Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Early Signing Day Eve

In just few short hours, BC will start receiving official letters of intent for players in the 2018 recruiting class. This will be the first year of the Early Signing Period and every team is treating the day differently. From the messaging in the media, it seems like BC is pressuring/encouraging all their current verbals to sign. This won't benefit the players, but it will benefit BC. With their primary targets locked in, they can use the next few weeks to target any potential uncommitted star and get a head start on the 2019 class. Locking in the guys also allows them to shift the staff's focus on the bowl game.

Roster management is key through this process. BC has a smallish incoming recruiting class, but still has more incoming than outgoing players. My guess is we will soon hear of what current players are not coming back for the spring either due to early graduation, injury or transfer. 

It seems like Addazio won't have to sign anyone in February if all goes according to plan. But my guess is they won't stop after the Signing Day. Once the smoke clears, BC will know who else to target.  


Unknown said...

This is an exciting day for those who love football. I hope BC pulls in a good class! Early signs seem promising

NYCEagle said...

All of BCs verbal commits signed by 8:15 AM. Great news. Now the coaching staff has a month and a half to try to pick off kids from other programs. Likely only 2-3 scholarship offers still available. Not having to worry about your own class this early in the process is a huge plus for a program like BC

Unknown said...

Crushing it.

BCEagles2014 said...

Thank you for the well wishes, Craig! They seem to have paid off!

On a serious note, keep an eye out for Javontae Jean-Baptiste. High 4* recruit out of Bergen Catholic that has BC in his final 3. The head coach of Bergen Catholic is the brother of BC's own Frank Campanile (my former football coach at Don Bosco Prep). Definitely a huge plus to have that kind of connection, not to mention Bergen's qb, Johnny Langan, signing with BC today as well. Immediate program changer if he signs with us.

Shabby1011 said...

Looks like Jean-Baptiste could be a VT lean but hopefully the BC connections are enough to push him our way.

I have to give Daz and staff their due. Since he has gotten to BC I think his approach (the results prior to this year could be debated) is spot on. He has done a great job of signing the majority of his classes very early. BC is a unique school and is not going to do well if we are chasing kids late. Target who you want and your needs, get them to committ and go to work on developing the players you have in the program.

The early signing period is a huge advantage for BC and this year's class is a perfect example. The entire class signed, its a great class for BC, NJ pipeline is back, best MA players are staying home. Now the staff can see if they can steal an impact player like Dillon late(poss Baptiste)and concentrate on 2019 and continued development of players in the program.

Knucklehead said...

Yeaster is so good he is getting a tax break.

mod34b said...

shabby, daz is shabby.

Daz (Rivals ranks)

2013 - 14th ACC; 87 nationally
2014, 9, 42
2015: 10, 47
2016: 14, 83
2017: 14; 66
2018: 12, 55


2002: 42nd nationally
2003: 24th nationally
2004: 24th nationally.

Daz is not a successful recruiter. he can't coach in game; and he has developed precious few plays. He does have a good eye for assistant coach who can take over where he fails

Edward Griffith said...

The one major question regarding DAZZLE-Not's recruiting capabilities remains the vital
position of QB. Tyler Murphy was a gem but the other 5th year qbs were HORRIBLE.
Anthony Brown looks like a potential great one.
In the period 1982-2009 we had 3 qbs of all -american caliber. Doug Flutie , Glenn Foley,
and Matt Ryan. The others varied from good to very good. The Hasselbacks ,Scott Mutryn etc.
Loeffler ,Reid , Brown , Campaile absolutely essential to making them into good-great
Why doesn't Jim name Danya to staff as assist. for big men and recruiter.
The BB coach who had an uncanny knack of spotting gems in the rough was Al Skinner ,BCs
most successful basketball coach ever along with Jim O'Brien.

TGS said...

Thank God for Mod giving this blog a dose of reality. Calling the Daz a great recruiter is like referring to Khead as a MENSA member.

EL MIZ said...

Mod - doesn't there have to be some reflection as to how guys turned out? the recruiting rankings are perennially inaccurate, so using them as some sort of objective measuring stick seems misguided.

according to you, our recruiting class last year is 14th out of 14 in the ACC and 66th nationally - do you really agree with that? it produced the ACC Rookie of the Year in Dillon and a guy who will be a preseason all american next year - how many ACC teams can say that? only one - BC. Petrula looks like he'll be a 4 year starter and was named (along with Dillon) to the ESPN All Freshman team. just based on those returns alone i'd say we had a top 5 ACC class last year.

also, didn't Edward Griffith used to post under a lady's name?

