Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Signing Day recap

And just like that, Early Signing Day was anti-climatic for Boston College. Addazio signed his entire class. There were no surprise names. He did not mention or hint at any guys they might add in February. He made only passing reference to recruiting rankings. He introduced the guys alphabetically. It was ho-hum. And that's probably for the best.

In the Q&A portion of his press conference, Addazio did explain some of his process. He made a point of how important it is at BC to get a guy on campus over and over. That way the player can evaluate the coaches and the coaches can really see what the player can do.

Here are a few topics that Addazio did not hit hard that I find interesting:

1. There are two more QBs coming in. With Brown, Perry and McDonald all on the roster, two more QBs coming in makes the depth chart very crowded. I have no problem with Addazio bringing in two guys. For such an important position, you always need depth and making projections from high school to Power 5 football is tough. What this means is there probably won't be five underclass QBs on the roster a year from now. Someone will switch positions or leave. I have no idea who.

2. No one from Ohio. It could just be an off year or a shift in BC's preferences. We are getting more guys out of New Jersey than most. Ricky Brown has Ohio roots, so I doubt we will ignore what was once so critical to BC. However, it doesn't really matter where you get the guys. What matters is that they fit and can play.

3. One kid from "ACC Country." Naples, Florida Joseph Sparacio is the only signee from a traditional ACC territory. When we joined the conference it seemed to open doors in places like Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and help our Florida efforts. Recruiting in these areas also makes sense since your assistants can catch local high school games the night before away games. Like the Ohio issue, this may just be a one year blip. You would think that with our recent success with Florida kids, there would be more momentum.

Addazio mentioned that he will be hitting the road again in January. It was implied that he will be focused on 2019 and 2020. But he also spoke of jumping on opportunities as they arise. With the whole class signed, any addition will just be a bonus.


John said...

Aside from the individual star ratings, I would be pretty happy with this class based upon their bio statements.

I also think we have some great names in this class. ☺️

Welcome to BC, men. I wish you each all the best

CT said...

Kinda seems like it’s pretty much the same kind of guys every year now wrt the kids’ other offers, who we beat out, and who we lose to.

I thought the ACC move would pay off more by now, and though we’ve nabbed a handful from Georgia and Florida, I wonder to what extent the SEC’s mid 2000’s and on dominance coupled with a resurgent ACC has played into this right as we made the move and tried to gain inroads into new geography.

Good luck to the guys. It’s a great place to be. Especially when it’s free.

Heights said...

CT, you crush, I crush.

Geezer eagle said...

Will you please stop with the crush it crap? You are an adult, right?

mod34b said...

Off point but interesting bit from great NY Post.

The BC connection that’s spicing up Rangers-Devils rivalry

In York we trust (been crushing it before crushing was it)

JBQ said...

So, is AB "damaged goods" or not? I thought that he had all of the elements of developing into an elite ACC quarterback. Maybe, that is why the recruitment of more quarterbacks. He could be through. Perry really looked rough edged in video clips. McDonald has the blood lines with an all Pac-10 (at that time) father. I don't know anything about his development. Going into next season, those are the three. If AB can't go, then they need to look for a transfer.

Knucklehead said...

McDonald and the player from Bergen Catholic aren't playing QB. Bergen will end up a TE. McDonald is filler like Fadule. Fadule is better.

The QB from Mamaronack is legit.

working rich said...

biggest issue is BRown.

Can he play in spring ?
Can he play next year ?
What exactly was his injury?

seems like there is a HIPAA blackout on the facts.

Kash86 said...

The Ohio thing is not a big deal. Just because TOB got some guys from there for a few years doesn't mean its sustainable across regimes. Its really not a naturally relevant area for BC (it became a focus because of TOB). BC is much more generally relevant in NJ and that territory has more long term potential with both location and the predominant catholic background of the big FB schools in state.

The "ACC Territory" issue is more pressing, but not surprising considering they lost Washington last year who built a lot of goodwill and recruited that territory, specifically North Carolina and Georgia.

Langan is going to get a legitimate shot at QB. He would have gone elsewhere if not, there were plenty of schools who did/would have offered him if he were willing to commit to play LB. Also, to suggest that Fadule is a better QB than McDonald is asinine considering you have never seen McDonald take a snap and Fadule did next to nothing the few times he played here in 2015 (to argue he was more effective than Troy Flutie is not impressive and if you look at his statistics from '15, he was not good. McDonald also comes from a much more competitive area of the country from a HSFB perspective, he was starting at one of the best programs in the country in Mater Dei until he got hurt.

Knucklehead said...

If you think McDonald or Langhan ever see the field at QB, you totally missed the point, then you can take a seat next to the other morons who post here.

If Brown is done then it is Perry or Mamaronack.

Told the punks here after the spring game Brown was better and that Perry was going to get the next shot.

Nothing written here by anyone else can change or will change it.

You are so smaht Kashman.

Eagle Esquire said...

What happened to Wade’s medical redshirt?

NYCEagle said...

Wade has the option to come back for another year, but why would he?

Eagle Esquire said...

Plenty of reasons in my humble opinion. No one knows if AB will be back in full strength. His status is a mystery to everyone. Even if he does end up starting, he’s only one play away from running the show. He’ll get a grad degree from a top tier institution, along with the satisfaction of finishing what he started.