Monday, January 08, 2018

How Georgia provides a lesson for BC

[I am writing this prior to kickoff of the game, so there is a good chance that when you read this Georgia will have been smothered in another clinical Alabama championship game. I don't think that's going to happen, but the outcome is not really the point of this post.] 

The last time Georgia competed for a National Championship was in the early '80s with Herschel Walker carrying the team. A contemporary of Doug Flutie, Walker won the Heisman and was a household name. Like BC, Georgia has had some high points since, but has never recaptured the glory of the Walker years...until now. The reasons for Georgia's ups and downs are many. And Georgia will never be a great parallel for BC due to their different histories, local talent, and fan expectations. However, there is one lesson from Georgia's success this year that BC can apply. It involves making a tough decision on a coaching change.

Mark Richt did nearly everything right at Georgia. He was a model citizen and a mentor. While perhaps a tad boring, he was someone that the fans base could be proud of and the recruits could embrace. High school coaches loved him. The media loved him. He was not some constant malcontent like Saban and became part of the community in Athens. He won two SEC Championships. If a coach won two ACC titles at BC, he would probably be employed for life. That's not how it worked in Athens

Georgia fired Mark Richt two years ago. Their leadership felt a change was needed in order to take their program to the next level. Now they are playing for the National Championship.

It is tough to fire a winning coach. Just ask BC fans. You can spin it to the media and your fanbase, but if the new coach doesn't win at a higher level, the school and its AD look dumb. I don't know what the future holds for Addazio. I appreciate many of the things he has done, but still have real doubts if he can ever rise above his established ceiling. If he keeps going 7-6, will Jarmond -- our whoever is AD at the time -- make the call to replace him? Georgia made the tough call and it looks like it was worth the risk.


mod34b said...

Comparing Daz to Richt is silly.

In Rich’ss last 5 season, he finished 4 season nationally ranked, Including 2 top ten finishes.

Daz? Not so much.

mod34b said...

Comparing Richt to Daz is Like comparing a thoroughbread to a jackass or comparing BJK to Khead


Unknown said...

This article was hilarious.

BC 86 said...

Landry late first round to pats, go bc

John said...

What a lesson on clock management and playing to win at the end of the half by Smart.

John said...

Addazio would have taken the knee 3 times.

Hopefully the Dawgs will continue to play aggressively while under control.

I'm sick of Saban and Alabama.




FakeShalomTfree said...

Wasn’t that the logic when they fired al skinner? That worked out well

BC 86 said...

"Beautiful" , lets hope for same type of management next year bjk, go eagles

CT said...

You really don’t need to post every night. This is an example why.

If college football is a 100 yard dash, the SEC is starting at the 50. Northern schools simply are not on any level comparable to the SEC. It’s just not a priority for you yanks. It’s North Korea’s stockpile against ours. We have newsletters about service in Ecuador or something close. They have newsletters on homecoming dances. Grew up here. Live here. Have the T-shirt. Comparing expectations...are we still having this conversation? Wake me when Stanford makes the playoff. Until then, let’s just win 9 games.

On a side note, only Saban could’ve made that change tonight.

mod34b said...

Some one needs to tell Urban Meyer he can’t compete. Maybe he can get a job as an SEC talking head on the Television.

Same for Oklahoma. They need to know they can’t compete with likes of Georgia and ‘Bama.

But kidding aside,the championship was an awesome football game.

John said...

What a game - but Alabama got all the calls. The blocked punt, but mistakenly called offsides changed the game.

Gutsy call on the QB, but maybe the kid should have been the starter anyway.

ATL was saying that UGA fired a pretty good coach to get to the promised Land. Would BC ever make such a move?

ObserverCollege said...

Let's be very, very clear. If Jarmond DARES to fire Coach Addazio, we will rain talking point upon talking point down upon Jarmond's head. ESPN debaters, national college football writers, sports talk radio hosts and Boston sports media will decry the injustice of firing a winning coach who gets the 7 wins that shows the best you can do at Boston College.

We have primed the opinion leaders more than sufficiently. The Herbies. The Palmers. The Wares. The McShays. The Baylesses. The Cowherds. The Stephen A. Smiths.

and, of course,

The Blaudschuns.

If you fire Coach Addazio, you will get so much bad press and derision that you will ruin FIVE years of recruiting classes. F-I-V-E.

Do you want any of this, Boston College? Do you want this?

No, you don't.

Extend Coach Addazio through his age-72 season NOW.

John said...


knucklehead said...

Compared to BJK maybe(he tells everyone repeatedly where he goes on vacation-he must be smart, right?). Compared to you though Mod(a sad flighty malcontent) I always win.

Keep trying, ha.

knucklehead said...
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Unknown said...

Seems like Georgia and BC have something else in common; they choke in the big games.

John said...

I guess I can come across as pompous or a blowhard, but I'm not usually. So I apologize.

Concerning vacations and travel - we're not waiting until we are too old and the idea is, don't put things off too long. And it's amazing how fast you'll get to my age (50th Reunion this year). Lawrence O'Donnell's book is very meaningful for us.

As for BC sports, especially football, basketball and hockey - I enjoy it most when we are competitive in our own league and division (football).

I know we are not Alabama or Georgia (4 and 0 against them in past games 🙂) but our brand of football can be pretty darned good!

