Saturday, December 30, 2017

BC Hoops loses tough road game to UVA

I don't know if this will be a "turn-the-corner" season or just more of the same from other Jim Christian years, but Saturday's loss seemed more encouraging than the typical moral victory. BC went on the road to a ranked UVA team, played UVA's style of game, got an off day from Bowman and nearly upset the Cavaliers.

Jerome Robinson was on fire. He scored 29 of BC's 58 points. It was a real hero game as he drove to the basket, made tough jumpers and a few 3s against UVA's typical disciplined D. The other thing of note as we head towards ACC play is that Christian only played six guys the whole game and Luka Kraljevic only played 14 minutes. This team has no depth but the top guys are clearly ACC-level players. Can he get away with that during the remainder of the ACC season?

If Bowman has his normal game, BC wins. If BC draws up a better inbounds at the end, they win. If UVA's Jerome doesn't nail two NBA 3s late, BC wins. There is a lot to like and the D is improved. Now just turn some of these close games into Ws.


Edward Griffith said...

Give the big men to Danya and get him on staff to help with recruiting,
Two great ACC coaching jobs now if he can just recruit. Al Skinner would be another fine
assistant if available. Always got hidden talent. ANOTHER DIFLOPPO VICTIM.
Hope the guys don't run out of gas.

BigEast94 said...

Same efforr will beat a lot of ACC teams... team rebounding, particularly from Mitchell is encouraging.. need better execution on that inbounds play, not just better design

Shabby1011 said...

BC has already played 2 best teams in ACC (Miami & UNC are 3 & 4). They are 1-1 and should have won both. ACC looks much less daunting then last year, middle of league is nothing like last year. If they continue this play I can easily see a 8-10, 9-9 finish in league which gets them in the dance. They will not have poor loss all year (at Nebraska probably their worst).

JRob was fantastic and Chatman continues strong play. Mitchell is another diamond in rough and Pop is coming along. KY will not play that poorly again this year, he is too good. Coaching staff doing a great job with game plans and getting team to play confidently. Shame we don’t have one backup guard who can play (Ty Graves would be perfect)

JC is the anti-Daz. His teams play aggressive and free, he lets his best players take aggressive shots and he plays to win. Seems like he has a bit of bad luck on his side (Hawkins injury) but I like his style. Unfortunately for him I could see MJ making a change if he doesn’t make tourney but would rather have him then Daz. I do have faith this team can make the big Dance if they stay healthy and have a bit of luck

Guido said...

Unfortunately , these guys will burn out . You can not have Robinson , Chatman ,Bowman playing every minute of each game .Worst than burnout is the increased chance of injury. Watched the whole game and they gave it their all. It would be a great idea to have a former big man at BC (Billy Curley - Abrams)tutoring the big guys.(as previously mentioned by many on this Board)

CT said...

I guess we're happy with morale boosting losses. I get it.

Shabby1011 said...

They played the 2nd best team in the league to a point game, had chances to win and their best player had his worst game in a BC uniform. It’s not a morale victory, it’s just what happened.

They can win 8-9 games in ACC and if they do they are in the tournament. If they win 5 then JC is gonzo. We will see how the season plays out but again they have already played the 2 best teams in the league, the rest should be 50/50 games or BC will be favored. They have a better team and JC plays aggressive on offense and they have improved on defense

working rich said...

Ya gotta win the close games.

BC 86 said...

Thanks for your perspective shabby, let's make the tourney, go bc

CT said...

Maybe UVA is the 2nd best team. We will see. Not being a downer, they do indeed look better. Weird without Hawkins. Don’t care who is favored. Really?

If they win 9 conference games...Jarmond will be bored hiring a new women’s b-ball coach. I admire the optimism.

Deacon Drake said...

Need better play from the young bigs. The weaker team in ACC matchup better. I still think they need 9-9 or better to sneak in. The good news is that the players seem to like playing this strategy, and Christian isn’t CONSTANTLY overmatched.

Robinson would be smart to jump this year. His stock is sky high