NYCEagle said...

Recruiting rankings are wildly inaccurate because they are based more on offers than on skill/tape. Look at how a kids star rating changes when they receive an offer/commit to Clemson, FSU, Ohio States of the world vs what happens to our kids when they commit

mod34b said...

El Miz,

Daz does recruit 4-6 excellent players per year. But that is just not enough.

I did look at the recruits per year, out of a typical 22 member recruiting class, only say 5 are studs.

here is the class of 2016 which is ranked 14/14. all juniors next year. How many are excellent recruits? 4 out of 19??

Elijah Johnson
Hamp Cheevers
Korab Idrizi
Mike Palmer
John Lamot
Shane Leonard
Grant Carlson
Christian McStravick
Max Richardson
Ethan Tucky
Adam Korutz
Ray Marten
Anthony Brown
Tom Kowalkoski
Kobay White
Bryce Morais
Brandon Barlow
Sean Ragan
Curt Bletzer

TGS...you think khead could possible be a BC guy? No way, right. I hope he chills and just talks football.

Heights said...

Mod34b, keep crushing it man!!

Geezer eagle said...

Will you please stop with the crushing crap? You are an adult, right?

EL MIZ said...

out of the class you cited, i believe 7 have started already (Johnson, Hamp Cheevers, Korab Idrizi, John Lamot, Richardson, Brown, White, perhaps Tucky last year? Tucky then transferred). that seems to be a pretty good return for 2 years in. i have no idea how that stacks against other recruiting classes and doesn't really address whether the rankings are that effective of a metric.

regardless, i would rank recruiting below in-game management and sideline composure in terms of Daz's biggest weaknesses. to his credit, i think both in-game management and composure improved this year.

mod34b said...

Tucky was a flop. Idrizi. Seriously. Very little PT

So 5/6 guys.

That’s not good.

Daz composure did improve. Good point Seems to have been a non issue this year. Maybe he has more confidence in his coordinators - or better meds

Shabby1011 said...

Mod - You didn't answer EL Miz. Last year's class was clearly not the 14the best in the ACC and 66th nationally.

Dillon is a legitimate Heisman candidate and was unanimous ACC Rookie of the Year. He will be the best offensive player in the ACC next year. He was the best back in the ACC minus Jackson from Ville and only played half the season. Petrula is clearly a 4yr stud and NFL prospect. Those two alone make last year's class top 5 in ACC.

2014 class which was also rated 14th in the league is a good class. Brown, White, Johnson, Cheevers, Lamont, Palmer and Richardson are all good players. White will be one of the best WR in league, Brown clearly showed some talent and Palmer is best return player in league. Idirzi, Marten, Morais and Leonard have all contributed to this point and I am sure others will.

I imagine you know this but NO recruiting class goes 60% success rate, most don't go 50%. If you get 3-5 front line players, 5 solid rotational players and couple backups/special teams guy that is a successful recruiting class. The last two classes are shaping up to be just that.

This year's class is very good. Those kids from Jersey?Mass were legitimate recruits that numerous ACC/Big Ten teams wanted. Both QB's are better prospects then any of the QB's were coming into BC. They added a few very highly rated OLine men. The entire class signed, they will probably add 1 or 2 best available kids and the roster is in the best shape it has been since TOB

Daz has been extremely frustrating at times and I have not been a fan, especially last year, where I thought we under achieved. However you have to give him and staff their due. I am not sure how they did it, well I am - they just gave Dillon the ball everytime, but after the VT game they did a 180. They are playing more confidently, more aggressive on offense, more opportunistic on defense, the young players are playing and playing well and this is a good class.

mod34b said...

shabby, 214 class was Daz's best. #9 ACC #42 nationally

Jonathan Hilliman
Harold Landry
Connor Strachan


Allen Dawson
Gabriel McClary
Ty Schwab
Kevin Bletzer
Mike Knoll
James Hendren
Cameron Seward
Christian Lezzer
Kevin Cohee
Jon Baker
Thaddius Smith
Darius Wade
Isaac Yiadom
Marcus Outlow
Sherman Alston
Joe Vitiell

Troy Flutie
Kam Moore
Sam Schmal
Tom Sweeney
Richard Wilson
Noa Merritt
Austin Stevens
Nat Dixon

No stars

Oseh Sai

Knucklehead said...

TGS, You are so proud of your "son" attending Providence College that you tell everyone on a blog.

Knucklehead said...

. . . Ham on Thanksgiving.