowd and BC students show up early and stay late.

Go 🦅!!!

Eagle Esquire said...

Personally, I only really want Daz back if they run the table. 7-5 and I’m on the fence, but probably leaning toward another year. Notwithstanding that notion, this is make or break for him. At 4-5 with a weak performance on Friday night, we’ll be lining up in droves begging for his termination. If they win, they’re one of the hottest teams in the ACC. Go Eagles!! Beat the criminoles!

TheFive said...

This game is a nice test for the Eagles, and I hope they pass it. Regardless of what happens with Addazio, it's always easier to build a stronger program when you're not starting from rock bottom. The last couple of weeks have demonstrated that we have the building blocks on offense to have a very competitive team. I hope we do on defense, too -- and it's odd just to be writing that given the last three years of offensive ineptitude.

FSU is at the juncture in the season where if they are punched in the mouth, they might pack it in. I hope we're aggressive from the start. If our gameplan looks anything like our Clemson gameplan, we will lose and we will deserve to lose.

Danny Boy said...

Our guys were playing with some swagger by the end of the UVA game. I hope we keep that up. I agree that if we punch FSU in the mouth early, they may just pack it in and it will only boost our confidence. If Daz comes out conservative, it hurts us doubly. It kills our confidence and boosts FSUs.

The key is to keep up the new philosophy we've shown the past two games. Go Eagles, its great to have optimism again.

JBQ said...

According to Anne Marie, the echoes are starting to ring again. This is the first prediction by Atlanta that I actually agree with. He has been wearing his heart on his sleeve. If everything goes as planned and BC hits their field goals, Boston will be hopping.

Shabby1011 said...

Have 4 extra tickets to tomorrow's game if anyone knows of anyone who would like them..would like to get as many people in Alumni as possible

Knucklehead said...

Boston College has been beatup by running QB's this season. I haven't seen Florida State play but the QB has poor rushing statistics. If he cannot run then we can beat Florida State. That being said watch for the wildcat and designed QB running plays by Jimbo. Jimbo will pull out all the stops because if he loses this one the natives are going to get restless.

This could get nasty. FSU broke our QB, Center and DL the last time we played them at home and again Jimbo cannot afford to lose this one.

27-26. Someone misses an extra point.

I have two extras as well. Sounds like at least 6 empty seats in Alumni.

CT said...

FSU QB is a true freshman. Blackman is a skinny guy. Not a real threat to run. Their starting RB is out, but their “backup” is leading the team in rushing and was the #1 RB out of last year’s class. Of course. I think Akers will be a good one. But having seen three of their games, I think our line can get some pressure and force some simple reads from Blackman. Hopefully nab two picks and shorten the field.

Unknown said...

1 can use one more, if you still have them to spare. holler at Mook Williams on Facebook or tweet at me @MookWilliams