Friday, December 01, 2017

Weird bowl news

Former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy is still getting paid by ESPN but not allowed to report for them, or anyone else, so he has taken to Facebook. He is still very plugged in and still actively following the bowl shuffle. His latest update is not good for BC. From the update:

"Boston College looks like it won’t be playing in an ACC bowl. The Eagles most likely destination is either St. Petersburg or Birmingham."

As much as Detroit and Shreveport are terrible, I thinking getting bumped out of our own conference's slots is worse. Our bowl reputation is a vicious circle and going to a non-ACC bowl won't help.

In this update McMurphy has us playing FAU in St. Petersburg. The game is December 21 which is a Thursday. I wouldn't expect many to travel and I wouldn't love playing a red hot FAU team in a dome in what would be their Super Bowl. Let's hope McMurphy is wrong.


mod34b said...

ATL season prediction “what will happen” pretty good

This leaves BC 7-5 (3-5 in the ACC). BC goes to the St. Petersburg Bowl and plays USF. Although it is a quasi-home game for them, we dominate and finish 8-5. It is not another 7-6 season, but it will sure feel like it.”

you called it months ago

Blauds reports the same. Assuming FSU gets to 6 wins, there are 10 ACC bowls and 11 qualified schools.

BC, get dropped to #11 and gets a huge bowl of dog shit.


"as Bowl Selection Sunday approaches, it looks more and more likely that Boston College will be slotted for a bowl in the south, with bowl games in Birmingham, Alabama or St. Petersburg, Fla. against a team from the American Athletic Conference.

But there is a possible hitch. Both the Birmingham Bowl, which is scheduled for Dec.23rd and the bowl game in St. Petersburg, which is scheduled to be played on Dec. 21st, are pre-Christmas bowls. In the past, BC has had a policy of not scheduling pre-Christmas bowl games because of conflict with exams.

The BC exam schedule runs through Dec. 20th which makes St. Petersburg a very long shot possibility. Playing a game on Dec. 23rd would be possible.

The potential games look like BC vs. USF in St. Petersburg or BC vs. a team such as Memphis or Houston in Birmingham."

CT said...

USF, Memphis, Houston...pretty much all the same team.

Geezer eagle said...

If BC fans supported these bowls we wouldn't have this problem. What bowl committee wants to select a team that doesn't fill seats?

campy said...

In the past, BC has had a policy of not scheduling pre-Christmas bowl games because of conflict with exams.

The ACC & bowl committees are probably hoping BC chooses to stay home.

Knucklehead said...

Aren't they overlooking the prioritization based on number of wins? Based on conference wins we are at worst 8th. Based on overall wins we are at worst 7th.

Final 4

Tim said...

Who cares? These are all 4th rate bowls. For BC to go to a decent bowl game, we should try posting a winning conference record for a change.

Geezer eagle said...

Tim, you forgot bringing the fans.why do you thing dirt bags like FSU get higher bowls than we do?

eagle1331 said...

There is only one solution... Fire Daz so we finish with a better record.

NYCEagle said...

I thought a team with 6 wins can’t be slotted ahead of a team with 7 wins...

bceagle93 said...

Correct. Better conference record and showing against ranked teams solves this problem. Any other argument just supports the mediocrity on the field — and makes Tier 4 bowls against AAC opponents acceptable results. #TimeToFly

bceagle91 said...

The last exam period is the morning of December 20. I can't imagine any students wanting to travel to a game on the 21st. Regarding our fans' reputation for not traveling well, look at the quality of the bowl games, dates and location. We sold out for the Pinstripe Bowl. When we went to SF for a game, we sold a lot of tickets. Detroit, Charlotte, Shreveport... in late December against a no-name opponent? No thanks. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. And as along as we have 6 or 7 regular season wins, this is where we'll be.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Georgia's right - it's all about the money for these secondary bowls which means drawing fans.
There is nothing we can do about that in the short term. In the long term - we need to continue to build up the program by winning and increasing the fan base by making Alumni a place where people build friendships and a connection to the school and the program. That will take time, energy and work by Jarmond, Addazio, the administration et al. Until then - deep six the angst, hope we convincingly win whichever crappy bowl to which we get invited and look forward to an even better season next year. And if the only bowl we can get conflicts with exams - so be it - use the time to recruit. The priority is winning because if we continue to do that - we will not be ignored.

Knucklehead said...

It has nothing to do with drawing fans to attend in person. All the 2,3,4 level bowls have weak attendance. If it did there wouldnt be 80 bowls. It is about TV/ eyes on screens.

If the season results have no impact then we will get the Birmingham bowl or the equivalent becuae of the NE TV market. It makes alot of sense to dump us in one of those bowls because nobody is going to watch if it is North Texas v LA Monroe. You will get rating if it is BC. And nobody from BC gives a shit enough to fight it fans or admin.

Haven't been able to verify the impact if record on bowl slotting.

STL_eagle said...

The general rule on slotting is a two win differential. BC needs to be 8-4 to avoid being bumped by a 6-6 team. It is critical for schools like BC that don’t bring fans to hit this mark if they want to control their destiny. ACC pecking order is as follows:

1. CFP
2. Orange
2 (b). Other New Year’s Six Option but teams from other conferences typically chosen
2 (c). Citrus but only if Big Ten team selected for Orange
3. Camping World

Tier 2 (no set hierarchy - geography and bowl preference main factors)
4. Pinstripe
5. Belk
6. Sun
7. Tax Slayer/Music City (usually alternate years)

Tier 3 (typical hierarchy although exceptions allowed to avoid repeat destinations or preferred geography)
8. Military
9. Independence
10. Quick Lane

If spots available and the ACC has qualified teams then they have access to (in no particular order):
11. St. Petersburg
12. Birmingham

Since BC is arguably the 7th ranked ACC team (8th if you included ND who has access to the ACC bowls) they should be in the consideration for a Tier 2 ACC bowl selection but because of the one win rule they could slip all the way down to the bottom.

Personally I don’t see the ACC committee, which has some influence, putting BC below Duke and Virginia but I easily see Louisville, and Florida State leapfrogging BC which would put us in the Military or the Independence. I think the Military would be better for fans and a fun experience for the team. Clearly Pinstripe is the best case scenario.

JBQ said...

So, would that St. Petersburg be in Florida or in Russia?

Shabby1011 said...

Feel it's either us or Ville for Pinstripe, hope one of larger bowls wants Jackson and takes them off the board

Shabby1011 said...

Playoff - Clemson
Orange - Miami
Citrus - ND
Camping - Louisville
Tax Slayer - VT
Belk - Wake
Sun - NC State
Pinstripe - BC
Quick City - Duke
Military - UVA
St Pete - Fighting Jimbos

Am I missing anyone..think we have good shot at Pinstripe (hope)

Shabby1011 said...

GT - Independence

John said...

McMurphy may still be tuned in, but it appears as though he is wrong.

Screw him.

John said...

The $ being tossed around for coaches and coach searches in the SEC is insane.

Really insane.

Bravesbill said...

FAU would annihilate BC. Fightin Lane Kiffins would put up a ton of points.