Thursday, November 30, 2017

Beer, wine sales expand to Conte

Martin Jarmond announced that starting Friday, beer and wine will be sold in Conte during sporting events. This is follows on previous sales in Alumni and in suites. While the service and selection in the stadium received mixed reaction, most viewed it as a positive step forward in improving the game day experience. I like this move for two reasons.

1. This will continue to help grow revenue. Compared to pro sports, college sports leaves a lot of money on the table. Nurturing the growth, quality and selection of the game day food and beverage will only help BC long-term. More people will come and they will spend more money.

But more importantly

2. This shows that Jarmond is learning how to operate at BC. Father Leahy was against beer and wine sales, but Jarmond overcame his objections and the challenges with the City of Boston. Now he's pushed the service that much further with the implied blessing of Father Leahy and the permission of the City of Boston. These sorts of simple political moves were not done well or at all under Bates. The job requires someone with a vision, determination and the ability to adapt. This is a small step that shows Jarmond has many of those qualities. 


John said...

Back in my beer drinking days when I was a season ticket holder and never missed a game, I couldn't care less whether they sold beer during the game.

But I guess this is progress.


Get some wins.

JBQ said...

Strange, beer is progress.

Knucklehead said...

Exactly. They are the first ones to throw the book at kids over there over it too.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Maybe he figures we need to get high at Conte on something after seeing some recent men's and women's basketball games.

Knucklehead said...

If they put in a weed stand then maybe someone will buy the meatballs they sell.

Edward Griffith said...

BC can do well in basketball. O'Bie with the arrival of Bill Curley , Howard Isely ,
Gerard Abrams , Malcolm Huckabee , were an elite 8 team .
After O'Bies unfortunately running afoul of Father sports killer Al Skinner produced
several years of excellent teams Chet's last hire,
Cathy Inglese had powerful women's teams.
Saying BC cant have very good basketball teams is way off the mark.

bceagle93 said...

Dear Daz,

Don't be deterred by the dumpster fire at Tennessee. Who needs an AD? There is one guy that can fix that place and return it to SEC glory, and he is bald, has a mustache, and is awesome at social media. You can make it come together, and it'll be beautiful. Have Urban call Phil Fulmer and make it happen.

We'll be okay here -- we have beer and wine in all of our stadiums now and we still have Jerry York. And we will soon have a new basketball coach.


All the young dudes and old dudes you don't see in the stands any more

Steve Auger said...

If your program is relying on adding beer and wine to the menu to draw fans, you have serious problems. No one is going to say "hey, I could go for some Sam Winter Ale so let's go see BC vs. Vatech in hoops!" One thing, and one thing only, draws fans: TALENT. Whether it's football or basketball, talented players = wins = fan interest. PERIOD. The notion that an expanded menu that now serves alcohol will increase ticket sales is delusional.

Tim said...

Jimbo leaving FSU

mod34b said...

BC beating FSU lead to Bowden’s ouster. BC win this year helped to motivate Jimbo to leave.

Giant killers

From Tomahawk Nation

“Over the last two seasons, Florida State has been a middling 8-8 in conference play and suffered two of the program’s more disappointing losses in the last two years, a 43-point loss to Louisville last year and a 32-point one at the hands of Boston College in 2017. ”

NEDofSavinHill said...

Jimbo's record against the dominant SEC was 10-2. Swinney at Clemson is 10-4 vs that superior conference. Combined two ACC coaches are 20 wins and 6 defeats. The vaunted SEC can only win about one quarter of it's games against the ACC. Where are the SEC shills? Based on their anemic performance should the SEC champ even be considered for the playoffs? Miss. St. barely beat U Mass and LSU just got by Syracuse. It's a second rate league.

JBQ said...

Jimbo is moving on. Pray to God that FSU comes calling for the Dazzler.

Steve Auger said...

