Monday, October 02, 2017

Louisville game time and other links

Following a national television night game against Virginia Tech, BC will take on Louisville on the ACC Regional Network. That's the regional syndication network powered by Raycom. The game starts at 12:20 pm. Whatever local station carried the Raycom games in your market will probably carry it again. The station list will be ready next week.

Zach Allen had his best game of the season. This was one of the notable highlights. 

New Jersey 3 star Elijah McAllister visited during the Central Michigan game. Most see him as a Tight End, but we are recruiting him as a DE and a Landry replacement.


mod34b said...

BC is close to last in all of college football with yards per pass attempt: 4.5 yards and actually last in the ACC.

You might say well Daz needs to keep in short to improve Brown's accuracy.

Except Brown in last in the ACC in completion percentage -- and has the most interceptions thrown.

So Brown throws for short yards, has a terrible accuracy and throw a lot of picks.

Tell me again about how Lefty coached up Tom Brady and Tim Tebow..... Wow, just as to Brown alone some bad bad coaching..

Brown is 'young' so I guess that is the reason.

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