Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cold end to a roller-coaster season

Bowl games can be tricky things from a fan perspective. The format and setup are such an anomaly, it is hard to put too much into their outcomes. Yet with a month to prepare and it being the final game of the year, you want your team to win. BC did not win and ended the season on a very frustrating note. After dominating the first half, BC only led by seven. In the second half, Iowa looked like a new team and BC couldn't adjust. There were and are plenty of excuses -- the field, the weather, the refs -- but the simple answer is BC lost a winnable game. For the fourth time in five years, Addazio finishes 7-6.

I want to have optimism about the future. I do think there is a ton of talent returning. But right now, I still wonder if Addazio can ever push enough of the right buttons to be more than a 7-6 coach. 

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up later this week.

Below is my post-game Periscope.


Big Ern said...

We are what our record says we are.

Knucklehead said...

Sincerely. I would like to get every piece of information you have about Anthony Brown's health situation. That is the key to next season. If Perry starts, next season will be a repeat of this season. Start slow and finish strong. Brown from the beginning and we could have 9 wins next seasons. Addazio needs to find another running back. Dillon should be getting 20 carries against shitty teams and 30 against the good teams max. He won't make it through next season carrying it 40 times a game in the ACC.

We had this game between the botched 3 at the end of the first half and the FG that put us at 20 instead of 24. Forget about what the field conditions cost us. Even on the last drive if Dillon can cut to his left he is gone for a TD to tie the game.

Fucking Eagles.

OB68 said...


eagle1331 said...

Adazzio is a joke. Get a young, hungry, aggressive coach.

Most of the fans that still care traveled to this game and saw ineptitude in display.

Most of them were at the bar by the 4th.

It was obvious Daz wasn't going to adapt and Wade was atrocious.

A change is needed now.

Unknown said...

Go Eagles!

Bravesbill said...

Another woulda, coulda, shoulda loss that has come to define BC. The Dazzler has got to go.

Pearl Washington said...

College Football starts and ends with a Quarterback. BC 's best years. Flutie/Foley/Ryan. Then an o-line.

Addazio blows but he would look a lot better with a QB . They have playmakers finally.

Knucklehead is 100% on Brown needs to be ready.

mod34b said...

Well said B.B.

eagle1331 said...

Why did we burn Perry's redshirt?

He played one quarter against UConn and all he did was hand the ball off?

Wade is now history at BC. Why did he start this game?

Perry should have been given a month of first team reps and the game experience. At least half of it.

Now if Brown is healthy enough to play next year, great. But if he goes down, or doesn't recover, we are left with a QB with no real experience to speak of.

Just another case of roster mismanagement, lack of foresight, and terrible game planning by Daz.

What would it take to get Martin Jarmond to answer some tough questions about his vision for BC Football if Daz isn't fired?

Eagle Esquire said...

With so much uncertainty at QB why isn’t Wade coming back?

Geezer eagle said...

Who the hell wants him? Even an average QB could have won us that game last night. I am so disqusted with Dazoshit's ultra-conservative game management. How many games has he cost us?

Edward Griffith said...

DAZZLE -NOT MUST GO (D-N) Eunda Est) IN 5 years the only QB he has actually brought in
as a freshman of true talent is Anthony Brown . If Brown is healthy a 20-25 finish is extremely likely. If not we are in for more disappointment.
Dazzle -Not has major problems getting QBs .
Would Pete Carmichael (NO Saints off-coord) come home?
Paying a salary in the upper 2s we should be able to get a very good young coach.
Jarmond is going to be a busy guy cleaning up the DiFloppo -Bates basketball mess and
now 5 years into the Dazzle-Not football mediocrity at best football.

knucklehead said...

The 8:11 comment is a joke right?

I could literally write a dissertation on why? Start with this. . .

He is the worst starting QB the school has had in 30 years. The worst.

He lost the game yesterday. He is a clown too. He drops back stands there like lady liberty and guns the ball at people 3,5 10 yards away.

