Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bad night for Basketball in Nebraska

I had hoped BC would use the Big Ten-ACC Challenge as spring board. Instead it was more frustration as BC lost to Nebraska 71-62. The game really turned when Deontae Hawkins went down with a leg injury. (He was on crutches when he came out of the lockerrom.)  I know there is still plenty of time and the young guys will get better, but there were so many issues that concern me.

1. The 3-point shooting. 4 for 22 from deep. They forced some bad shots and were way off on many. If it is not falling, the team and coaches should know better than to force things.
2. The Defensive rotations. I know the announcers applauded some of the rotations, but I thought they were flawed. Nebraska had way too many easy shots.
3. Turnovers. Traveling and sloppy passes. BC shot themselves in the foot.

BC know has to hope for a little redemption against Hartford. If Hawkins can't go, who knows what will happen.


mod34b said...

Nebraska is ranked 101 in Sagarin. Not a good team.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We need to get our redemption against Hartford? That pretty much sums it up. This program needs a much stronger personality and disciplinarian than Christian. Christian is a decent coach in some respects but not enough skill to turn around the pile of stuff he inherited here
in a league like the ACC. Other than some marginal improvements, it's just not going to happen within any reasonable time frame. Sure - he will eventually get it done - maybe after another 5 - 10 years.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Sorry - different subject - saw this and thought it was about Frates - never heard of this guy:

Edward Griffith said...

SAY GOOD BYE JIM . LOSING to the dregs of the big ten. No great freshman can't recruit.
This means its time for Jared Dudley , Danya Abrams and Howard Isley OR HURLEY of
Rhode Island.
Why doesn't Christian at least enlist Danya to work with the big men. Doing anything
will require a steady dozen - fifteen from them. Two great recruits this year or gone.
Jarmond should make a basketball clean sweep. Last women's disaster loss to Columbia.
Here comes an 0 for the ACC.
When one thinks about Cathy Inglese's many strong teams is this JOKER kidding.
Need to thank DiFLOPPO and BATES for these court disasters.

TheFive said...

Watched both the Nebraska and PC games. We had markedly less talent, and played with markedly less defensive effort. The number of wide open threes and uncontested layups we gave up on blown switches was astounding. I think Jim Christian's a good guy, but these issues lie at his feet right now.

If Hawkins is out for any extended period of time, things are going to head south quickly. Without him, we will be lucky to be competitive in the last 10 minutes of any conference game. Guys saw meaningful minutes last night who wouldn't be on the roster of any other ACC team.

Geezer eagle said...

On another note, how's the hockey team doing?

Knucklehead said...

What is Tom Crean doing these days?

JBQ said...

The guards are scoring on a monstrous number of shots. The adage is "first inside and then outside". You get the ball inside and when the defense collapses, you flip it out to a guard for a shot. If all you do is "run and gun", then you deserve to lose.

Geezer eagle said...

Hello? Earth to posters. Let's talk hockey.BBall sucks.

EL MIZ said...

was clear from the get go Jim was in over his skies. Christian is 139-165 in the last decade, and 6 of those years were in the Mountain West or the MAC. asking him to turn around the worst team in the ACC is unfair to him - he clearly can't do it.

i've said it before i'll say it again - when you lose 6 out of your last 10 recruits to transfers, you aren't going to have a chance to compete. we had no margin for error and if Hawkins is done for the season (non contact knee injury plus crutches leaving the game means there's like a 95% chance that's the case) it's going to be another wretched season. Robinson and Bowman are ACC caliber players, Popovic looks like he can play, Chatman is fine i guess, that is four players LOL.

Jarmond on his west coast swing implied that now isn't the time to fire any of the coaches b/c the indoor practice facility isn't done yet and the caliber of coaches you can get will improve greatly once it is complete - give me a break. this has to be Christian's last season. the fact that Batesy gave this guy a 1 year extension through the 2020 season after he went 7-25 (0-18 in ACC) should disqualify BATESY from any of these silly consulting jobs. what a joke that guy was.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

The entire team sucks. Let's be honest. They need Crean to come in and light a fire under the programs ass. It is a complete fucking waste of time to analyze.

Jarmond better get the binder full of resumes order in right fucking quick.

Selling beers in alumni stadium isn't a move Martin. Let's get a fucking BB coach in here now.

bceagle93 said...

Agree with Knuckle. Crean could be a great solution for BB. And yes, it is waste of time to analyze because Christian is dead man walking.

