Friday, December 29, 2017

Wade to transfer

BC QB Darius Wade announced his intention to transfer. As a graduate, Wade is free to go anywhere and play immediately. Based on the guys he has followed on Twitter, I assume he will go down to a lower level where he will most likely start.

Beyond getting his degree, Wade deserves credit for hanging around this season. He completed his bachelor's last year, so he could have left already. Instead he stayed with no guarantee of starting and was a contributor this year.

Wade was the guy Addazio wanted to build around and that never happened. Injuries and player development limited him from ever becoming an elite QB. Maybe one last chance will help him reach that potential. Hopefully he has fun in his last year.

There is a rumor going around that Hilliman is set to transfer as a graduate as well. [UPDATE: Hilliman has graduated.] I don't know if he graduated in December or still needs to take classes this spring. Until he is a grad, BC will probably be vague about his status. I will follow it and update as the gossip and news trickles out.


mod34b said...

When is Daz transferring?

Edward Griffith said...


Geezer eagle said...

Mediocrity begets mediocrity.

knucklehead said...

Anyone who wants Wade to stay is a space cadet. Hilliman is a backup on a 7-8 win team. Not a major loss if he leaves. He is very tentative as a runner and loses lots of potential yardage but not running instinctively.

working rich said...

So have never had an update on Brown.
What was his specific injury ?
ACL,MCL, did he need surgery ?

Hilliman is a loss , no matter what people say.
Hope he sticks around.

Edward Griffith said...

An even bigger disaster for Jarmond to deal with than Dazzle-Not is women's basketball.
Just smashed by Maine 61-40. Hard to believe a powerhouse like Maine.

NIELE Ivey of ND OR Shea Ralph from UCONN ASAP.

The Current disaster would have problems in CYO !!!!!!!!!

Put him on staff to work with bid men and to recruit.
What is Al Skinner doing? Could always find hidden gems.

Geezer eagle said...

Any updates on mens hockey? Does anyone in this bball obsessed forum even care?

bceagle91 said...

GE, men's hockey has its first game in quite a while this afternoon at home against UConn. No Christmas tournament this year, which is a bit unusual. The men are 14th in the main poll and 16th in the PairWise rankings, which are used in terms of NCAA tournament selections. Conference tournament winners get automatic bids, then the PairWise are used extensively for the at-large bids. Thus, we're on the bubble now.

The women are second in the poll ( and 4th in PairWise.

eagle1331 said...

Edward Griffith is Ann Marie with slightly fewer caps, right?

Supposed to be a down year for MIH. They started off strong but have struggled. Cavanaugh is UConns coach.. got to think he is York's successor. As much as I hate BU, I hope Jerry goes out with the same dignity as Parker and makes his own decision when the time is appropriate.

Knucklehead said...

Yeah Parker left on his own. Not because his players were on brought up on rape charges.

Bravesbill said...

Those last two inbounds plays were comically awful. No idea why anyone would ever pass to Popovic in that situation. No idea why Robinson was passing the ball in. Have Bowman inbounds it to Robinson coming off a screen.

bceagle91 said...

BC beat UConn 2-0. The team has gotten off to a good start in conference play, leading Hockey East. Early on, the Eagles played at St. Cloud State on back to back nights, lost to Denver at home, tied Quinnipiac and lost to Wisconsin. St. Cloud and Denver are currently the top 2 teams in the country. As usual, Jerry has a very demanding out of conference schedule. The team will be tougher in February as a result.