Tuesday, January 09, 2018

UNC kills BC on boards

BC has made a habit of playing much better in the second half of games. That didn't work out so well against North Carolina Tuesday night. The Tar Heels built an early lead by dominating BC on the boards and never looked back. BC mounted a min-comeback in when Bowman hit a few 3s in a row, but nothing ever really serious.

Beyond the rebounding issues, the D wasn't good either. Carolina had a ton of easy baskets and Luke Maye had his way with Pop and JCR.

Whenever we face a team with a defined style (UVA, UNC) it can get messy. We play their way and are depth usually becomes an issue. A high scoring, uptempo game against a talented team like UNC was going to be tough. Our lack of D and bad shots didn't make it easier.

The good news out of the game was Tim Brando mentioning BC's new basketball facility. Jarmond has been talking to donors about it (including Tuesday's Monan Donor call), but there hasn't been a public statement from the school. It would be a basketball dedicated practice facility and would put us in line with the rest of the conference. Like the Football facility, it would show the recruits and basketball world that we are serious about competing in the ACC. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I am sure the school will explain something shortly.


Edward Griffith said...

The KEY to Christian's future is RECRUITING if he cant get a couple of BIG MEN who are
2-3 star caliber he . will have to GO.
HE desperately needs to find the hidden gem like O'Bie and especially Skinner could
like Craig Smith and Danya Abrams who should be added immediately to help with recruiting
and to work with our pathetic BIGS.
WE can't count on raining down threes on ACC foes.
Jared Dudley would attract much attention as head for recruiting and bb know how.
Sick and tired of getting thrashed by CHEATERS like NC.

mod34b said...

Maybe mention BC lost by 30.


Maybe we can stop the “bubble” talk too

But. New hoops practice facility is quite interesting.

Deacon Drake said...

UNC was coming off an embarrassing loss to UVA... they needed it more than us. I get that the number and duration of stoppages allow players to play more minutes, but tempo is way up across NCAA. Coach needs to find a way to work in more bench minutes, if only to get them experience for next season.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

UNC needed it more than us? Okay - yeah we are used to embarrassing ourselves. We do not have a bench that can play effectively against ACC competition no matter how many minutes we give them. Every player on that bench would be much better off playing more minutes elsewhere in a lower level conference. Christian has some positives - but I wonder how many here really believe he is going to significantly elevate the program within any reasonable period and recruit at the level needed? I don't see it - hope I am proven wrong. But if Villanova can do it - so can we.

Shabby1011 said...

Eagles are undermanned and prior to last night have competed in every game especially vs. their best opponents (Duke, Texas Tech, Clemson, UVA). UNC played great, probably the best all year, Maye will never play like that again and BC just couldn't keep up.

A larger underlining issue is the play of Popovic. Hawkins going down is now really settling in. They are college kids so tough to criticize individually so I will just say he is definitely in a rough patch. Everyone has off nights so we will chalk it up to that but the level of effort and trying to win is not an ACC level. JC and staff clearly favor Pop over the others but his play doesn't dictate the minutes. Hopefully he can get himself to try harder and compete and maybe his play will improve.

Luka's play on the other hand is very encouraging. He, conversely, plays very hard, is fully engaged, improving on offense and tries to rebound the ball. It is impossible for 2 freshman forwards to lead a frontcourt in the ACC so unfortunately its going to be a tough year but his improved play has been encouraging. His numbers don't look great yet but he definitely looks like he belongs which you couldn't have said earlier in the year.

BC has a stretch of important games. They obviously need to beat Dartmouth this weekend and then have a number of ACC games they can win, FSU, Ville, Cuse, VT and GT. Hopefully they can win 2 or 3 of those and they will be in good shape for a NIT bid.

We should enjoy the play of Robinson and Bowman while we have them. They are high level ACC guards.

The practice facility news is encouraging but ultimately lets see the message. Is there a hard timeline of it getting done or is it in the 'plans' down the road. It is a must and hopefully comes sooner rather then later.

knucklehead said...

It is a bad matchup. UNC, with that coach runs better than anyone. BC is not going to beat them in that type of game.

Wish we had some players who would give a hard foul and not cower.

The comment about UNC needing the game more is accurate. When was the last time they were ranked 20 or lower.

Deacon Drake said...

Makes more sense to beat other bubble teams to get H2H leeway over Cuse, VT, LV, ND, FSU, Miami, NCST, etc, than to fire all the bullets in the chamber @UNC. UNC is getting bashed across national media for a generally slow start as defending champions, and getting crushed locally for losing Wofford at home and following it up with a no-show in C-ville. The best thing they had going into this game is Duke crapped the bed even harder against State. Nobody in the Boston media is pointing fingers for a road loss where we went in double digit underdogs (which is a very different issue).

I think it comes back to our big men. Pop isn't getting the coaching to succeed down low, our other guys are so green that you can't even tell. Stef has the athleticism to play away from the basket, but he is really our best block guy. We just don't get enough "easy" point right now and rely on the big 3 to hit contested jumpers and drives... but offense isn't really the issue. Probably a little late in the season to develop the techniques and instincts to take advantage of space and understand the rhythm of the other teams offense so you are collapsing to the rim before the shooter releases. This is the biggest weakness that our front line guys have, and UNC took advantage, getting smaller guys into the creases to grab offensive boards.

I wouldn't put too much weight on it now, because that was a good opportunity to rest and scout, but UNC rebounded 61% of their missed shots. Holy hell... for perspective, BC grabbed 19% of their missed shots last night and is fairly ranked mid-pack nationally for the season at 31%.

downtown_resident said...

News of a basketball facility is a program-changer and just about made the game irrelevant for me.

Forget this game and move on. While the schedule is still rugged, at least BC is done with the ACC cream of the crop (UVA #3, Duke #6, Carolina #10, and Clemson #17 in the KenPom rankings) other than ND which is without Colson. The true test of the team is ahead as they face peer (or peer-ish) competition, including even a couple teams ranked below BC in KenPom in Georgia Tech and Pitt. It's this stretch that will determine whether BC is (a) playing in the postseason or (b) enjoying its first winning season since 2011, or (c) looking for a new coach.

Shabby1011 said...

Agreed downtown - They have all winnable games in front, this was not a game in their favor, UNC had to win and was motivated. Focus one game at a time, FSU at home is a monster game. If they can win that they are back on track and in good shape.

TheFive said...

For many of the reasons stated above, overreacting to last night's loss is silly. UNC is very good and had been underperforming. They played exceptionally well, and BC did not. Drawing conclusions about the health of the program from that (while ignoring the first 4 games of the ACC season) is not productive.

On Pop, I have zero reason to question his effort; he's playing timid, and that's different. He had no confidence last night. And that needs to change for us to be competitive going forward. We sure would benefit from Hawkins, but that injury was a killer.

I still think a .500 ACC record is within reach. Not many teams in the ACC will grab more than 1 win out of Duke, Clem, UVA, and UNC. Take what you can get and move on.

knucklehead said...

Popovich needs to stop being a bitch and pretend like the ball is the last load of bread in an Eastern European grocery store. If someone isn't telling him that( something to that effect for the retards here) them they are not doing their job.

Christian is hands off, the players are lucky he is hands off and they need to play with the freedom he is giving them.

knucklehead said...


Unknown said...

No surprise that khead had loads on his mind. People here say he's used to having them on his face.

1661_Comm said...

Who cares about one bad loss when you land a 4 star recruit later in the week ??!!

BIG STEP for the program. With Robinson and Bowman back year, and incoming 4 star and 3 star recruits, they have a decent shot at NCAA tournament next year, and more importantly, hopefully building something sustainable.