LSU is 9-3 and handed Auburn one of its two losses. Clemson only other team to beat Auburn. And Auburn beat Alabama and Georgia. And Alabama still could find its way into the playoffs after this weekend.

CT said...

Ned the cherry picker. The ACC was the best 2016.

If, however, you would prefer to not miss the forest for the is our beloved conference’s record vs the SEC in each decade. Ready? Here goes, buddy...

2010s 35-41
2000s 32-47
1990s 26-33-1
1980s 21-37-2
1970s 21-48-1
1960s 11-62-4
1950s 16-37-2

So, as you can see, the ACC, with all of its expansion and added depth, has actually never had a winning record against the SEC. I hope one day that changes. If the SEC is a second rate league, what does that make us? And you sound like an out-of-touch older guy, which makes you a perfect fit for commenting on this blog, so why do you even care about the ACC? It’s always been a Southern conference, about as much as the SEC. I hope Savin Hill, wherever that is, is really close to LithiumLand. Good talk.

Anonymous said...

Who has?

Anonymous said...

You don't where Savin Hill is? Like I said and have to continue to say. You are a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Where did the numbers come from? I need to verify them. Making an assumption of accuracy of anything posted here by CT or headcase Mod34b(Section D) or their ilk here requiring focus, attention and cognition is a mistake in an of itself.

Delusion and accuracy don't usually go hand in hand.

mod34b said...
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Knucklehead said...

Ryan Day in '18. Lacky.

Heights said...

Knucklehead, are you crushing it?

Heights said...

TGS, you killin it?

Heights said...

CT, time for some crushing it.

mod34b said...
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John said...

What is going on with this blog?

Knucklehead said...

I have a Game hat that I never took off until I started at BC that says screaming eagles and always heard them called the screaming eagles marching band in Alumni Stadium. Whoops. Call my attorney. That is sarcasm. Flit.

Sorry Mod. You are a sick puppy. You lose. Again.

Mod crawled out from under his rock. That is what happended.

There is nothing like studying Treynor, Jenson and Carhart and taking a break to dismantle another Mod34b comment.

Sanity always defeats mental illness, Mod. That is why I win again.

Lenny Sienko said...

"Screaming Eagles" belongs to the 101st Airborne. The BC band was the "Boston College Band"...then became the "Boston College Marching Band".

Believe it or not, in the mid-sixties, the BC band took its cues from Harvard and Stamford, wearing blazers and opting for satirical half time routines. At some point late 60's, early 70's, BC decided to become a rather pale imitation of the "Million Dollar" type band. BC picked up majorettes and twirlers. Student Prince flavored uniforms were adopted. BC even gave out twirling scholarships for the new Graustarkian band.

After this pseudo-Alabama look became the norm, announcers mistakenly referred to the band as the "Screaming Eagles Marching Band". With very little investigation, my theory is that BC Band just got tired of correcting the mistake and accepted the "Screaming" portion of the name...although there was little rationale for it.

Knucklehead said...

Whatever. Call Ben Birnbaum or Chris Cameron. My gut says they don't know definitively either. So Mod34b definitely knows nothing. About this topic or anything else for that matter.

The PA Announcer in Alumni Stadium has been calling them the Screaming Eagles Marching Band for 27 years. "The Game" isn't making hats without a licensing agreement from Boston College to use its name either. Someone agreed at Boston College agreed to the screaming "moniker."

Like I said call my attorney. If I am wrong.

mod34b said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMDG said...

Ever since BC has been coed the band has had majorettes and baton twirlers - supposedly the golden girl (the best baton twirler wore all gold) was national champion in 1969 or 1970.

Even though they wore blazers the band was never like the Ivy’s or Stanford. It was never satirical.

The band uniforms made their debut for the BC/ND game in 1975. Somebody wanted them to look good on National TV.

They have been called “The Screaming Eagles Marching Band” since the late 60’s.

I️ still hav no idea what the Pierre Club was but I️ suspect it had something to do with Snooks refusing to have Canadiens on the team.