Monday, January 01, 2018

Something to watch in 2018: a coaching change in Women's Basketball

When Martin Jarmond was hired, we assumed that the first coaching decisions he might have to make would be in Football or Men's Basketball. Instead it looks like he might have to address Women's Basketball first. I haven't written about it much, but the current season is off to a disaster. BC sits at 5-9 (0-1) and has shown little promise heading into the heart of ACC play.

Coach Erik Johnson -- who was one of Gene D's last major hires -- is now 66-101 (17-66). I don't pretend that a lot of people care about BC Women's Basketball, but letting the program flounder like this is a wasted opportunity. BC can and should be competitive in Women's Basketball. The cliche challenge we face in Football and Basketball -- recruiting -- is not as much of an issue for Women's Basketball. There is plenty of local talent and you are not battling the one and done mentality (and buying of players) of Men's Basketball.

Jarmond has nothing to lose with making a change and actually can use the hiring/firing to learn how a coaching change actually works at BC. There won't be as much meddling or scrutiny, but it will still deal with the BC politics of the process.


PJeagle said...

Clearly there is a need for a change which will occur. The issue is when. Hard to see how a change before the end of the season will make any realistic short term difference. A solid immediate post season offer to Sarah Behn, BC hoops legend & current successful coach at Brown, is probably one option. There are lots of others too. Clearly, the recent recruiting has been absolutely pathetic & needs to be upgraded immediately and decisively. A new dynamic coach and a first class staff who can attract solid talent and quickly has to be a priority. Johnson is a good, decent guy, who unfortunately has failed miserably as an evaluator of talent and as a recruiter. Hard to think that there aren't tons of talented high school girls who would kill to come to BC and play in the ACC. Woman's basketball should be should be a winner at BC, just like woman's soccer, hockey, field hockey et al. have been consistently for at least a decade. Because Johnson is a good guy who could contribute at BC in another way, maybe he could be offered a job with Athletic Development as a fund raiser and some young, dynamic coach with a proven track record & understanding of BC athletics should take his place. MJ is a basketball guy, and I'd be surprised if he doesn't act decisively and quickly as soon as the season comes to a merciful end.

Edward Griffith said...

Johnson Has proved woefully incapable after the great success achieved by Cathy Inglese and
another of Chet Gladchuk's great hires.
Sarah Benn has achieved great things at Brown . She, Ivey of ND, Ralph of UConn would
would be great choices.
Di Floppo is responsible for destroying BC Basketball men and women's as well as setting
football way back.
The individual responsible for approving him should also depart the scene.

JD said...

In other news, Brian Flores getting an interview for Arizona Cardinals head coaching job. While he is a long shot to get it, if Patricia gets a look, he could be next in line for DC at the Pats.

Deacon Drake said...

There was a pretty solid following from the '99-'05 or so... I can actually tell you where I was for the Vandy win. The '99 and '03 teams were a little unlucky with their Sweet 16 draws and had the potential to go deeper. Moving to the ACC have actually hurt BC on the WBB front. In MBB, even when we suck, we still get fair TV exposure through the Mid-Atlantic. The ACC didn't have a network to pick up the non-revenue games, and we rarely got time on ESPN/2/U over UNC/Duke/MD and of course the other major national programs (UConn, UT, etc). Maybe Boston get different selections. It seems much easier, though, to track down BC women's soccer than basketball.

Edward Griffith said...

Cathy had several Very good teams NCAA participants to that cretin of an AD dismissed her
saying she would not be able to recruit for the AC. We've seen what Floppo's brilliant
selections have done. They'd have trouble with CYO ball.
Sue Behn has done extremely well at Brown not a bad choice. There could be others who
played for Inglese.

bceagle91 said...

Sarah Behn, not Sue, Anne Marie/Edward. Nothing wrong with looking at an alum, but I think we've learned from the Steve Donahue fiasco that success in the Ivy League is not indicative of ACC success. Inglese resigned, which was odd. She had a lot of success in the Big East. If you could recruit in the Big East in those days, you could recruit in the ACC. She ran a clean program and she won. I wonder if she'd come back with Gene D. working on his tan.

Edward Griffith said...

Cathy was FORCED OUT!!!!!! I had the pleasure of meeting her as she was starting her run at BC
Well remember the Donohue problem.
Behn's Bruins smashed BU 92-68. They also hold a victory over Providence something
Johnson has not accomplished. As an alum if she is successful chances are better for her

Edward Griffith said...

Cathy came from University of Vermont which was no predictor that she would be such a major
success at BC. She even got to hear "FOR BOSTON" played the year we won the Big east and she
had beaten Geno for the title (Big East tradition). She was one of Chet Gladchuk's great choices.
Men's basketball he selected Al Skinner before some BC MORONS forced him out an in came
FLOPPO. Great choice by those idiots.
He destroyed basketball and football at BC along with Father Monan's successor.

Teresa Halminton said...

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Unknown said...

I would honestly try to get a coach who has had success in non Ivy leagues. Couple of people who would fit in for BC that they can target are;
Jose Fernandez of South Florida: Guy is under 50, has built South Florida into a perennial NCAA member and has to compete with several Florida Schools. Proven winner.
Jim Flanery: HC of Creighton and another coach who is 51, has turned a morbid program around and has to complete with tons of coaches for Illinois talent. Proven Winner.

I don't want BC to get the "hot rising:" assistant or some unknown coach. I want them to aim big and get someone who can turn a program around.