Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017

This year involved the usual highs and lows of being a BC fan, however, we did have some moments of hope. Thank you to all the players and coaches who represented BC this year. Thank you to the new Athletic Department leadership. Thank you to the best fans around. I hope we have an even bigger and better 2018.


Geezer eagle said...

Happy New Year my long suffering Eagles fans.

Unknown said...

happy new year ATL and thank you for all the work you put into this blog site. You do a great job. It is a lot of fun to interact with the other fans here. Go Eagles!!

NEDofSavinHill said...

Happy New Year to all and thanks again to ATL for all his work. 2. An optimistic look at the football team sees a 6-3 record over their last nine games outscoring their foes by 30 to 17. An average of a two touchdown victory. Two of their losses were one play defeats ( Iowa, a strip sack and NC ST a turnover). Both games played with the back up QB. Daz proclaims that he has two quality QBs on the roster ( Brown and Perry) and two quality recruits at that position. Solidifying that position is essential. Good play from the QB with the other strong assets returning in the O-Line, RB, TE and WR areas should result in many wins.3. The D was strong against Iowa giving up only 200 yards. Ohio State gave up almost 500 to Iowa. After Brown left panic set in for 2016. It looked justified getting blown out in 4 or 5 games. This year they were vastly improved. Reid, PP and all the assistants deserve kudos for their proven ability. Who needs the Wolverine fugitive now? Happy days are here again.

JBQ said...

Just as a point of fact, we have a "Wolverine fugitive" on the roster and thank the good Lord for that. The grandson of Tom Gatewood of Era of Ara fame, was all set to sign with Michigan. Instead for some unknown reason, he left for the Heights. Actually, it looks like the 240 pound behemoth will lead the Eagles to the heights.--- Nevertheless, it has to be assessed to see if the Dazzler will screw it up. Against NC St and Iowa, he surely did. Jarmond needs to put Daz on a series of benchmarks. One of these must be to win eight games. If he does not, then a young dynamic coach must be brought in to lead the Eagles into the promised land with all of those promising quarterbacks to lead the way.

Geezer eagle said...

Totally agree.

John said...

And no more Turtle Offense in the second half.

You can't make this stuff up.

Turnovers, wrong shoes, turtle offense = snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Now that we have seen Loeffler's capability, apparently he will not disagree or argue with Addazio when the Head Coach loses his mind.

So, one benchmark needs to contain the phrase "will not turtle-up when leading at halftime".

Stretch goal - will not ever turtle up.

Will empower Offensive Coordinator to call plays.

Will utilize all talent.

Will not burn redshirts for no reason. (We could use Merritt next season).

Will fix the kicking game.

Will not waste time outs, but will use them when necessary (rushed FG attempt vs Iowa)

Come out strong in 2018.

Beat UMass, Holy Cross, Temple and at a tough (for us on the road) Purdue. These games, or some of them are not guaranteed, but will help get us prepared for ACC games.

Beat Wake Forest, NC State and Syracuse.

Beat Louisville.

Steal one from FSU, Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech.

Stretch goal - Steal 2.

Play exciting football and win back the fans, including non-alumni (college football) fans from Greater Boston, Eastern MA, and beyond.

Many more.

Edward Griffith said...

If Anthony Brown is healthy 20-25 very believable. May be even 16-19. "FOR BOSTON"

Women's basketball could use a good interim coach right now, Then Ivey or Ralph.

Jim should put Danya on staff immediately and get a couple of 3 star biggies.

Men's bb could fly high.

"Where the towers on the heights REACH TO HEAVEN's OWN BLUE.

dixieagle said...

Agreed, and agreed, Jack.

Happy and healthy 2018 to all of us, and especially our teams. Go Eagles!

mod34b said...

Best wishes to all

My wishes for 2018

That all have a healthy happy 2018.

That in the event you may meet difficulties, you handle in with the love, dignity and class of your faith, family and school.

That our Eagles exceed their potential. And shock the world. In all sports

That Eagle ATL come down from his tree house and starts having sone conversations with others. Break some bread, friend. If you can talk with TRE and others @hete” I think your own blog will be a snap.

I hope that former BC player (and other former players) post more. Good stuff

I hope BC’s academic stature grows after 2 decades of stagnation

I hope some BC grads reach the heights of success and prominence outside of sports - arts, sciences, business, politics . Where are the BC authors? The BC playwrites? The BC innovators? The entrepreneurs?

I hope Jarmond finds his stones -soon.

I hope that everyone on this blog has manners in 2018 - be like Big Jack Krack or Dixie

I hope nobody resorts to calling others bitches, morons etc.

If someone does do that. Don’t take the bait (as tgs reminded me) but take the Amish approach (shunning)

I hope to hear more from Observe College, Father Neneen, etc.

But mostly I wish you all well.

Heights said...

Let's crush it!!!!

Heights said...

Go Eagles! Go Beagles!

Keep crushing!

John said...

Thanks mod. Dixie, I played Princeville Makai, but didn't get the chance to have brunch at the St. Regis while in Kauai.

On my flight home, I watched the HBO movie about Madoff (Robert DeNiro). There was one scene where there was a big party on Long Island and all these crooks are singing Sweet Caroline.

If I never hear that song at another BC Football game, I'm okay with it! Why do we play that again?

Go BC in 2018!

BJK from my phone.

dixieagle said...

Thanks, mod. I figure my mom would appear to me and chew me out if I wasn't ladylike. ;)

Jack - glad you got to play Princeville. Such a gloriously beautiful place.

Can't wait to root for all our Olympian Eagles next month!!!

Geezer eagle said...

Several altruistic and magnanimous posts today. I approve. Let's take the high road in 18. ATL, listen to Mod. Don't be s snob. Talk to your troops.

John said...

UGA - OK game for the ages.

It's an exciting time to live in the Athens and Atlanta area.

Go Clemson - beat Bama and play the Dawgs for all the marbles.

John said...

Not the ACC's year.

Unknown said...

Everyone here is totally crushing it so far in 2018.

Unknown said...

The funniest part of the post is saying thank you to the best fans around. Obviously not directed at BC fans. Which fan base is he addressing?

knucklehead said...

Mod, Latching onto TGS shows your complete lack of judgement.

knucklehead said...

Craig Yeaster, You win the annual "trying-really-hard-to-be-relevant" award. It is an honor bestowed to the individual with more than one username who cannot keep track of what they post on them. You crushed it in 17.

Unknown said...

See you at the awards ceremony knucklehead. Congrats on your "Guy that doesn't know anything about sports" award. Way to go! That will look great in your cardboard box next to your "scumbag of the year" award.

knucklehead said...

Yeah. You are a real rocket scientist with the copy cat reply.

dixieagle said...

Help! I'm surrounded down here by Alabama/SEC fans who are raising insufferability to new levels. Hate that Clemson looked so bad.

John said...

I'm surrounded by Georgia fans and they are pretty optimistic.

I'm sorry Clemson was completely stuffed last night, because I wanted the ACC in there again.

But I never felt as though Clemson was as good as they were last year. In fact I wasn't sure they were a Top 4 team.

As we know now, Central Florida should have gotten more consideration. 0-12 two years ago to 13-0 with a victory over Auburn.

So, we know that a team can achieve with good coaching and playing "college football" to win!

Go BC - going forward throw off Addazio's game day shackles when he loses his mind. Sabotage his headset on game day! 🙂

No kidding.

dixieagle said...

I would love for Georgia to beat 'Bama. Not feeling too good about that possibility, though.

Unknown said...

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