Doeren out of Tennessee search. Please Daz, listen to that voice in your head, be a dude, and go for it. You are sooo much better than Tee Martin. And you could make videos singing Rocky Top all day if you wanted. #TimeToFly

Knucklehead said...

Be a dude.


downtown_resident said...

What does the field house offer to men's basketball? (Other than, perhaps, easier access to the Yawkey weight room once everything moves over to the field house.)

There was speculation that the new Plex (Connell rec center) might improve things for hoops either directly-- dedicated space for basketball teams at Connell-- or indirectly-- volleyball and the other sports that use Power Gym would move to Connell, but I've never seen anything substantiated.

Where are the facilities upgrades for basketball?

Deacon Drake said...

Bigs were completely lost without Hawkins directing traffic away from the rim. Nebraska was bricking everything in sight, but kept getting more opportunities.

I like Crean. Can succeed in ACC, and will be coming in at a good time. K is 70, Boeheim 73, Williams 67, Larranaga 68, Leonard Hamilton 69, Rick Pitino is gone. Many of these programs are going to have a successor handpicked by those coaches, and that almost never works. ACC could be dramatically different in 5 years. Get Crean before somebody like Pitt scoops him up.

dixieagle said...

I would love to see Tom Crean at BC, but I'm cynical enough to believe it won't happen. Our daughter and her husband are IU grads and think the world of him.

Knucklehead said...

Here Jarmond. I will do your job for you. Call up Wyk and tell him you want 3 games in the Garden each year for the next 5 years. Tell Wkyie poo that we will be the road team or let his kids into BC. No matter what it takes. That is what the plastic stiff at Villanova did to build up his program(they might still be playing in the 6ers building some now too). The Pavilion is like playing in the plex except there aren't any ceiling leaks in the Pavilion.

Wykie was on the field for the BC/ND football game earlier this season with Jalen Brown running the t-shirt cannon. No joke retards.

Make the call Martin . . . they sell beer in the Garden. That will entice Crean. Maybe he can meet skippy magoo and trade bball secrets.

Knucklehead said...

skippy magoo is the Celtics headcoach. For the uninformed dingbats here.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Mr. Jarmond - please put some Crean in your coffee tomorrow and BRING THIS GUY TO BOSTON COLLEGE!!

mod34b said...

a reach for Crean will be beyond BC's grasp

what is needed

1. over $3,500,000 in salary per year for at least 5 years
2. being a school with serious potential to win a national BB championship in the next 5 or so years
3. First class BB facilities
4. A proven record of being able to attract the elite recruits needed to win
5. no competing offers for Crean from more desirable programs
6. a Basketball first school (e.g like marquete, Indiana ...)
7. commitment to big salaries for assistant coaches and staff.

never going to happen

mod34b said...

why do you think we got stuck with Jim Christian?? everyone else said no,

NEWSFLASH: : BC is an undesirable BB destination.

will take a decade to improve BC's rep.

knucklehead said...

Stating the obvious.

I am giving a solution to the 20 year problem. You are bitching about the problem. Loser.

knucklehead said...

To spell it out for your dumb ass, Mod. 20 year = Last 10 years + The benefit of the doubt I am giving that it will take 10 more. The benefit of the doubt I am GIVING you.

Runaway. Flit.

mod34b said...
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Knucklehead said...

You attacked me. One.
Take your numbering system that you need because you cannot think straight and cram it two.
Stop saying I didn't go to Boston college because I did and do.
Mod the douche strikes again.

Knucklehead said...

Ryan Day.

Knucklehead said...

. . . .He would be a good pick for OC /coach in waiting if Loeffler leaves.

Knucklehead said...

Keep trying Mod. Hypocrite.

John said...

Bring back Al. ☺️

STL_eagle said...

We are stuck with Daz for better or worse next year....hopefully better. Treading water with basketball and keeping Christian will undermine the opportunity that Jarmond has to make an impact on BC athletics during his first year.

I don’t want to suffer through another winless ACC journey but having basketball perform at a level that creates the mandate to upgrade coaches would be fine with me.

mod34b said...
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Knucklehead said...

Go away. Hypocrite language. You have said nothing here ever to prove you went to BC. Stupid critiques and JV analysis. No original thoughts. Lackey asshat of the highest order.

I wasn't bullied. However you are bullying me for being bullied(so you think). You are fruitcake Mod. Plain and simple. Write it again so you can retain it. You are a fruitcake.

Silly runaway Mod. I always beat you because you are a loser.

mod34b said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knucklehead said...

Ryan Day is the best OC we have ever had. Hands down. You hate him because you feel guilty for loving him.