The 8:11 comment is greatest thing I have ever read here. Bar none the absolute greatest thing I have ever read here.

Geezer eagle said...


always sunny in cleveland said...

Wade played to his ability. He made some nice throws in traffic, but obviously his three turnovers were all big. I thought the one TV commentator's analogy to water finding its level was reasonably accurate.

The program moves on.

mod34b said...

The first wade pic. Was bad, like any pic, but was a tip. Yes they scored. Bc recovered and dominated for the rest of half one.

His worst play was the fumble while passing. Just not aware Still rotten play calling telegraphed BC play calling.

How did the defense fall apart after the fumble?

Last pic was bad but result of bc being unable to run and becoming desperate. They were waiting.

Biggest issue in game was traction. Our guys were slipping all day long, but Iowa was not slipping as much.

Seems like a coaching/pjanning issues. Why were our guys wearing the wrong shoes? The bad shoe call was the biggest reason BC lost.

No traction = no blocking = no rushing = no set up for pass gains.

Let’s not lay this egg solely on wade. It was a coaches/team collapse in 2d half. The big turtle by Daz. God he sucks

Unknown said...

Amazing that people are now complaining about the weather and the field conditions.

Remember, this is the game everybody wanted to play in. Everybody was all excited to play in The Pinstripe Bowl in New York.

So no complaining about the weather or field conditions. People on this board were saying this is the game they wanted to get.

knucklehead said...

No. Wade threw the pick on the first drive and the defense mitigated it. It was not a tip. It was a ricochet because the pass was thrown to hard for a receiver 5 yards away. Sweeney then caught every pass thrown to him most of which were in accurate. Which bailed out Wade. Then Wade turned it over on the last two drives which were in excellent field position if I recall. Also he stood over the line leading to a false start this fucking our drive that would have put at 24 instead of 20.

Wade lost the game. If you ignore that Under Armor footwear is fucking useless. saw Iowa bitches slip 2-3 times in Nike shoes. We slipped 20-30 times.

You obviously didn't watch the game.

Dazzler gets blame for not calling a TO before the FG kicker at the very end of the first half.

knucklehead said...

Fuck off.

Nobody is complaining about the field conditions. Stupid bitch. The complaint is about the shoes.

I will say it again so you can retain it.

Fuck off.

I am not angry. Don't take the profanity as an indication of anger.

I am simply telling you to fuck off because you are dumb.

BarraCuda said...

BC ran 10 plays on first down in the second half. Two were incomplete passes; one on the second drive of the half, and the other on the final drive with less than a minute left in the game. The other 8 first down plays were Dillon runs, which gained a total of 15 yards.

So there were 7 consecutive first down plays which were runs by Dillon. This might be OK if he's gaining yards on first down, but he wasn't. Iowa clearly figured out that every first down play was going to be a run to Dillon, and yet no adjustments were made by the BC coaching staff. The lack of self-awareness by this coaching staff is mind-boggling.

Unknown said...

Knuck, you are the one that does not know the difference between than and then. You are the idiot.

Hopefully in the New Year you can start to read and write like an adult.

knucklehead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
knucklehead said...

Tony, you passed the grammar police training program. Congratulations. Like your high school and college diploma you will find it to be worthless. Just like you are.


Eagle Esquire said...

I’m not saying he’s great Beavis, BUT WHO ELSE DO THEY HAVE if AB can’t start the season? Perry? A QB out of Mass NOBODY WANTED with zero experience besides handing the ball off. Two true freshman QBs who are currently enrolled in high school?

Again I’m not saying Wade is ideal. He is not. He’s also not the worst QB they have had. Just to name a few: Justin Tuggle, Flutie, Jeff Smith, Shinskie, Quinton Porter and Dominique Davis. At they very least he would be a capable back up.

knucklehead said...

Take it easy Perry Mason. Thought it was funny.