So I hope we are truly on an upward curve, and it would be great to get back to the ACC CG and a meaningful bowl; and to the "Big Dance" and the Frozen Four - both men and women. And the College World Series.

No more blowouts, please. We are much more capable than that!


Bravesbill said...

After that tipped INT in the third quarter, Georgia stopped playing to win and tried to hang on, much like Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl. One would figure they would have learned a valuable lesson from that game. On another note, Hurts probably should never have been the starter. That Tua kid is unbelievable.

mod34b said...

what is it that you think you win Knucklehead?

what a kook

NEDofSavinHill said...

The SEC is so superior to other conferences. They have managed to compile losing records in bowl games the last two seasons. 2017 season 5-6. 2016 6-7. Combined they are 11-13. They have the fourth best conference record of the power 5. ACC is 13-9. Big Ten is 10-8.Big 12 is 9-5. The SEC outperforms only the PAC 12 which is last at 4-10. So much for dominance.

knucklehead said...

Mod, Every single comment you make is non sense. Read what you wrote this morning in your stupor. You need to take a course or three in self awareness. Take them after the reading comprehension program I recommended for you previously. You need to be able to understand what you read on order to complete a self awareness course.

You epitomize a person whose head is up their own ass.

knucklehead said...

Mod,Whenever I see one of your comments it reminds me of steve carell in the movie Anchorman. Pure drivel.

mod34b said...

you did not answer knucklehead.

you said "I always win."

what is it that knucklehead won? do tell, winner.

also a few tips for you

1. Word Usage: the word is 'nonsense,' not 'non sense.'
2. grammar! "You need to be able to understand what you read on order to complete a self awareness course." try this: "You need to understand what you have read to complete a self-awareness course."
3. Class. Refrain from continually insulting every one here. That is a very low-class, non-BC thing to do. I know you did not go to BC and want to fake it like you did. One step is to fake having some class by not insulting everyone. We already know you are a low-class thug, and that you think you are a superior being (so funny too), but just fake some class and respect for a while.

mod34b said...

4. don;t read my comments if you don't like them. I only read yours for a laugh at your expense.

Unknown said...

Way to go mod34b. Keep crushing it.

TGS said...

Excellent rebuttal Mod. Khead must go. He is a complete waste of plasma. The man, and I use the term quite loosely here, is a 40 year old virgin, a classic has been who never was and is universally despised on the board by all.
Do everyone a favor Khead and go haunt the WNBA blog.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Every confrontation you start with me I win. You truly are a sad sort Mod. Life is horrible for you. You poor son of a bitch. Isn't it?

You brought me into this. Do you realize that?

I hold back when I am forced to deal with you because of how pathetic you come across. You really are a Rutgers fan though so being pathetic is going to be difficult for you to overcome.

Cannot wait for Ryan Day to get the OC job back again after Loeffler leaves next season.

(S)T(D)GS, Always emptying his sexual inadequacies on the BC sports blog. How your "son" would be proud(if you really had one).

Anyone who brings their personal life onto a blog is crying out loud.

It is great the way you invoke the entire blog with so much grandeur. You are a sick puppy.

Did the Santa comment upset you TGS? I thought you would be proud of your mall issued santa constume/work uniform. Proud like you are of your overwhelming popularity here "on the board." You should run for President of "the board." Then you will have something to put on your resume above "failed tryout for Barstool Van Talk."

The talk of WNBA blogging makes me think that you are in-fact blogging for on your favorite WNBA site. That is a real desire for you to undertake but you keep yourself from doing it. You keep yourself from "doing" all kinds of things though.

Two clowns.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Richt was 145-51 during his 14 years at GA (9-3 and 10-3 in last two years). In two years at Miami he is 19-7. The only lesson I take from his firing is that when premier coaching talent suddenly becomes available (and is baggage free) - you need to go after it. My guess is nobody at BC even knew he had been let go until Miami hired him. Makes me think about Tom Crean and Indiana. If Richt was 145-51 at BC - they'd be renaming Alumni after him.

Joseph said...

KH seems like a certain politician.. Loves to think of 'winning and loves to insult people while claiming to be "like smart"

knucklehead said...

If you read what I write and think I am a politician then you are following the yellow brick road with the scare crow(mod34b) and the lion(TGS).

I appreciate being quoted. Where did I write like smart. Not my style but if I did mean culpa, Joseph.

Bravesbill said...

Well that was a truly embarrassing loss for the basketball team. Let's hope things don't go south quickly like last year.

JBQ said...

If it wasn't for that three year extension, the Dazzler would have been gone long ago. They don't throw jump passes at Virginia Tech. That came from the Florida offensive genius. The "strip sack" against Iowa probably did not come from Loeffler either.---If you want continued mediocrity, then you have it. Dillon is ready for the pros now. I don't know when he can leave. However, I am sure that he already knows.---I don't know how Tom Gatewood's grandson came to BC instead of Michigan. That is a mystery of the universe. It is the same as the love of a woman. You embrace it and thank God for it. Now, let's bring in a coach who can take BC to the next level.

Joseph said...

KH. Please reread what I wrote. I said that you "seem like a certain politician" I did not say that you were a politician. Also, that politician to whom I refer as finding "winning" to be all there is in life also has written that he is "like smart".. Light bulb starting to warm up yet?

Knucklehead said...

Say what you mean. Don't be afraid.