Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Optimism abounds at ACC Basketball Media Day

I can't think of another program that gets this much positive press coming off just two conference wins (and zero wins the prior year). But if you read through the various article and interviews from the ACC Basketball Media Day, you would think BC is a contender.

I am not trying to be a Grinch. There are some positives. BC looked good in their exhibition against Bryant last weekend. Bowman and Robinson might not be the best backcourt in the country, but they are good. Bowman might be a special player who will take a huge leap forward. Hawkins could be a good enough front court player to take advantage of all the potential opportunities there.

My hope is that it all clicks for BC Basketball this year, to the point where we are competitive in all the ACC games. Last year's bright spots, like beating Auburn at MSG, were reminders of how fun BC Basketball can be. Bowman is likable and has more personality than any player from the Donahue era. I can get behind him and the team. I pray we are not on the path to another year of frustration and disappointment.


JBQ said...

Both interviews (Bowman, Robinson) were very good. The two players were very articulate and had a lot of confidence. That should bleed over to the team. Things are looking up. I wonder what kind of depth that the team has.

BourbonEagle said...

I'm rooting hard for this team. While I wasn't a fan of the Christian hire, I'm pulling for him, too. He seems like a good guy and he doesn't make a ton of excuses like Addazio. Here's hoping they can put it all together and make some noise this year.

Unknown said...

Let us hope for 6 or7 conference wins and an NIT bid.


UU last row said...

NCAA Tournament Round of 32

mod34b said...

I luv Clemson (today at least)

Students government removes student gov't rep who refused to stand for flag!

Fine Americans at Clemson!

JBQ said...

A bit of clarification on the nice post by mod on Clemson. "The State" is the newspaper for Columbia, SC. I visited Clemson while stationed on the Naval Base in Charleston before Hurricane Hugo wiped it out. The black male who did not stand was the vice president for the student senate. The vote for impeachment was 40-18.----There is a picture of the incident. There were at least ten students who did not stand. I noted a white female and a white male among the group. The individual was not present for the vote. He was out organizing protests.----So far, Boston has not been a victim.

Geezer eagle said...

It's very simple, people. When the national anthem begins, stand, remove your hats, place your hand over your heart and sing or remain quiet. Stop disrespecting our flag.

downtown_resident said... ranked BC #99 in their preseason rankings of all 325+ D-I programs. The writer noted that this is probably BC's best team in five seasons (not saying much) but that it's probably not an NIT team.

Even with the relatively higher expectations, BC was still ranked only 14th out of 15 teams in the ACC (only ahead of Pitt). To have any postseason hopes (NIT), the Eagles need to clean up in the non-conference portion of the season, probably losing no more than once. That means taking four of five out of the @Nebraska, @Providence, vs. Richmond, vs. Texas Tech and vs. Northwestern/LaSalle portion of the schedule and obviously no Hartford-type slipups against the creampuffs.

That is going to be really tough. Heck, even posting a winning record will be tough. But can Christian survive with anything less?

Napolean Bonaparte said...

This is Christian's fourth year. So far he has them at 5-48 in ACC play. The main criteria is conference play. Unless Jarmond is more forgiving, Christian needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat this season. Yes - he has some legitimate excuses - but 5-48 excuses? He'll have his fourth year and let's see where he goes with what looks to be a stronger roster.

Jazzyg said...

If they don't win 7 acc ganesxhr gotta go.