Monday, January 15, 2018

Basketball takes care of FSU at home

If you are measuring baby steps, Jim Christian passed last year's ACC win total by beating Florida State Monday night. BC dominated the first half with a great defensive effort. There was good rebounding, good movement and plenty of blocks. FSU only shot 26% in the first half and BC built a 16-point lead. The 'Noles chipped away at that lead and made it interesting in the second half. But BC made their foul shots and closed it out.

Popovic had the most notable night. His five blocks helped BC build the lead. He also made some nice plays late in the second half as Florida State tried to force BC into turnovers and bad shots.

You would hope with such a big lead, Christian would have given his bench more minutes, but Reyes and Baker barely played.

While exceeding the two ACC win mark is not really a big deal, I do like the general progress of the team. There should be more ACC wins ahead.


working rich said...

It’s a start.
BC won but they didn’t put FSU away at the end.
I still will take any victory.
A step up from last year.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Agree - except for the impact on our blood pressures - a win is a win - and JC has made progress.

BC 86 said...

Typical game I thought BC would give away,, watched with one eye open, progress, good win

Edward Griffith said...


JIM get one more 2-3 star BIGGIE and BC bb is beginning to make the ECHOES ring again


JARMOND must be busy reclaiming the FLOPPO made disaster known as women's bb.

IVEY ND Ralph UCONN or how about Rebecca Lobo ?

Unknown said...

Quick? who is the kid on the bench not in a playing uniform? Is a Transfer? Is that the big recruits brother?

TheFive said...

No need to measure "baby steps" to see the progress here. BC is 3-3 through its first 6 conference games which were likely harder than those played by any other team in the country: 2 top 5 teams, the defending national champion (UNC), 2 top 25 teams (Clemson and Florida State), and Wake. Surviving that gauntlet with a 7-man (at most) rotation and being in position to make a run at the NCAAs is remarkable. Pair that with two solid recruits for next year, and we have meaningful progress. These are not baby steps. And Robinson is likely the best player we have had -- as a pure college player -- since Dudley (yes, better than Rice and Reggie Jackson). Enjoy this; they're not perfect, but they're a fun team.

eagle1331 said...

JEROME - Didn't notice him yesterday but for Dartmouth on Saturday the non-BC dressed kid on the bench was the new recruit's brother that is transferring. I'd assume the same yesterday, though it could have been one of the injured guys or a practice squad kid.

Nice work by Jarmond offering up free tickets to any students on campus and having buses running from freshmen areas directly to Conte. Looked like a solid crowd on TV that undoubtedly helped the team. They seemed in to it and loud.

I dislike JC in general but he does seem to be showing legit progress in all aspects of the game, on and off the court, as opposed to Daz. Now if he'd just be respectable and wear a tie.

Unknown said...

Darn good game, I especially liked the fact that the team made Florida's 7'4" center ineffective, and cut down on three point shooters. JBI

JBQ said...

Was able to watch the game on ESPNU. Saw the team for the first time. Robinson is exciting and there were other sparks. Popovic is a good rebounder. FSU kept driving the middle with their long armed guards and getting off good shots.---Popovic couldn't really grab the ball but kept tapping it away. There are problems with rebounding. The perimeter defense was very good. As stated previously by a commenter on this site. The problem is depth. The transfer could help but maybe have to sit out. They do work at hitting the open man.---I would say that more p.r. needs to be done to let people see the personality of Robinson. His red hair should be enough to provoke interest. I'd also like to know more about Popovic.

Deacon Drake said...

So it was a win BC absolutely needed. First, the Saturday/Monday road trip is absolutely devastating... shocked that we were a 3 point underdog. That handicap alone should have been 3 points. In our favor. It clearly showed on FSU's end, as nobody had the legs to make a long shot till the end, and BC out hustled for loose balls. BC pushed the tempo and fatigue got to FSU early. Our short rotation leveled the playing field, but Robinson is so incredibly clutch right now. His touches were way down in the second half (Mostly Bowman/Pop/Mitchell) as they really pressed him to the sideline, but he buried almost every look he got. We owned their press. Well prepared in that respect. Pop was given the keys to handle it, and everyone knew the outlets. This was major progress, even though a little foul trouble in the second half allowed FSU to hang around, stop the clock and get to the line.

Get a few days to rest with another critical road test. Louisville is more important than Syracuse; Cuse isn't going anywhere, and their ceiling is probably lower than ours based on their inability to play away from home. Louisville is likely to hang around that 8-10 win (and seed)-line (like ND, FSU, VT) and head to head there puts us in the conversation despite garbage non-conference wins. Cuse zone is going to be taxing, and the Carrier Dome effect is no joke... may be best to catch them on the home end and throw the house at the Cardinals.

GridClub said...

Jared Hamilton.....Jarius brother. Transferred in and starts classes today. Will be eligible January '19

knucklehead said...

Why is it devastating? Did they go from Syracuse to Tallahassee to Boston?

knucklehead said...

According to the Boston Globe, the Florida State coach was bitching about playing 4 game in 8 days. That might be tough but be we play 6 players.

All even to me.

knucklehead said...

Opposite. We need to beat Syracuse. A lose to a similar team would be devastating.

eagle1331 said...

I don't know wheather Jared Hamilton needs to sit or if he is eligible to play once he's enrolled in classes (2nd semester is just starting).

He sat last season because he transferred to Georgia Southern and has 3 years remaining. Does that transfer clock restart if he doesn't touch the court for Georgia Southern?

Bill, do you know?

CT said...

I think he sits until next January and will then have two seasons left-the rest of 2019 and 2020.

Dude shot 20% from 3 in 38 games. Hope one of his classes is “Mastering the Drive: How to Get to the Rim to Win.”

knucklehead said...

That comment deserves a rimshot.

Where did he transfer from. Is this guy a climber?

knucklehead said...

He will just be carrying his brothers books anyway.

Shabby1011 said...

1 down 6 to go

If BC can steal one this week between Ville or Cuse they will be in great shape.

Congrats to Pop, clearly MOP of that game, Ky, JRob and Chatman all played great and had their moments but that might be the best ACC game Pop has played. Who cares about scoring, he defended the paint, defensive rebounded his space and handled the ball like a guard, making pass plays and helping to break pressure a number of times.

Eagles played that game like they needed to win and were confident they were going to win. Executed from the tip, everyone was engaged and best players made plays. I think people are over reacting about it getting close. This is the ACC, FSU is a really good team and have a number of good players. They were going to make a run and BC withstood it. It never got a possession game (got to 4 twice i think). That was a legit ACC win played by a team that looked like it could play in March.

Fun team to watch and hope the crowd and support for team/coaching staff continues to grow

John said...

I like what Eagle 1331 pointed out about Jarmond at the 9:50am post. Free tickets to students back on campus and bus service from freshmen areas directly to Conte.

Our AD knows what it put fannies in the seats for a program on the rise, but was dead for many years.

Maybe one day soon we'll have to charge students once again - but until then - continue to open those gates, Mr. Jarmond. Congratulations to you,sir.