Sunday, January 14, 2018

Where did BC fall in CFN's final ranking?

It was a 7-6 year, but it still felt a little different this season. BC found itself in a big hole and then it went on a refreshing win streak. At times the team looked like it could beat anyone. The next week, you were surprised with some of the simple struggles. College Football News seems to have more respect for BC's accomplishments than maybe even a regular BC fan. CFN put BC at No. 28 in their Final Season Rankings.

If you look, some familiar teams are around BC (Iowa, Wake, NC State). I guess another win might have helped perception a little, but clearly not much.

I don't know if BC is a Top 25 team next year, but that should be the expectation. There are plenty of pieces coming back and the schedule is manageable. I don't want to be sitting here a year from now, glad that CFN or some other site almost ranked BC.


mod34b said...

28? No way.

45 sounds about right.

Unknown said...

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Napolean Bonaparte said...

Thanks largely to Mr. Dillon, we became competitive, showed progress and beat most of the teams we should have beaten - that was significantly better than where we were before. Had we scored or prevented another touchdown and defeated Iowa (as we were capable of doing) under crappy conditions - the outlook would be considerably more favorable. Just hope Addazio builds off of this season, makes even more progress and doesn't regress to his old ways. He'll be around until the end of his contract barring a meltdown. I suspect he'll need to win some games we aren't supposed to win and do better than 7-6. Based on who we have coming back and some new arrivals - there is cause to be optimistic. Addazio should have the wherewithal to comfortably retire once his contract is up at around age 60 so I doubt he feels too much pressure other than wanting a couple of more big earning years and ending his career on a high note. Hope springs eternal.

Edward Griffith said...

The key to prevent Dazzle-Not from reverting to totally lousy is keeping the assistants Loeffler, Reid ,Campanile

and that means paying them . Do it "FOR BOSTON"

knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...

That was a 9 win season if the QB doesn't blow out his knee. It was an 8 win team if we were wearing Nike cleats and not Under armour in the bowl.

28 is fair.

College Football News obviously watches the games

JBQ said...

28, no friggin way.If Jarmond had the kahunas, they would pay off the Dazzler and elevate Pasqualoni to head coach. His temperment is fantastic. Loeffler and Reid are great. Addazio is the albatross. If this team goes 7-6, then Daz should be exiled to Devil's Island.---He lost two games, NC St and Iowa, by overruling his o.c. If he would butt out and let the experts do their jobs, then everyone would be happy. His ego will not let him do that.---His vision of offense is Tim Tebow. Tebow weighed even more than Dillon at 250-260. That is where the jump pass came from.

John said...

September UMass, Holy Cross, at Purdue, Temple. 3 of 4 OOC games at Alumni.

Hopefully 4 and 0, but the game starts Purdue will tell us whether or not we are indeed moving forward.

The At Purdue game is a loss in Addazio year 1-5. Will he have the team prepared for a tough 3rd game in Year 6?

We don't know the dates yet, but FSU, Clemson (I heard a Friday night) Louisville, NC State, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Virginia Tech and Miami.

Tough schedule, but we should get 4 or 5.

Hopefully we'll see 8 and 4 and a good chance for 9 and 3.

A lot of unknowns going in.

JBQ - I thought Tebow played at 235.

knucklehead said...

If they won all their games after VT they would have been in the top 25. A shot knee and shitty shoes were the difference. Someone was paying attention and it wasn't you.

Looks like Christian taught the players how to break a press. Haven't seen an Eagles team break a press that consistently since Jim O'Brien was the coach.

John said...

Yes,I remember how painful it was when we had no clue how to inbound the ball and break a full court press.

Well done, team - HC, coaches and players.

JBQ said...

@John: College references list him at 235. NFL websites list him at 245. I have read that he eventually was heavier than that. I would say that Daz falsified his weight at Florida. That would be something like Kareem at UCLA where he was listed at 6 ft 11. The joke was that he grew two inches the day that he graduated.---I also would remark that Florida State had a player last evening who played at 7 ft 4 according to the announcers. I have seen pictures of Wilt Chamberlain standing flat footed at Kansas with both hands wrapped around the rim.---Players are evolving into such big stats that the fields of play are being compromised. The chances of injury are evolving with it.

Teresa Halminton said...

Thank you for updating!